Will Vibe X3 Get Nougat & VoLTE? Answer from Lenovo

Hey! What is up guys! This is Nived Kannada from Nanogalaxy and
in this video, we’re gonna do some crazy stuff! Yes! I’m gonna call Lenovo’s customer service center
and try to seek information about that VoLTE & Nougat updates for the Lenovo Vibe X3 that
I have. My personal device is Lenovo Vibe X3 and after
I bought it, it is a great device, it’s very nice… It sounds really amazing! The speakers are well built with the Dolby
Atmos technology and everything is really fine at the hardware level. But the only problem with this device is that
Lenovo didn’t provide us any update since that Android Marshmallow update. Right out of the box after buying this, I
got that Marshmallow update. And after that, I didn’t get any update at
all! So, this is time to question them! So, everybody’s been questioning them- Lenovo
in their forums a lot. But their authorized people never ever replied
to the people, in their website. So, it’s time to make a direct contact. And let’s know what they have to say. Thank you for calling Lenovo Smartphone. Press 2 for english. Press 1 if you have queries about VoLTE-ready
devices. Vibe Z, K5, K5 Plus, K5 Note & K4 Note are
VoLTE-ready. Lenovo Smartphone models launched in India
after January 2017 are VoLTE-ready right out of the box. To continue to speak to the agent, Please
press 9. You can also visit support.lenovo.com for
any technical support. This call may be monitored for quality and
training purposes. Your call is important to us. Hello! Hello, I have a doubt, I have a Lenovo Vibe
X3 and my doubt is that is this phone ever gonna get that VoLTE update? So as per you are saying, you’re using Lenovo
Vibe X3. Yeah. So, you want to ask that whether the phone
is VoLTE updated or not? Yeah. OK Sir. Definitely I’ll help you. I’ll tell you after checking. Before that Can you tell me your name? Nived. Sorry? Nived. N-I-V-E-D? Yeah! OK! Calling from which state are you? Ok! Can you tell me your email ID? Why Do I have to give it all? Today You have called here. I’m registering your contact details! That’s why we want. Okay! May I know your device color? White! Ok! Please be online! Let me check it. Hello? Hello,
Is there any information about VoLTE? No Sir, it does not support VoLTE. But, as I checked the website of the Snapdragon
chipset, I could understand that this Snapdragon 808 chipset support it. Did you check the Lenovo website? I checked the website of Qualcomm Snapdragon,
the manufacturer…. Whatever you are checking, I don’t know about
that. If you have doubt, you can check support.lenovo.com
I’m not talking about that. This phone supports… The hardware supports it. Then why don’t Lenovo provide us an update? Lenovo is not providing because, which hardware
and software required for VoLTE is not available in Vibe X3. That’s why it’s not supported. But this is a flagship device tho. This is a? This was a flagship device in 2017(I meant
2016). Then why don’t I get that update? K4 Note got it? Yes, company is providing for K4 Note. But in Vibe X3, company is not providing. Because, software and hardware is required
for VoLTE. It’s not there. That’s why! And what about the Nougat update? Android 7? No! It will not get the Nougat update! You can check the support.lenovo.com. There is, select your device.. After that one roadmap option is there. In roadmap, it is clearly mentioned in Vibe
X3, which operating system you are using now? What? Which operating system you are using in Vibe
X3? Marshmallow. Yes, the Marshmallow is the last option. It will not come Nougat. So, why am I not getting any security patches? I got the last one since I bought it. Okay! I’ll check with my concerned department why
you are not getting, then I’ll get back to you. Ok! If you’re not getting, do one thing, please
back-up your data and remove the google account and reset your phone after that, check if
its coming or not. I’m not talking about that! I didn’t get any update after that Android
6 update. After 6.0, we are not sending any updates. I’m saying about security patches, you told
you na? Yeah! Now till now we have not issued any security
patches also. So, Please reset your phone after that check
… No, nothing for now. Ok Sir! For information, you can visit our support
site. So, guys! You heard it by yourself! Lenovo is not planning to provide any more
updates to the Vibe X3. They’re never gonna plan to give another update
for this device. And it’s such a ridiculous decision, I can
even support this because Lenovo said it’s a flagship when they launched it in 2016. And for such a price of 20,000 it’s supposed
to be getting more updates like the Nougat update. At least, that Android 7 update. Or at least, that VoLTE update. But they’re not planning to give it all. So, that’s all for this video guys. If you liked this video, If you liked the
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