Yeet, gg, & Dece—Internet Slang Explained

Yeet, gg, & Dece—Internet Slang Explained

The internet has the coolest words for things. If something’s awesome, it’s lit. And if this kid lands a bottle flip, that’s
dope. Do a yeet or a dab. Wait dabbing is still cool, right? If it’s the dopest, it’s GOAT. If it’s only slightly dope, it’s dece, and
if it fails…oof. You hate to see it. There are even cooler words for gaming. Gg means good game, and press F to pay respects
to fallen comrades. When you’re mad, you’re tilted, and it could
lead to a rage quit. If you did something dope you say, “Let’s
go!” or “Let’s get this bread!” or “pog” or “pogchamp” or “poggers.” If you want to be the most popular, just shorten
words like awks obvs, totes, and okie dokes. If something’s very good it’s v good. If something’s very very good it’s vv good. If something’s very very very good it’s vvv
good. If something’s very very very very good—
Then there’s fam. Your family is fam. So’s this bro—he’s fam. Your sis is fam, your friends are fam, and
doggos—they’re always fam. Visualize your v cool words and anything else
with Lucidchart.

Danny Hutson

55 thoughts on “Yeet, gg, & Dece—Internet Slang Explained

  1. You, a commoner: I subscribe to PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye and Markiplier
    Me, an intellectual: I subscribed to Lucidchart and Vat19 (both are basically advertisement channels)

  2. This is the cringiest fucking video on YouTube. All you’ve done is let old dumbass fudds into the world of the internet. Wtf.

  3. Not to be dramatic but lucid chart narrator, I’d die for you. I’m pretty sure you’re a talking doggo in disguise

  4. We need a doggo chart part 6
    (idk if someone already suggested this, but if so, it's good to do lucidchart a remind)

  5. I’ve literally never gotten one of these before a video. They just show up in my recommended and I click on them because I love them.

  6. And here I was expecting this to be cringey and full of memes too dank for safe consumption.
    I need to stop underestimating you guys.

  7. Yknow I think with any other channel I'd find explainations of these words cringey. But you my friend, you make it charming.

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