Your Brain is Spamming You

Your Brain is Spamming You

(Sigh.) My feet look stupid. Bam! There, you just did it. You had a thought. You just got a message in your head. No big deal. We get messages all the time. How can one person handle that much input? How do we survive it? Easy. We survive by filtering. Air duct repair newsletter? I don’t have to open that. Forwarded message. Oh, cheap prescriptions. No thanks bro. Or we take cues from the packaging based on what we just know about stuff. Oh, awkward language, unlikely story, I’ve heard it a few times, about a prince that wants to give me money. This is not something I need to give my credit card number to. Or we know the people that it comes from. Ah, that’s my friend Jane. She tends to go right to catastrophe. So whatever she’s about to say is probably about half as bad as it sounds. Hmm. I’ll just see if they leave a message. Ugh, junk mail. We absolutely couldn’t survive without filtering the messages that we get. Think if we had no filter. “Wait, what? A special offer just for me? Whoa! I can’t believe it! Someone in the company knows my name! Look at these benefits! This must be a great offer. Sign me up!” But no. We know it’s not a good deal. It’s a generic offer for a credit card which at twenty percent interest is just kind of like getting robbed. But we dodge that whole mess because we filter out the message. We filter all our messages in all the places we get them except here. When we get messages delivered here, like we do all day: “Nobody likes my ideas.” “I’m just not really good at that. I’m not really good at anything.” “I’ve made all the wrong choices.” We don’t filter. We think “it’s all me”. If we did that with every external message we got, if we trusted and believed it, we’d shut down. We’d be at the mercy of anyone who wants to sell us anything, extort money from us, or give us a bogus picture of us and our relationships. So let’s not do that inside. But our inside might not be as inside as we think it is. According to Roger Nelson & Co our collective brains can begin to spike random number generators hours before massive events like 911 even begin. Michael Persinger’s research indicates that we may be smearing each other with our thoughts across the Earth’s electromagnetic field. And two and a half centuries ago Emanuel Swedenborg was plugged in enough to recite the nuances of the Stockholm fire 250 miles away as it happened. He said that our brains are like a radio antenna pulling input from more places than you would ever believe. Take what you want to, but maybe our brains aren’t like a computer synthesizing our thoughts and feelings based on our own data with our own motives. They’re an inbox. [“I’m ugly.”] [“I’m pathetic.”] This is not a joke. Some of the brain spam that we get is just annoying, but some of it is vicious. And it’s hard to figure out. We can’t see who’s giving the messages we get. We can’t go to their website and figure out their mission statement. But we can learn to filter. We can develop a basic intelligence about the packaging that ideas come in, and how we react. I can just leave you with these thoughts: Worry about the future, worry about the way things will turn out for you, anything that destroys hope; or anger, fear, jealousy, any kind of self-hatred — in my experience, if an idea comes into your head charged with that stuff, it’s like the plastic window on an envelope. It’s like a generic greeting or your name misspelled. It’s how you can tell, man. It’s junk mail.

Danny Hutson

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  1. Great video! Thanks for pointing out the importance of checking your mental "inbox" and filtering out the junk. Now that you mention it, I often find myself opening and totally believing my mental junk mail. Thanks for the positive message!

  2. Right on with this video… we are bombarded with thoughts that are not our own, here is the way out —> watch?v=lmlNbT4c9QU

    • 1 John 2:15 – "Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him."

    • Rev 3:20 – "If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.”

    • Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

  3. "Thoughts are things." We manifest what we think and believe in our minds. This really put the message in today's terms and ideas. Read Science of the Mind by Ernest Holmes. Also, Ralph Waldo Emerson purports the same message in his writings. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. @offTheLeftEye Good to know you are a believer, I knew that wisdom was appealing in a 'not of this world' kind of way, Glory to Christ..

  5. @Prismelia I got a lot of the thoughts behind this video from Swedenborg, who had a big influence on Emerson. Hope you have a great day!

  6. Each person has two minds. There is the physical ego mind and there is the spiritual higher mind. The ego mind is loud and negative and the spirit is honest, quiet and positive. It's is also connected to every other mind. If you can shut up the ego mind you can hear the higher mind. What a relief it is to shut up the ego mind. Meditation is the key and when you have a quiet mind you can know everything and anything. Telepathy is experienced. Telepathy is our natural communication method.

  7. @1971SuperLead Right on. Swedenborg called them the internal and external person. If we can let the internal person lead the way, rather than the other way around, life gets better and better. Thanks for your thoughts!

  8. We'll be using this video in our worship gathering this Sunday (tomorrow) morning at New Way Church in Austin. We'll be looking at Jesus' words, "Not that which enters into a person defiles them, but that which comes out of their mouth…" along with Swedenborg's explanation of this verse in Secrets of Heaven 8910. Your video is a perfect followup to a discussion we had last week about false ideas of shame that enter our heads from "somewhere". Thanks again for making it!

  9. Just did, looks like interesting stuff! Is there any part of it in particular that you've looked into more extensively?

  10. Dude, this rocks! I've been spamming myself all my life. It's like I've been trying to sell myself Viagra or collect money for the nephew of the tragically murdered Treasurer of Ivory Coast or something.

  11. So, when you say that our minds are "pulling input from more places than you'd ever believe", what exactly do you mean?

    Anyway, great vid with a clever analogy. I'm not sure where I heard this, I think it was actually from Jim Carey, but its something like, "when I still myself, I realize that I am not my thoughts, but I am that which is aware of my thoughts, aware that I am thinking. My thoughts therefore are not me". <—I butchered this. It shouldn't even have quotes.

  12. Hey Eric. Glad you liked the video man, and I see what you're saying with the Carey quote. As for "input from more places…" I'm referring to Swedenborg. Long story short: he was a brilliant scientist who began having a series of transcendental experiences where he became intimately acquainted with the nature of the human mind. He wrote that just like we are affected by the people around us here, our minds/spirits are affected by who and what they're around in the other, spiritual world.

  13. Great work.
    But you just told us the problem. Everybody gets junk thoughts.

    A tool is required, a working methodology, or a trick, which gives instant result.
    Mind get bombarded with tonnes of thoughts, but eliminating some thoughts are really not easy.
    So is there any method available to filter those junk mails.

  14. Hey! Yes, I agree. The best tools I've accumulated for it came through extensive study of Emanuel Swedenborg's works. Certainly not an instant fix, although I think one could be developed. Have you come across any useful tools or methodologies?

  15. You said nothing on here that I haven't really thought before in effect but somehow once I watched this video something inside me just clicked and I had a few little epiphanies. I think ur very right on this and that is why after 19 long yrs of listening to metal music (which I love the sound of) I have lately switched to music that puts out messages of kindness and not anger/hate. I think this affects each other on subtle and profound ways too. Thanks for the vid, it helped reaffirm. Peace bro

  16. So glad the video had a good effect! Thanks for taking the time to let me know. Best of luck with your new music path!

  17. man i can't just say anything u amaze me with ur videos :') the only one thing that i find really awkward is that we have this things in our holy books as me Muslim and u christian i guess its all in there but we never think of thm right we never read god's messages right

  18. there is this aya in quran our holy book when god was taking to his prophet mohammad as well to all other ppl "We know that your heart is distressed at the things they say against you* you should glorify your Lord with His praise, and fall in prostration before Him" as for me every time i read this passage i feel filtered and clean and seriously it takes off the blindness from my heart and eyes cause i know wt ever ppl say only god knows wts good about me

  19. keep gooooooooooooooing and the sound effects and pictures u use are really good they make things looks even better thumbs up 😀 !

  20. Hey Dareen! So glad you've been enjoying the videos! Thanks for sharing your perspectives and what works for you.

  21. Hello, your videos are interesting! I was just wondering why you decided to name your channel "offTheLeftEye". It seems like a creative title, but I don't quite understand what it means.

  22. Hey! "Off the left eye" is a reference to Emanuel Swedenborg. He claims that during one of his spiritual experiences he was shown what it was like to die and be resuscitated in the afterlife. He says at one point that what seemed like a cover was pulled off his left eye, and afterward he had the use of his spiritual sight. I thought it was a good title because I'm trying my best to pass on a little spiritual "sight" with this channel. Thanks for the question!

  23. I love the antenna and magnetic field theory. Something I've been talking with my friend allot. She taps into something she can't explain, like a medium but this sounds more plausible =) Peace my friend

  24. Another good message… I received a "vision" download from the heavenly realm which the vision (I will describe as one of the cloud of witnesses for lack of a better term) stated much of the same thing. In the spirit thoughts are very important. Positive and negative impacts throughout as well. Partnering with the Lord builds healthy bridges in an abundance. Blessings, Kiddo !!

  25. Is it just me or sometimes or sometimes things happen and just remember you've been getting promptings all week. Here's an example, I am a graphic designer and I have been seeing a particular logo loads of times during a period of time. Then a client suddenly comes to me and says he want me to do similar one. This stuff keeps happening to me. Its like I know the future but don't really know what's going to happen. I hope someone else can relate

  26. your brain  is a frequency receiver. Much like a radio.  It receives messages.
     when it is open, you can read them. Decide if some are junk messages.
    Delete those you don't want.
    when it is closed, you can get non-verbal inklings thru your emotional body.
    Here, you  feel  (anxious, or happy )  without knowing why.

    You are not your brain.
    You are not your feeling body.
    You are not this physical body.

    You are the Energy Being that owns these bodies. 

    Obviously, you don't know this, because you have identified with these bodies as you.
    These bodies that you identified with as you, …is called the False-Self.

    To find out who you really are, you have to be willing to master this false self.
    The process of mastery is called Self-Realization.

  27. This video was made in 2011 — and the message is still as fresh as the day it was conveyed. It is one we need to remind ourselves of.

  28. This is an excellent to the point message and underscores the increasingly popular idea that a major function of the brain is to act like a 'broadband' receiver or WiFi box receiving the impression of consciousness as your WiFi box receives microwave transmissions connecting you to the internet.

    This is starting to be seriously considered in studies at this time looking at the mystery of consciousness from the perspective of science in trying to fathom what consciousness actually is in relation to the brain. Is consciousness generated by the brain and a by-product of electro-chemical generation? Or is the brain operating like a receiver for consciousness that is non-local?

    Old material science rationalistic thinking that perceives consciousness as 'an open and shut case' of being a by-product of the brain and that it ceases at death when the brain dies is now beginning to lose ground as the firmly placed, unassailable belief in mental and medical science. Science is now admitting it actually does not really know what consciousness is. This being so, and if the brain is now seriously being looked at by some researchers as possibly being a receiver of some kind, then we need to be careful about the channels and messages we are open to. Awareness of this brings the power to protect yourself. If you know it's not all from you then you can take practical steps and stop being a victim of negative thoughts by taking actions to prevent mental attack.

    Curtis nailed it succinctly in 2011. Much of what we may be thinking that is negative is not actually from us at all, but it seems like it is and is presented that way. Take a look at his tips and the tips of his guests in his other videos to counteract these unwanted mental intrusions; intrusions which we mistake for our own thoughts until we become aware that they are in fact not our own and being not from us.

  29. I get tons of offers for credit cards and junk mail (so does my entire family) which goes straight to the recycle bin. All that junk mail is bad for the environment and cuts down precious trees.

  30. Curtis, I just found your channel in Aug. of 2018. My gosh, this is from 2011. Why did it take me so long to come around 🙂

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