Zanet Web Design – One Expert Working For Your Business

Zanet Web Design – One Expert Working For Your Business

hi there I’m Zane from Zanet design and
I hope businesses like yours grow. Now today I want to look at particularly
just the overview of what I intend to do to help your business so what types of
things can I do to help you grow your business? Well there are three areas in
particular I concentrate on with my clients the first is I like to get them
to understand how to market to their customers so for example if they have a
list of emails that they want to send a newsletter to or an update to, then I
will design that so that it really appeals and helps their business to grow.
So what type of marketing tools can I use to help send out to your email lists? Well Aweber is one that’s ideal the other one that I’m an
expert in is Mailchimp. The idea is is you can design these particular
newsletters to be sent out and then have your branding they have your message.
What they’re going to do is they’re going to ask to perhaps your email
list all those are receiving it in their inbox to click on maybe an event or to
register for something or to just be updated with information that they’ll
consider valuable and if they see value in the things you’re sending through,
then they’re very soon going to look forward to seeing what message you’ve
got in your next email and that’s the time when maybe you can give them an
offer or it’s going to sign up for something that will perhaps then produce
greater sales for you. So getting people’s trust by newsletters and buy
emails is certainly one way much marketing to be done. The second
thing we look at when it comes to designing websites is to just look at
how the website can be created so that it works on mobiles. When you think about a mobile website or a mobile friendly website or people talk about being
responsive what do they mean by these things well if you had a website from say four or five years ago there’s a good chance
your website when it served on a mobile, it’s going to be really hard to
read the text. Maybe it’s too small maybe things are so far out and have to keep
scrolling through and across just to see the large desktop style website. The idea
of making a mobile-friendly website is that what’s shown on a mobile will be a
cut-down version much more iconic, graphic style version
that’s quick to load and means and the information is quick on hand for someone
who just wants to contact you. Or they just want a bit of information the idea then is if
they find what they’re after then they’re more likely to phone you
and do then get more information. Maybe when they get home they look on the
website for more details. So Google sees that mobile-friendly
websites are so important these days that actually everything now is ranked
based on how mobile-friendly it is. Things like how quickly or how fast it
loads. Whether it’s got text that can be read
on a mobile, there’s all sorts of various elements that come together to
make your website mobile-friendly. The majority of websites are still
needing to be converted to being fully mobile-friendly so that’s one of the
other things that I cover particularly when it comes to these videos and my
website and helping local and small businesses like yours to succeed. There
is one other thing as well that I like to do that’s just to help small
businesses. One of my unique selling points is I work on a one to one so I
own this business. I’ve got two over 20 years experience, but what I do enjoy
doing it is working with the client. So if a client comes to me and they’ve got
a business or they’ve got project or they wanting to setup a new website to
reflect a new idea to to get marketed out there, then part of my interaction
with them is to understand what it is they’re trying to achieve and then to
create with a website and a branding and maybe all
the other things that I need it may be videos needed marketing may be printed
printed banners business cards the whole works if needed
but the fact that you work with the designer on a one to one,
well that is one of the unique things that you don’t get with agencies and
bigger companies. So that’s one of the other things that I try and do is I
trying to meet face to face or I can Skype with my client understand exactly
what it is they’re trying to achieve and then using my experience I try and work
out a strategy that can reflect exactly what they’re after and will help their
business obviously grow in the future. Communication is obviously a real key
part of that and one of the greatest ways to communicate what the client
wants and one of the ways in which they are able to do this is we look at
websites together. So if a client says to me I like a clean website
I like a website that’s easy to to use Those are words, but what actually do
they mean by those words? So what we do is we look at some websites together.
We’ll look at some portfolios and then we’ll understand what they consider that
to be as opposed to what I would consider that to be. So that’s an
overview really, of what I do for a business if you feel that there’s any of
those areas that you need for your business well then by all means give me
a contact or go to my contact page. We can certainly arrange to discuss the ideas
of what you have in mind. Again because of the overheads aren’t like a large
agency then you may well find that the solutions I can offer are very
affordable and very cost effective so I’m Zane from Zanet design and
hopefully this has been an interesting overview for you
to see why I can help you in your business and help it to grow using my
twenty years of experience. you

Danny Hutson

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