Zidane: “I Wanted to Show Them They Were More Than Just Footballers” | The Modern Game

Zidane: “I Wanted to Show Them They Were More Than Just Footballers” | The Modern Game

You realise there
that that’s all over. There’s no,
“Maybe if we only draw today… ..it won’t matter.” No, that’s all over. If you want to achieve great things,
every detail is important. Every day is important,
every training session. For me, it’s about motivation
and the people around me. When you get that right… ..you can go far. I didn’t have any doubts,
I knew what I wanted. I did everything I could to succeed. All I wanted… I had problems at school. My parents were never cross about it, but I knew what I was doing
wasn’t great. And so when they said to me, “OK, we get that you’ve got an idea and you want to get on with it,
so do it.” And once I had
my parents’ blessing, my mum’s and my dad’s, I went for it,
and did everything I could. When I got to Cannes and I watched other pros
training alongside me, I thought,
“Yes, this is what I want to do.” And I did everything I could
to become the best. I did everything. I rested, I didn’t play the fool,
I drank water, I did my stretches… I did everything. I put myself in the best position
possible to become a great footballer. And at the time,
you had to be really good to get anywhere. You had to be good
if you wanted to play. It’s not like now where
if you know a player is good, that he’s got a good chance, then he’ll get that chance very quickly. At the time… ..if you wanted to play you had to be
better than everyone else, if you were younger. You really had to show you were better. I felt the difference
when I joined Juventus. I mean, I’d been
in a respected French league with players, a team, a coach, a certain culture
and way of seeing things, and when you leave
and join a club like Juventus, one of the best clubs in the world, just to give a little example, you realise there that that’s all over, there’s no,
“Maybe if we only draw today… ..it won’t matter.” No, that’s all over. We played every match to win. At home, away… All of them. Of course, you can draw,
or lose a match and that’s OK. But for example in France, just to bring it back to France, up to that point… ..drawing or losing
from time to time, and I didn’t like losing… But anyway… When you join Juventus, that’s over.
If you lose… ..you’re a disgrace,
because they teach you… …listen, you’ve reached another level. And you can see it. You see all that, so yeah… Training sessions were for winning,
matches were for winning, because if you want to be the best… If you want to achieve
great things… ..every detail is important. Every day is important,
every training session. That’s what I like about my career. That I never panicked;
I learned and I listened, and I got a lot better. And that’s what Juventus was about,
like you were saying, it’s about hating losing
and having the will to… ..break all the records. So it turns you into
a different kind of player. I couldn’t have played a solo sport. And that sums it all up really. Because what motivates me,
what I love about team sports is that you’re sharing something. And I was almost happier helping
someone else score than scoring myself. Well OK, I wouldn’t go quite that far because of course I preferred scoring. But it’s about what you do
as a team. It’s about what the team can achieve
and what they want to be. Success, winning titles, etc… But you do it as a team. For me, competing is
all about teamwork, it’s about sharing; being strong together, etc. It’s all those things together
that help you achieve great things in sport. That’s what I think. Physically everything’s changed as well. This is my own experience. When I was a player,
I didn’t take much notice of my body. I did what I had to do, some leg work, a bit of muscle exercise
to stay supple, before and after every training session, but I didn’t have the same relationship
with my body that players have today, where it has to be perfect. They do so much work outside of training hours
and the 90 minutes on the pitch. They’re machines. What’s changed today that makes
the difference between back then and the world we live in today is the media. Social media means that… ..today… Being left alone… What I mean is everything they do, everything they say,
well it all… Everyone knows
everything about them now. It wasn’t like that in my day. If you wanted to be left alone, you were.
You can’t do that now. Say what you like, say whatever… Today players have an extra level
of pressure that is hard to imagine. And even when I got here,
for 100 days, because it lasted 100 days, I had journalists following me
wherever I went. Whenever I left the house
someone was following me. So I found that really weird. But after 100 days, once they realised
that I wasn’t doing much, they said,
“He’s not all that interesting. We’ll judge him on the pitch.” I wanted to do it and I thought
it was the right time. I felt I’d done it all, and I also felt that I wasn’t
as fit as I used to be. Because at that level, there’s no space for second best. And I felt that it was time. It was that simple. Coaching isn’t what I was born to do. I was born to play. I stopped, took some time out and then I felt like
doing something different. And I thought I could coach. And I trained and learned to coach. I’m a different type of coach. I think I’m unusual. And what I’ve always liked about coaching is that I was never going to tell
Ronaldo or Modrić how to kick a ball. What I liked about it was helping them to think differently. No coach who comes in
can improve the skills of players like
Ronaldo or Modrić. But everything else,
everything that goes with that, everything to do
with sharing and teamwork, thinking we’ll do it this way,
rather than that way, and showing them how to do that, that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to show them
they were more than footballers. And that it’s beautiful
to create something that makes a difference. I mean it’s about how you win things. We’re going to do it this way. Instead of just thinking about myself, no, I think about others too
when it’s hard. All of that,
that’s what I loved. I love managing… ..a team. Most people want to improve each player. No.
That’s not what I’m about. I wanted to win
with champion players, but show that there are
other ways of winning. Winning is hard. The hardest part is starting to win. I mean when you start
winning big things. Once you’ve won something big,
that’s it. I mean that’s when you think, “Wow.” “This is what I want to be doing.
All the time.” You are always hungry to win. You never stop.
That’s what’s so wonderful. To start with, it’s hard
because you look at all the players on this planet, and there are lots of great players, lots of players doing great things. And not many of them win, for example the Champions League
is once a year. One club, 25 guys. But…once you’ve won once… Once you’ve won once
you have this motivation, this desire to win and win and win, and you’re never satisfied. When I look at today’s best players, whether it’s Messi, Ronaldo, or Neymar… All those guys are hungry for the win,
all the time. What would coach Zidane say
to player Zidane if he’d coached him? Honestly, I’d have been happy with him. It’s true. He was a good team-mate. Of course, he was a good player. It starts there. But he was a good team-mate. And for coach Zidane,
that’s the most important thing. That’s it.

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  2. I am a Real Madrid fan, but I personally think Zidane is a chancer. If it was not for his legacy as a player and the Champions League victories, he would probably be sacked. Just my opinion.

  3. The best player of his generation and one of the true GOAT'S.
    all respect to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo Nazario, Henry etc. Zidane was always the best
    The mastermind, the maestro, the decisive goals & assists, the leader, the personality/character….#ZZ

  4. It's Kabylia who speaks !!!! Yeah !! Kabylia with its principle culture!! Bravo ZIDANE !!! all the world is proud of you !!!

  5. 🇫🇷 : "Si tu veux être le meilleur, chaque jour est important." – Zineddine Zidane

    🇬🇧 : "If you want to become the best, every day counts." – Zineddine Zidane

  6. Mr Zidane , i was in another word when i was watching him playing with JUVI ,Madrid and French national team, Maestro ,legend

  7. People easily forget these legends of the game these days. I mean we should be celebrating Zidane and Ronaldo fenomeno. Rivaldo, Ronaldinho more and more. Zidane is easily the greatest midfielder of all time. And one of the top 3 greatest footballers of all time.

  8. Zidane sait simples sont point fort et il ne là jamais voulu sait que quand il et dans un match il rendait les autres plus fort demandé à n’importe quelle joueur et vous allé voir voilà comment tu reconnais un grand joueur et il sont rares le foot sait un film ok le but sait la balle mai le scénario sait mieux et Zidane et un scénario

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