[Windows] How to Rename Multiple Files Using Bulk Rename Utility In Windows 10 | Batch File Renamer

[Windows] How to Rename Multiple Files Using Bulk Rename Utility In Windows 10 | Batch File Renamer
Danny Hutson

19 thoughts on “[Windows] How to Rename Multiple Files Using Bulk Rename Utility In Windows 10 | Batch File Renamer

  1. Hey! Thank you for learning what you can. But I want to inform you that you go too fast. People do not understand everything you describe because of it. It would be great if you took it a bit more lung and explained. Because all people are not from the US or the UK, there of remaining people from other countries will find it hard to keep up with everything you say. But what you do is better than nothing at all.

  2. Really helpful and detailed. Subbed.

  3. Anyway to make it rename a list of files differently? Like every 4th file start with a "D" and everyday 1st video an "A" and so forth?

  4. This is a life saver. I had a bunch of duplicate files I needed to rename and this app made it a snap. Thanks for the demo.

  5. this software is awesome its rename multiple files without wasting single minute check it out https://www.technocomsolutions.com/batch-file-rename.html

  6. There's one application that you install and you drag and drop the files as a batch and type the new extension you want the file to be renamed and done. NO fuzz no buzz.I just can't find it :P, thanks though for this tutorial.

  7. Little lost. Great tut for most of what I have done. However I have a whole folder with folders and subfolders with "_1" within the names, all at different places in the name.
    Tried Name (2): Remove: _1 and no change in the New Name.
    Filters (12) selected Folders and Subfolders, everything seems like it should work but nothing. Seems like the Remove isn't working.
    Any help from anyone is welcomed.

  8. Great video! I have a challenge and hope you could help. What I am trying to achieve can be best described with example. For example. If my main folder is X and inside X I have files then their names would be X—"file name". If inside of X I have a folder Y then the names of the files in folder Y should be X—Y—"File name". In cases there is another subfolder (lets call it Z) then the name of the files in Z will be X—Y—Z—"File Name". Now let me tell you what I understand how to do up to now and what I don't. I know how to use Append Folder Name and set the levels according to how deep the folder is. However, this is really time consuming since I don't know how many levels the main folder X has and it will also require from me to dig in and always change Levels for each subfolder. My Question is then, How can I let it know that The parent folder should be X and each time it is going down another folder that it will use the upper folders names with separators all the way up to folder X. I know it is challenging but I am sure someone as sophisticated as you are can help with this.

  9. Very good tutorial. I achieved in seconds what it would have taken me many hours, and possible harm to my files, to successfully rename folders of images at a stroke. Well done!

  10. Iv'e used this app successfully before but now in raplacing one text with another it just deletes the text rather than replaces. wtf?

  11. Nice video, thanks for uploading… Did I miss something though? I do not need a program to rename one file at a time. I needed this to do an entire folder or at least a bunch of files… So how do I do that!? Thanks. EDIT: I figured out how to do it. I had to go to Display Options -> List -> Select Columns and add Type. Now I can sort by type and mark all the ones I would like to change… : )

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