YouTube Monetization: I May Have to Wait Until WHEN!?!

YouTube Monetization: I May Have to Wait Until WHEN!?!

– Your channel still under
review for monetization, is it? Yeah, I think you’re
gonna have to wait until. (ominous music) It’s gonna leave a mark, is that. – vidIQ.
– vidIQ – [Announcer] – And its not just the wait time that you’ve got to deal with because YouTube has new buzzword and it goes by the name of duplication. Hello vidIQers, my name is
Rob and welcome to vidIQ, the YouTube tool and channel
that aims to help you get more views in less time by educating you on your YouTube journey. Our Chrome extension,
which is free to download, will help you research
YouTube, analyze videos, audit your channel and
take actionable steps through the link in the video description. Now the hot potato we’ve
been juggling all year, as represented by these socks,
is YouTube monetization. There’s finally been another update, you’re not going to like it,
so let’s take a look right now. This post titled Recent
YouTube Partner Program Reviews and Removals including duplication was posted a couple of weeks ago and was hidden away in
the Google product forums. We’ll return to this top section later, first let’s get to the important section about channels still under review. It states we know many of you
applying for YPP still see channel under review
in the Creator Studio. This means our review team has
not come to a clear decision during the initial review,
so we’re putting extra effort and resources into reviewing
your channel multiple times before making a final decision. We are hoping to share our
final decisions with all of these channels by the end of the year. In the meantime, the best thing you can do is keep uploading original
content as the more info/content to review, the better. All the best practices
and policies shared above are relevant for you too! So, yet again, YouTube have
set themselves a time frame, two months to try and get all
of those channels currently in review out of review
by the end of the year. We’re going to canvas your opinion on that particular question,
but we think we already know what your answer’s going to be. The problem is YouTube’s
track record on delivering on this particular
promise hasn’t been good. When YouTube introduced the
new monetization requirements in February, which are of
course, 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours of watch time and you have met those requirements, one of three things would happen. You would get accepted into a program, rejected or moved into
review ’cause YouTube needed more information. The problem was, many channels
didn’t get any decision as we moved into summer. I think, at this post,
YouTube had realized how much of a backlog they had created
by these new requirements. – So, by the end of June, if a channel had been waiting 30 days or more, they will be reviewed by the team. – The problem was, a lot of those channels did get a decision and that
was to be put into review and they have been there every since. So we’re not just talking about channels that have just entered
the in review stage, these channels have been
there for six months, maybe even an entire year. Now YouTube know that
this is a hot potato, well, actually this just a pair of socks, but they do know that
monetization is a huge issue for many channels and YouTube users. So they posted a video about this. Unfortunately for some
video creators who were right in the middle of
this in review process this video may have done
more harm than good. – And do we have a rough ETA for how long that secondary review might take? – We’re hoping most of
that will be done with in the next couple of weeks, actually, but, yes, we’ll keep people updated and we’ll communicate as much as we can. – And I know some of you at
this point are going ooh, if there’s one thing YouTube has failed on in the whole
saga, it’s communication. Because once you submit
your channel for review there is no one you can
contact at YouTube about this. You wait, and you wait and even
when you do get a decision, it can be vague and downright unhelpful. Now, okay, an automated
email, such as this one, that puts you in review, we can accept. But when the following email,
which rejects a channel from the program is also automated, this is where frustration
can start to mount. At this stage a video creator doesn’t want to read general guidelines and policies. They want to know exactly what videos and what content is causing
a concern for YouTube. – In this case, the final call’s always made by a human being. We use all kinds of systems,
machine-learning stuff, of course, to give those
people information, to give them signals about what’s going on with a given channel. But a person who makes the final call. – And I think, for most video creators, this is what it boils down to. If a human is going to review my channel and make the final decision, then I, as a video creator
deserve a human response not a automated response,
but something that tells me what policy I’m maybe not following and which videos, precisely,
are the ones causing the issue so that I can go and rectify that and apply again in the future. It won’t surprise you to
know that we had a lot more to say on this subject
so we posted a comment on that video from Creator Insider. There is a link onscreen now. Do go check it out. Now while we did say there was
no official way to contact, hang on, right. While I did say there’s no official way to contact YouTube on this topic, there are a couple of
suggestions we do have which may jab then in the right place. The Team YouTube Twitter account is there to answer questions so you
have absolutely nothing to lose by firing off
a quick tweet to them. We also made a tutorial
video about how you can use the feedback tool within
YouTube to ask them what’s going on with your YPP application. We’re delighted to read
of success stories coming from this technique so
if you want to know more click and watch the video onscreen now. Alright, let’s now say that
your channel has been in review and you did get a response but its that dreaded duplication. What does that mean? – A lot of time that refers to content that’s coming from other sources, where the creator really
isn’t adding much to it. So that could be videos
from other platforms or it could be TV content. – On the surface, that sounds
relatively straightforward, however, there is some
really important wording in the forum post we showed
you at the start of this video that sheds more light. It says it’s important to
note that duplicative content is not just about copyright,
the spirit of this YPP policy is to make sure we’re only
allowing channels into the program when the content adds value, and is original and relevant. There’s two crucial elements there. First of all the spirit of
the YouTube Partner Program. This element adds judgment
to the requirement. So not only do you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, but your content has to fit
the spirit of the program. And that gives YouTube carte blanche to say whatever they want, in effect. And I can understand that. What it also tells us is that you could be using content legally
from other sources if its creative commons, for example, however, if you the video creator, add nothing to that
conversation or that content then that is against
the spirit of YouTube. And again, I completely understand that from YouTube’s perspective. – Videos where the channel is just collecting public content, the video uses a computer generated voice, a channel re-uploads
other people’s content, and generally, like,
content farms that just, you know, are producing content to try and kind of game the system, will not be monetizatable. (cow moos) – Now I know what you are
going to say at this point, aren’t I guilty of this exact
thing in this very video? I am indeed using clips from the Creator Insider
Channel for this video, the difference is fair use. In a nutshell, fair use allows people to use copyrighted content
without the owner’s permission if it meets various guidelines that, due to the nature of video content, can be very subjective. We feel the video you are watching now is both educational and transformative from the original we have used. In other words, it adds
new meaning to the topic rather than copying it, and these are two fundamental
aspects of fair use. We could do a whole video
on this topic itself too, but to start you off you
should check out this page YouTube have dedicated to fair use. A link is in the video description. Now the lines are very blurred here, I am probably going to spend about 10 hours making this video, but then I’ll go onto YouTube and find Fortnite Montage
Channels which probably take half an hour to put all
the content together and none of it’s theirs and its still monetized. And then you’ll see other channels which are just putting on WWE content without making any changes and they’re somehow getting away with it. And then on the flip side
we have other channels being pulled up for
duplication where their content is 100% original and there
seems no explanation for that. I think the only I can
give to you is that, if you’re gaming the system
and you know you’re doing it, the more likelihood you’re
going to be caught up by YouTube and your channel won’t get monetized. In summary then, you may
have to wait until 2019 to get your channel monetized and YouTube have been
a lot more aggressive with duplicated content. We will, of course, continue to cover this hot topic on YouTube. We have our playlist right here, and I know you always
have some awesome stories to share on this topic. We want to hear them. Let us know in the comments below.

Danny Hutson

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  1. I think YouTube is making a great decision about channels that clutter up the platform with things that the profile owner does not completely devote time to. If I create music and do not make money on it because my channel is too small. And someone will start earning money on creating the top 10 pieces of JimiOnGuitar, it would just be ridiculous and not honest.

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    I was "under review" for about 5 months. After the first month they emailed me saying "more time" but after you suggested tweeting TeamYouTube I was approved in less than 24 hours.

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