Why vinyl records will never die (+TIP for new collectors)

Why vinyl records will never die (+TIP for new collectors)

To be honest, the vinyl record almost wiped
out in the 90s. The music industry played a very important
role in this by closing vinyl factories and promoting the CD which was much cheaper in
its production. There are three reasons why I believe the
vinyl record will never be lost and the third reason is for me the most important. My name is Yannis, I am the founder of Vinylom.com
and in this video I will tell you the 3 reasons why the vinyl record is never going to die. And this is the first reason:
The record didn’t die in the hard times. The period from 1991 to 2007 was very difficult. sales of records decreased too much, but there
was always interest from people who bought music on vinyl. There were always people who wanted to hear
their music from vinyl records. They wanted to listen to their music and watch
their vinyl record spin on the turntable. They liked the process and the… Ritual. That alone would be enough to convince someone
that the vinyl isn’t going to die. Since it didn’t die then, it won’t die even
now that the conditions are much better. second reason
Internet The vinyl record was helped by the Internet. Collectors, music lovers and merchants all
over the world came together through their computer. They became a network and they managed to
connect using as common element, their love for the music and the vinyl record. Everything can now be found by pressing a
few buttons on a keyboard and that, firstly, stabilized a situation that had taken a downward
course and, secondly, aroused interest. The various online marketplaces, especially
ebay in the first period, amazon, discogs, our marketplace, VINYLOM’s Marketplace provide
great help. As long as there’s Internet, the vinyl record
isn’t going to die. The direct link between sellers and buyers
is a very important factor in the developmen of the market. The third and, in my opinion, the most important reason. The vinyl record is a collector’s item
The vinyl record was, is and will be a collector’s item. As time passes, it will gain more value. There are too many records worth more than
a thousand dollars. In the description, you can find the Vinylom
Encyclopedia link with interesting stories and the history of sales of rare and expensive
records. An encyclopedia to which we constantly add
the stories of rare records. But in addition to the very collectable records,
there are also the old records that are now sold in dollar bins. The vinyl records that will be kept in good
condition will increase their value over the coming years. The fact also that too many of them have a
much better sound than today’s re -releases will play an important role in increasing
the demand. Do not be surprised if in ten years from now
an original Mint or Sealed copy of the first LP of Van Halen is worth more than a deluxe
180 Gramms repress copy of the same album. In vinylom’s forum both I and Vinylom users
write for dollar bin records with great musical value. In the description below you will find the
Link. Also too many new releases from well-known
bands are currently being cut into limited editions and their value goes up even a few
months after their release. Think about what will happen in the next 15
– 20 years. The first few years may go unnoticed due to
the multitude of releases, but sooner or later they will find their way to the collector’s
market. And here I’d like to tell you a TIP for New
Collectors. Look for vinyl records released by new bands
whose music is excellent. Usually they are sold at low prices (18 -20
dollars) When people “discover” them after years your copy or copies will be of great
value. Also the search is very interesting. It will make you discover new music and new
bands with great interest. I recently read an article by the BBC in 2018
that said that the 50% of buyers who buy records do not even open them. That alone shows where things are moving. All those records that have been sealed for
many years will find their way to the market at some point and their value will surely
be greater. As a collectible medium the vinyl is very
valuable and in the years that come this value will rise even more. And its value cannot be lost in any way because
the vinyl record contains something that the entire planet loves. Music!!! So to sum up, the record is not going to be
lost. Yeah, people will always want to hear music
from records, they’ll always want to be able to catch and feel the cover and the record,
They’ll always like the process of finding their music in record stores, on the Internet,
etc. But the record also has a material value that
goes up and will never make it disappear. I am Yiannis the founder of Vinylom.com. In the description below you will find some
interesting links about Vinylom as well as a link to the marketplace where you will find
millions of vinyl records from hundreds of vendors from all over the world. From US, Great Britain and from all the other
countries in the world. At this point I would like to thank all the
vinylom users who followed us from the beginning. I love you guys! I’d like to hear your opinion on this video. If you think there is anything else that has
not been said, I would be interested to read it in the comments. If you liked the video, you can subscribe
to the channel. I’m preparing some very interesting and original
content, so if you want to be one of the first to see it, you know what to do. (bell ringing) Thank you so much for watching the video and
stay tuned. Great thins are coming !!!
Enjoy Music, Enjoy Life, Enjoy Vinyl. Love and Rock n Roll!!!

Danny Hutson

1 thought on “Why vinyl records will never die (+TIP for new collectors)

  1. You can search for reasons to justify your personal obsession with vinyl all day.
    With FLACK, vinyl is even more obsolete.
    Do you have any idea how many people on the earth have not moved on to the digital age? it's going to take another 30+ years for analog to die off.
    It's scientifically proven that vinyl is not better quality than FLACK or CD. the thing vinyl lovers think sounds so good is actually distortion added from the needle to the speakers… the analog device adds distortion…
    but who am i to rain on someones hobby.

    The only thing vinyl has going for it in my mind, is that it allows for the large "jacket" for artists visual art to go along with the music.

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