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Alessio: More than 1,000 people marched in Moscow, the capital city of Russia, to protest against internet censorship as the government begins to crack down on the internet. For years, the Russian authorities did not pay much attention to the internet and focused more on controlling traditional media such as television and radio. But now the government is more focused on the internet. -Proposals is currently being pushed through parliament which, if approved, would give the government more control of online services. For example it proposes to require internet providers to keep data longer, and messenger services to hand over encryption keys to allow authorities access to private communications. There are still question marks – such as how these laws could be enforced if it is implemented. Khalid: Israeli police force acknowledged they are preventing journalists from entering parts of Old Jerusalem as part of its efforts to lower tensions around a contested holy site. The Foreign Press Association says journalists have been shoved and it becoming “a dangerous situation” where officially recognized journalists were blocked from doing their jobs. -Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said it was a decision made by the Jerusalem police district. Journalists complained that while they were being prevented, tourists were still able to move around freely and film with their mobile phones. The foreign ministries of Turkey and Israel has clashed over the crisis at the holy site, constantly fighting each other with verbal insults. Alessio: Mexico’s drug war is killing more people than ever – the country recorded more homicides in June alone than in any month in at least 20 years! The rising demand for heroin in the US, and a power struggle inside one of Mexico’s most powerful drug cartels have accelerated this bloody war. -This increased violence appears to be linked to the arrest of the former drug boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman who will go on trial on drug and murder charges next year in the US. In recent months, top Mexican government officials have begged the US to assist in reducing domestic drug demand and help Mexico become safer. Khalid: Indian Railways has rolled out its first train with rooftop solar panels to combat India’s massive diesel-guzzling trains. The new train still will be pulled by a diesel-powered locomotive… the solar panels powers only the lights, fans, and information display systems on passenger coaches. -Solar power technology is still new developing technology and cannot run a train on its own. The company estimates, however a train with six solar-powered coaches would save about 21,000 litres of diesel each year. With this limited progress, Indian Railways hopes to draw larger amounts of solar power by 2025. Alessio: A Deaf British woman, Amy Rowe was looking forward to watching the new TV season of “Game of Thrones” using her Now TV App. She became upset and angry to find there were no subtitles. “We’ve cloned sheep, built prosthetic limbs and taught cars how to drive themselves. Yet, it took a charity two years to persuade Parliament to support a basic right (for access)”. There is no way to know which show will have subtitles before buying the TV service. Khalid: Interpreting Philippine President speech is harder than you think. John Balizam, a sign language interpreter has been interpreting the State of Nation address for Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte since 2001. With many years of experience, he says that language and mental skills are needed for this job. Not just one language, but four languages – Filipino sign language, spoken Filipino, English and, most recently, Binisaya. Baliza, who was interviewed by a reporter, says code of ethics requires him to interpret everything. “If the president curses, I must convey that through sign language”. Alessio: A movie, Baby Driver, with Deaf American actor, CJ Jones is successful and people are giving that movie high praise. They are impressed with it’s originality. The movie idea was developed 22 years ago by Edgar Wright. He decided to direct the movie after he was forced out of the Marvel movie Ant-Man. Many hearing actors tried out for the Deaf character role after CJ Jones auditioned for the role. Wright said “watching other actors pretending to be deaf was just strange” and he casted CJ Jones in the Deaf character role. Edgar Wright’s studio is planning a sequel. Khalid: HIV researchers have announced that a 9-year-old child in South Africa with HIV has been in remission for almost 9 years without using any HIV drugs! The study adds to new but growing evidence that early HIV treatment of children – beginning as infants – may bring HIV to very low levels and possibly lower the need for life-long drug therapy. -What is HIV? It is a virus spread through body fluids that attacks the body’s immune system. Without treatment, the survival rate is about 9 to 11 years. Most of the infected people are in third-world countries. African countries south of the Sahara desert have been impacted the most. There is still no cure for HIV. Alessio: Michael Phelps, a world champion American swimmer who won 23 Olympic gold medals, competed against a computer-simulated great white shark! Phelps, who wore a wetsuit and a monofin to mimic a shark’s powerful tail, raced against the “shark” in the ocean. Who won? The “shark” beat Phelps by two seconds! -This show was viewed by millions of people as a part of “Shark Week”. There public, however were angry that Phelps did not race a real shark! Phelps went on Facebook to defend the show saying ‘not my fault’ if people assumed that he was actually swimming with a massive and dangerous apex predator! -Thank you for watching WorldSign Week, visit H3WORLD.TV for more shows, all in International Sign. See you next week.

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