YouTube TV’s DVR Is Unique | Why It Matters to You

YouTube TV’s DVR Is Unique | Why It Matters to You

– Maybe the best selling point
for YouTube TV is its DVR. They advertise unlimited storage and you get to keep your
recordings for up to nine months. This just blows everybody
else out of the water. At least on paper, because
every time I mention this you guys are in the comments below, legitimately bringing up how
it doesn’t quite work that way. So today we’re talking about
YouTube TVs DVR specifically and to understand it
we’re gonna use a language even I can understand. (rustling)
(upbeat music) All right before we get
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one just usually fewer Legos which is really too bad we’re gonna try to do this more I think. Anyway, let’s talk cloud DVR. Cloud DVR is something that
every live TV streaming service is offering and they all operate in roughly the same way
except for YouTube TV. Typically, if you got
something like Sling or Hulu or DirecTV Now every time
you hit that record button on your mobile device
or your streaming box. Every time you hit that record button a show represented by
this little Lego block, a show is recorded and
put in a far away server on some storage space so
that you can access it later. Well that’s great, but
storage space is expensive and so that’s why Sling
charges you five bucks a month or if you want upgraded storage on Hulu, it’s ten bucks a month that’s
why they charge this much. How does YouTube TV offer you unlimited storage with nine months of you know where you can
access that for nine months how do they do that without charging you into anything extra? Well that’s what we’re gonna
talk about using these Legos. So yeah let’s build some Legos. (upbeat music) All right now we’ve got our
two well types of storage here. Well we have a storage
for your personal DVR, you hit the record button
and that show goes into here. So every time you record an episode of what are
the kids watch nowadays? Mash oops! Hogan’s Heroes, Friends, Three’s Company. It’s filling this server
up every time you hit that record button it’s gonna run out of room pretty quickly and so what Google says,
or what YouTube TV says, is all right look we have this
whole other server over here and this is full of on-demand content. Someone comes to them and
says all right we have a show for you to show on
demand they’re gonna keep that in here and anybody can access this. So this is personal, this is shared and so what they do is they need to keep some space on here so that people can keep recording that unlimited DVR content. So let’s say you recorded
the entirety of Con Air. Congratulations, you’re watching Con Air, well hang on a second
’cause Con Air is available, I actually don’t know if this is true, but let’s say it’s available
to watch on demand. They’re gonna take that recording and just say you know what, when you wanna playback Con Air, we’re gonna just pull it from here so that we save this
storage space over here. I get it it’s annoying with other services like Hulu or Sling or DirecTV Now, they’re cloud DVRs that’s
why they limit them to 50 hours or 200 hours or whatever it is and make you pay a premium for this space and YouTube TV is just
saying okay we can do it a little bit differently and this is how they’re choosing to do it. It may be so annoying to you that you say no I’m sticking
with the other services where I get my own space
in those storage servers. That’s up to you it’s a matter of taste but whatever that taste is hit
us up in the comments below and try to make the case for what you think is the better system. This is ultimately just an explanation of why YouTube TV does what it does and how it works whether
that’s good for you well, that’s up to you let us
know, like this video if it was helpful to you, dislike it if you hate it, subscribe, and we’ll be back next
Wednesday with another video. Thanks for watching guys. (upbeat music)

Danny Hutson

29 thoughts on “YouTube TV’s DVR Is Unique | Why It Matters to You

  1. Tell us what you think of YouTube TV's DVR!

    UPDATE: Also, it wasn't our intention to make people think all DVR content will be replaced by an On-Demand version. In most instances, you'll be fine. Most users report it happening with CBS, POP, and Smithsonian channels. This is dictated by the networks, not by YTTV.

    Subscribe here —

  2. Until YouTube TV gets travel history and discovery They will not be any competition they have your local channels and then a bunch of filler

  3. I had heard that YT took so much backlash over this, that they made most stuff available from DVR and not on-demand. Is that not the case?

  4. That's not how YouTube TV's DVR works. Simply, they record every show from every station then your DVR gets assigned policies. Those can be everything from a national provider's VOD policy to your qued start/stop end points .. essentially the policies are a tiny text file to access local VOD and national VOD. Example your local 5AM "recording" is shared by everyone who has a DVR access, think of it as a text file (show ID, beginning time, end time, and policies) that represents license.

  5. So YouTube TV technically does not have a recording feature and just tricks people into thinking it has it when in reality it's on-demand stuff only… that's a nasty approach of Google. So if I can't skip ads even when watching "recorded" programs, is there another way the service let's me do so? Because tbh ads are the WORST specially when watching tv shows😱

  6. I've been using YouTube TV since December and I love this feature…with one exception. Playing a recording from CBS is a VOD, which means I can't fast forward through commercials. All other channels that I've used allow fast forwarding through commercials.

  7. This video is simply wrong. If you add a show, it is DVR'd, even if there is a VOD version available. So they are not saving space by substituting a VOD version for a DVR version — both the VOD and DVR versions exist. In fact, there is a DVR version of every single airing of that same episode.

    For most channels, you can choose to watch either the VOD version or the DVR version of the program. The main exceptions are CBS and Pop where they force you to watch VOD if it's available. But after the VOD version expires, you can then watch the DVR version where you can skip over commercials. The other exception is Smithsonian. But in Smithsonian's case, the VOD version doesn't even have commercials. So the downside for Smithsonian is that you don't get to watch the commercials 🙂

  8. The Video makes it sound like everything is VOD and you can not skip commercials. That is simply not the case.

    I can skip commercials on just about everything I watch. The only exception seems to be CBS and CW but that is only for about a month. After that they revert back to the skip-able version. I will note not all shows on CBS have the restriction, I can skip late night the day after the recording, so probably just applies to Prime time. Since I binge watch shows this has never been an issue for me but if you are going to watch the month it comes out and it is CBS or CW then you might not be able to skip.

    Lifehack:…If you watch on a PC with Chrome and Adblock Plus the VOD adds magically disappear. Same with normal YouTube.

  9. Why does this matter? Except for CBS, I can watch any show I “recorded” and skip the commercials. Who cares if it s public or private. And being that it is google, the throughout is great.

  10. Maybe I'm just missing it but I wish YouTube TV had some way of letting you know that if you DVR a show it's going to have non-skippable commercials when you finally go to watch it. Or after one week it becomes available with the ability to skip commercials. Or an adder of a couple bucks a month for a "Premium version" like YouTube where there are no commercials.

  11. I obviously cannot speak for other people's experiences but with the exception of shows on CBS I've never had a problem with them switching me to VOD. However I do tend to record a lot of sports ot sports related shows but even the regular shows I record are always recorded and not VOD except for CBS.

  12. Review org has NO CLUE what he is saying. You can skip commercials! Except on CBS one. Here another site what I call fake news

  13. With the shows I record, I have been able to view the DVR version rather than the VOD version in most cases. With most channels it allows me to select the DVR or VOD version when both are available. The exception is CBS shows. If I start watching the show while it's still airing, I can view the DVR version and skip the commercials. If I watch it later (the same day or the next day), CBS forces me to view the VOD version and prevents access to the DVR version. Other than with CBS, the YouTube TV DVR works fine for me so far.

  14. I am confused. Youtube TV gives you the option to watch the DVR from the recording or the VOD on the network…you simply select it from "choose a recording"

  15. I’m thinking about switching to Youtube Tv. I want to know if you start a live show late, would there be a way to restart that show?

  16. I watch a lot of CBS shows and although they give you they "option" of watching the DVR version, when you click, it says "unavailable."

  17. will Youtube TV work fine with the lowest level of Xfinity internet (Performance Starter) which is only 25 Mbps?

  18. With You Tube TV, can i watch a show from the beginning after I have started recording it but before it's finished recording?

  19. You totally missed the problem people have with video on demand! As I understand it, when you DVR a show, you can skip commercials. When you watch a show with video on demand, you cannot skip commercials. If you DVR a show and don’t watch the show within one hour, as I understand it, you then have to watch the video on demand version, which you can’t skip the commercials. No one cares if the storage is shared by the users. People want to skip commercials. There’s no technical reason why commercials cannot be skipped with video on demand. It’s a management decision that the customers that watch video on demand are not allowed to skip commercials. If the cloud DVR’ed programs that you can skip commercials, are replaced by video on demand, which you can’t skip commercials, this would make the service worthless in my opinion. I’ve been skipping TV commercials for over ten years. TV without commercials is dramatically better! Once you get used to never being annoyed with watching TV commercials, you will never want to ever watch TV commercials again.

    If the inability to skip commercials only applies to CBS and another TV channel that I never watch, then it doesn’t bother me. If I am not able to skip commercials on the channels I watch, that’s a deal breaker. Can you watch DVR’ed programs before the recording is completed, or do you have to wait until the recording is completed. This review totally missed the point that people don’t want to watch TV commercials, and they don’t want to adjust their viewing time to when the TV shows are broadcast. People want to watch TV on their terms, not the broadcaster’s terms. The cloud storage only has one copy of each show that is shared by all users, even with the DVR version. There’s no technical reason for the cloud provider to have a million copies of the same video file on the storage servers.

    The quality of life is improved with electricity, indoor plumbing, heat, air conditioning, automatic transmission in you vehicles, blocked telemarketing calls, and skipping TV commercials. Why would anyone choose to watch annoying TV commercials if they don’t have to watch TV commercials, unless they are too lazy to eliminate TV commercials from their lives?

  20. Hello,

    I'd Like To Know Why When You Pick A Show With The (Plus Button) It Records All Of Them. I Am Asking Why Can't You Take Out The One Episode You Have Watched And Let It Still Record The Other Ones. When I Tried To Take One Out It Took Every Thing Out From The Show I Like. I Had To Go Back And Hit The Record Button Again. If Some One Know How To Just Take Out 1 At A Time Please Let Me Know.
    This Is From Youtube TV.


  21. The DVR is a mess. Can't watch a show and delete it from my menu. Can't figure out what I watched or didn't. Total garbage in my mind.

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