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17 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin Participants Database – collect names and addresses on your website

  1. Thanks Fiona for this video. Please i need your kind assistance on how to link the registered users to wp users so that they can login instead of registering again. The guide provided by the developer isnt clear to me. Thanks in advance as i wait for your quick response.

  2. question..I like the database but have you worked with it for registering for multiple events…Looks to have only 1 signup form. I have multiple events and would like to have more than 1 form that can be displayed based on what the event is. If used different forms on different event pages, i then could possible prepopulate the event field with the event name. Hope this makes sense

  3. How can I search using several field names?

    Using [pdb_list search=true] I have only one search field where I can
    choose column title. But what if I want to use multiple search (logical
    AND for example)?

  4. hello dear At

    many many thanks for the quick reply – great to hear from you.

    i just want to have a paid listing function within the pd
    the regular signup-process does look like so
    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/33308642973/in/dateposted/
    perhaps i can make it looking like so – so that we have a signup process at woocmmerce included?
    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/34079516616/in/dateposted/
    what do you think!?

    do you think that this is doable!?

    love to hear from you


  5. Hi there,
    great video, I am trying to learn this but can only get so far. I am trying to create a database and have a link to be able to edit information online using a password. Is this possible? I cant work out how to add

    •link to each record’s detail page

    any help is appreciated.

  6. It is a very one indeed…. Eventhough I don´t really know what to do with it, I will give a try
    Thank you

    I know understand ! great… Any chance to have 2 columns?

  7. This is a great plugin, I need to charge my members to join. I have 4 levels of membership which using your plugin I can easily setup using a drop down. My question is would it be possible to have a specific landing page loaded depending which membership option a person choose , this would allow me to have a specific Stripe Pay button on that thank you page that relates to the membership level they choose. My client is concerned that if we have to offer 4 pay buttons on the thank you page people may pick one that is not the same as the membership option chosen when filling out the form. If the plugin can;t do this out of the box can you point me to a developer who might be able to code this for me. Thanks

  8. hello dear Fiona this is just a great introduction into the powerful plugin participant database. I really like it. You show loths of features and options of this versatile plugin.
    Mamyn thanks for doing so: many thanks for serving all the folks from all over the globe.
    one question: can you do some more video-tutorials for the benefit of the worldwide community of this overwhelming plugin.- many tahnks in advance

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