Will Ting ever offer home Internet service? | Ting Ask

Yes, yes, Ting will offer home internet service.
In fact, we’re already live in three cities. So looking forward to more. Cheryl Edwards asks, “Will Ting ever offer home Internet service?” “Will Ting ever offer home Internet?” Cheryl, we absolutely will and do
offer home Internet service. We are looking, at this point, we’re in five markets, three that are actually live, and two that we’re just about to start building. Those span five different states. Currently, we’re in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Idaho, and Colorado. We’re eager to go to new cities.
So, if we’re not in your city yet, Cheryl, please go to our website. Scroll to the bottom and click on
“Bring Ting Internet to your town”. Fill out that form. And we will let you know if we end up coming to your town.

Danny Hutson

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