Why Not to Buy a Car with Stop/Start Technology

Why Not to Buy a Car with Stop/Start Technology

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
talk about that modern auto stop-start system that some cars have, where your driving down the road and when you come to a stop and you’re sitting, it turns the engine off,
and then when you step on the gas it starts back up and runs, now these auto
stop and start systems are made to save gasoline and they really started
full-time in modern hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius, now auto start-stop works
great in hybrid cars, because they were designed that way, to begin with, a hybrid
car doesn’t have a tiny little starter like a normal car that runs on
12 volts, it uses the generators inside the car to actually start the engine
using a five hundred volt battery, so it’s no problem for that giant battery
that’s in the trunk of the Prius to start your car up and down and up and
down, it’s got a lot of power, but most cars still have these lead acid
batteries they’re smaller they’re not made for continually starting and
stopping the car, for these kind of apps you need a deep cycle battery, most cars
still use a lead acid, they’re not really deep cycle, lithium ion like in the
Prius are, but when you think about it they’re making cars cheaper and cheaper,
they’re not going to be putting more and more expensive batteries in the cars
just for this, and as I’ve already said in hybrid cars, they use these giant motor
generators to start themselves up, on a regular car they’re using these tiny
little starters, they’re not made to be used over and over and over again, now
granted some of these auto stop start cars do a more robust starter, but
it’s nothing compared to the generators that they use in the Priuses or any
hybrid vehicle, these things are tiny compared to those huge things, and you
might not think about possible engine damage from starting and stopping all the
time, but I’m a mechanic and I think about it, realize that your crank and
your rod bearings get worn the most upon startups, and in a normal car, they
usually good for a hundred thousand starts and stops before they start to wear out,
and that’s fine for a normal car that you start up driving around then later
when you shut it off you start it up, but with these things, you’re going to be
starting and stopping a lot more often so you’d need bearings that were good to
300 or 400 thousand of these cycles, so if you have start/stop in a normal
engine, hey it’s going to wear the rod bearings and the crank bearings, and then
you’re going to have to rebuild the engine it’s something that a lot of people
aren’t going to think about, but being a mechanic, I think about that stuff and
when I see damage that shouldn’t occur I’m not for that system, and then let’s
get down to the nitty-gritty, how much better gas mileage do you actually with
one of these Auto stop-start systems well they advertise that they get
between 3 and 10 percent better gas, much but you’re only going to get 10 percent
under very limited conditions, the temperature outside has to be moderate,
between 40 and 85 degrees, higher or lower you’re not going to get much, and if
you run the AC, you’re generally going to get less than 3% better gas mileage,
because air conditioning uses a lot of power, this isn’t like you’re turning
your whole car off by turning your ignition key off, it shuts the engine off
but other systems are still operating, so if it’s hot outside after a very short
period of time, it’s going to have to turn the engine back on to run the air
conditioner, now like I said previously these systems work fine in hybrids like
the Prius, because the Prius’s use electronic air conditioners and they got
that big old five hundred volt battery in the back. so even when the engines not
running. it can run the compressor with that 500 volt battery and you still feel
nice and cool. inside but a normal car doesn’t work that way, now truth be told,
there are a whole bunch of different auto stop start systems out there, some
of them that I’ve seen in Europe heck they use the alternator to start and
stop the car the alternators in those cars just spin the
serpentine belt and instead of the car driving the alternator, the alternator is
spinning to make the engine go, and some of them have electronic water pumps like
BMWs, so the engine won’t overheat if the car isn’t running while it’s sitting there,
because realized when you shut an engine off, it’s got a lot of heat in it,
it’s what’s called heat soaking, it’s just sitting there heat soaking it
actually gets hotter, so the cooling system still has to be doing stuff even
though the engine is shut off, and sure engineers can bypass these
problems with some really high-tech technology, but really when you
think about it, all this technology that’s going to break down the line and be
really hard to fix, do you really want that to get a little bit less than 3%
better gas mileage if you run an air conditioner, it doesn’t intrigue me, and
for many people there’s just the annoyance factor of, your driving and
when you stopped on the engine shuts itself off, now they all do have a button
you can push that turns the system off every time you start the car, if it
drives you nuts, you can push that button and turn it off, and me I find it rather
annoying, every time I get a rental car or I’m road test in a car that has that
system on, first thing I do is push that button off so it runs like a normal car,
because if you want really good gas mileage and all these technology
features, heck go out and get a hybrid like a Toyota Prius, they were designed
for that, because really when you think about it, these auto stop start systems
they’re kind of like a halfway measure, you know, they work fine in the hybrid cars, but
in a gasoline car, it’s trying to turn them into something that they really
weren’t meant for, since I’m a mechanic and these systems have been out a little
while now, they’re starting to break, I have to fix them, let me tell you they’re
no fun to fix, and you’re not going to be happy when you get this giant bill for
fixing them right, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

Danny Hutson

88 thoughts on “Why Not to Buy a Car with Stop/Start Technology

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  2. and kids remember there's an aftermarket toy to install into your gas only car to by default disable the auto start stop tech off to save your car from that crap and save your battery and starter motor from that crap

  3. What you think of the old generator that cars used to use before they went to the alternator ? One my first cars I bought was a old 60 ford galaxy and the generator went out on it and it took forever to find a another one to replace it but that was back in the early 90s .

  4. I have made a start and stop technology that costs $0, and that can be installed in any car. It's called: Turn your car off if you won't be going off for more than a half minute

  5. Ive just bought a nissan – first thing i did was switch the start stop off – thought of the starter motor – common sense and i'm not a mechanic !!

  6. But between idling that you mentioned in your other video that heats transmission, should we idle instead or use this start-stop?

  7. You can bypass the start/stop system by simply plugging in a brake light into the trailer hitch. Otherwise you have to push the button every time you start it.

  8. I think the stop/start engines they're putting on these new vehicles are one of the worst things car manufacturers have ever come up with.
    No auto manufacturers have done it yet, but I think the best way to go for reliability, power, and efficiency would be to switch to either gas/electric or diesel/electric like in modern freight trains. A powerful electric motor at each wheel, an eternal combustion engine connected to a generator solely to produce electricity, and a battery pack for backup.

  9. You just said what I always suspected. It can’t possibly be good for the vehicle unless it was designed to do so from too to bottom. Thanks Scotty

  10. One thing he doesn't mention is when you get a boost they always say dont shut it off till you get to the repair shop so now you'll have to get towed.

  11. Funny enough. I canceled a order on a new Subaru because I couldn’t permanently disable this feature. Found this video later. It really reinforces my concern.

  12. I thought that the Mazda istop simply fired the fuel injector and spark plug at the same time rather than using the starter motor.

  13. It’s about time someone said STOP to the STOP START feature. I have it & disabled it immediately. Thanks Scotty!

  14. Horrible, annoying feature that will destroy your engine faster. Even that upgraded starter is going to wear out faster given how much start/stop traffic there is in the city.

  15. I doubt any of this is actually true. I have a new VW with start stop and it's fine. So was the previous VW that got sold with 146000 miles on the clock.

    Wear on engine components normally happens when the engine is cold and I doubt any Start stop cars would initiate the cycle until the engine was warm…


    Here in the real world a UK gallon of petrol costs more than 7 dollars so I think you get the idea that stopping the engine is in fact a very good idea., I can assure you that the battery and the starter are well up to the job and let's be honest this is not new technology ?

  16. Okay so I get say 10L/100km and pay $1.25/L for fuel, so $12.50 to go 100km, 3% better means I save $0.375 per 100km, at 20,000km per year, I am saving $7.50 per year, say I drive it for 10 years, and then need to replace the engine as the crank bearing is worn out. I saved $75 and need to spend $7,500 for a rebuilt engine, big savings there….

    Would be better to run a smaller Diesel that just turns a generator that feeds the big battery that gets 5L/100km….

  17. It's kinda fun when you drove people places and they go omg your car just died I'm just like no it didn't and away we go

  18. Just give the owner the ability to disable the feature permanently. The fact that this feature re-enables each time you start the vehicle is insane.

  19. My Sister has the brandnew Toyota/Citroen/Peugeot ProAce….. (2.0) 180hp (Startstop)
    I have a 23 y.o Toyota Hiace (2.4D) 79hp (Nonstop System)

    My sisters SS (StartStop) does 1L 10km average (10L/100km)
    My Hiace NS (Nonstop) does 1L 14km average (7.14L/100km)

    My Sisters SS needs lots of Adblue junk
    My Hiace NS prefers to run properly

    My Sisters SS needs higher revs to get the turbo working
    My Hiace NS is a naturally aspirated engine… I floor it direct power.
    We did a 'Dragrace' on a parkinglot…

    I started in gear 2
    She in 1st automated gear…..
    You'd say you have no chance in your old 2.4D since you have 101hp less
    WRONG… I got heaps of torque…. So i took the revs up to 4000rpm in 2nd gear, changed to 4th and i won with ease thanks to oldschool Torque from a naturally aspirated engine.

    In other words mine is better and will always be.

  20. The start stop feature is just crap. Whenever i have to drive such i just look for the button to turn it off. It wont prevent global warming or greta thurnberg yelling. If you really want to save fuel, that is an art. Its a matter of a predictive driving style. I got 62 mpg in a 2013 vw golf in the city. 75 miles per US gallon on pure highway driving. I did try it alot and the only way to get the consumption low was to not use CC but rather foot throttle. And this was due to inclines and downhills the cruise control cant predict.

  21. I never liked that idea. I always wondered if the engineers kept oil pressure going while start stop technology is starting and stopping engine. And if it has a turbo on it even worse you will cook you're turbo bearings if you suddenly turn you're engine off let's say at a freeway exit ramp. Turbo still spinning hot amd fast needs oil going through it. ??? Can someone enlighten me on that.??

  22. I love how all these new sporty cars and even luxury cars adapted to the 2nd gen Scion tC style rims. Scion tC rims are so fresh

  23. I would like to see a motor tear down at 100k, A car that only drove in the city and each trip had like 10 stops and only went 15 miles. vs a same engine non auto stop

  24. People who signed the legislation that forced start-stop systems in all new cars should be killed and the resuscitated. Repeatedly.

  25. When I push the start button, to start my engine, I also immediately press the Start/Stop button to disable that feature. This should have never been invented, because it's annoying and useless.

  26. Got a 2015 Jeep limited that stop start that needs to be serviced . Is that expensive or can we bypass
    And will it hurt vehicle???
    Thank You for any info.

  27. I always wondered about the start stop feature. Especially at night in the winter. Sitting in traffic with the heat, radio, lights and the kids in the back watching Frozen. The battery is definitely going to take some abuse there. And I feel these cars contribute to the traffic light congestion by increasing the time it takes for the line to start moving.

  28. Jeep compass has a easily removable plastic piece which contacts the hood sensor when closed. Take it out in 2 sec and walla…. no more stop start…. just an annoying dash light. Car companies must make tons of $ off worn out starters etc

  29. I drive a 2018 Jeep Compass with the Start/Stop thing. I always press the “Disable” button when I drive it. Recently a light showed up indicating the system was faulty. Can I just ignore it and keep driving it without fixing the dammed thing?

  30. What's worse about this crap is sitting next to a car that does this. Light turns green and I have to hear this. First World problems amirite?

  31. I had my XF in the shop. They gave me a new XE with less than 100 miles on it. It had that feature. The car shook like crazy every time it restarted at a light or stop sign. Annoying as hell, fortunately it had a switch to turn it off. Hated it!

  32. One of the biggest problems I have in New York state people want you to really get going when the light turns green. There is a slight .5 second delay of the start, and another .5 second delay on reving up to go. New York state has a lot of libtards but those people don't slow poke around on the road.

  33. I want safety, so I bought a 2020 Subaru Legacy, 37 mpg highway, What joke getting a Prius, unsafe at almost any speed,also I can drive it over 600 miles, in cold weather, before I need to refuel.

  34. 3:21 So this explains why my aunt's Ford Fusion, which has one of these systems, has to turn its engine back on so that way the air conditioner can run.

  35. Thank you, I always hated this new concept. I imagined it putting a strain on the battery, especially if you're running ac/heat and your stuck at a long train stop.

  36. Well my Seat Ibiza 1.2 TDI has start/stop but I don't mind, why? well after my 62Ah battery died I've put a 45Ah battery and 3x 16.2v 83.3F supercapacitors(That's 16.2v 250F!!!!) . Supercaps can start/stop my engine 20-30 times before they discharged completely. Battery is happy, engine is happy, everyone is happy – I'm ahead of what car companies would do in the future(Did this in 2013 and still works as expected)

  37. Hey Scotty, show us a way to build a simple circuit that we can wire in to automatically short the contacts on the disable button that will activate every time we start the car.

  38. Best start/stop technology owned by MAZDA..if you don't push the break till end when vehicle stops it doesn't running..it is good when you wait short duration at stop signs..if you don't know how to use right technology it is not start/stop problem..comments are very funny..just check out mazda's system..

  39. ok..dont buy a vehicle with start/stop system..ok, just watched another one of your videos where you said ford makes the best trucks..ok all new ford trucks have the start/stop system…so which is it ????

  40. When we finally get legislation that protects consumers of electronic "licensed" software by mandating release of source code and firmware update tools for "right to repair", this will be a non issue because everybody with a brain will simply go to their mechanic and have it permanently disabled. In the meantime, you have to be stupid (as in federal EPA technocrat wonk living in NYC with no drivers license) to think this system is efficient. Forget the wasted fuel involved in startup to overcome static friction (which is why you don't turn off your car at a red light with the key), let's talk about the wear on the battery (which requires processing of heavy metals and toxic chemicals to produce), the horrible "fuzzy logic" that as you listen carefully at stoplights, you can hear starting and stopping these cars 3-4 times at a single red light or a stop sign, and the driver creeps forward, and the fact that there is typically a "charge exhaustion" limit, so that when you are sitting for a LONG red light, the car will start up anyway to recharge. It's a garbage system designed by egg heads just trying to kiss the ring of the EPA which passed rules that were based on "techno-utopia" values of the Obama administration that any problem can be solved if you just "mandate it". That's the kind of thinking that led China's communist economy into the dark years when they made mandatory iron production quotas, and to meet them, the industry did it by taking perfectly good finished iron tools and re-smelting them into "new" iron tools! That's what a so-called omniscient government gets you.

  41. I thought this was a bad idea just based off my paranoia of getting stuck at a light ??? with a normal car, once it cranks you're "usually" good, if your car is going to stall, it stalls in a parking lot.

  42. …or put the transmission to L or M and shift it into the highest gear (L8 for an eight speed transmission, etc.) to bypass it.

  43. Scotty your a good guy and do good reviews…
    Now I have Toyota 2019 RAV4 with push button if it doesn’t work I’ll use remote start if that don’t have unplug start button and easy way to start
    What’s a big science about it??

    It’s opinion and view that every individual have about it this is my view

  44. Scotty…….you can’t get better mpg if I turn it off everytime I get in vehicle. Just bought a 2014 Lexus rx350 with 38000 miles and no start/stop. I’ll probably get another 200000 miles out of it

  45. Interesting. I have never been a fan of this feature, as it actually felt annoying using it in heavy city traffic. I switch the system off in a few of the rental cars that I have used.

  46. He obviously does not know cars with stop start technology have a seperate starter for when it is in stop mode while idle. That the technology does save gas and does not need a huge battery.

  47. I just drove about 60 miles and avg 49 plus MPG in my Kia Forte S. It was mainly highway driving. The car has the 2.0 Atkinson engine with no turbo and the IVT transmission. I never notice the transmission except when I hard accel to get on the highway and it just seems to down shift one gear. Thing has a 10/100k Drive train warranty. My dealer ups that to my life time so long as I get it serviced there.

  48. I know next to nothing about vehicles, but I thought of these exact things when I started noticing these things in traffic. Not the details of why, because I lack the mechanical knowledge, but it always seemed to me that you were buying a lot of problems down the road that would outweigh the small savings in gas.

    And LOL at Gilbert G signifying annoying!

  49. All the car brands are changing to stop/start button. We can't avoid it. I am not a mechanic. Good for you if you can avoid and fix your cars.

  50. Stop/start is stupid

    Headlights that stay on after you shut the car off is stupid

    Keyless push button starting is stupid

    Having all three is stupid to the third power. As soon as your battery is dead you are screwed.

  51. I've been watching your videos for a while so what's good then ?? What should we drive in 2019?? Or shall we just cycle??

  52. it doesnt save fuel it increase the fuel lol. It uses a lot more fuel to start car than it does to let it idle for a few mins at traffic lights.
    Plus ur more likely to get a flat battery and not be able to restart.

    The engine needs to be running to recharge the battery. each time u start the car it drains the battery and it has to be running at least 30 mins to recharge it to replace what it lost to start the engine. If ur stopped and stil have other things running like AC radio satnav and all the other gadgets still plugged in they will be runing the battery down with no recharging till the engine starts again.

    Hybrids have the same problem. beter more poweful battery but they still need an engine to recharge it.
    All electric fine but the more electical things in the car running the shorter range u will get before needing a recharge.

    Some older cars r actualy more fuel efficant than new cars. Its nothing to do with engine size either.

    IE my sister had a nissan micra 1 litre. I had a SAAB 9000 ecopower 2 litre light pressure turbo
    Wee went on a day trip with some of her kids in her car some in mine as hers couldnt carry all the kids. her fuel bill was double mine.

    She made a bet. Whoever has the highest fuel bill pays for both to fill up. So we both filled up then set off. then when we got back refiled the cars. 70 mile round trip. her car used £30 of fuel. Mine was £15. Would of been even less if we used the motorway so i could use cruise control but she refused to use the moterway and used all the minor roads which increased my fuel usage.
    On a run cruise control at 70MPH i was getting 70MPG. her little 1 litre was only getting 30MPG.

    small cars r good for short trips low speeds round town but bad on fuel on long high speed trips.

  53. You couldn’t be more wrong about the oil issue. There’s more than enough time for the oil film to dissipate during a traffic stop.

  54. The worst thing ever most ridiculous thing I ever Heard of who makes these decisions
    To install such foolishness . These companies are so out of touch with reality

  55. These systems are indeed terrible, but it's getting harder and harder to buy a car without this. My friend's new P-911 automatic even had this.

  56. Scotty , you are so right! Its very logical that gas engines are not designed for that type of system. That such a great point. Fortunately , that is a feature that can be programmed off in some cars. Thanks for your wisdom !!

  57. Parents currently drive a 6 Year old SEAT Leon 1.6TDI with over 100,000 Miles with Stop/Start.. And it restarts just as quick as it did 6 years ago and with only 10,000 Miles.. ??‍♂️??‍♂️

    There also a reason there are Car Batteries specific for vehicles with Stop/Start, and if you are gonna be sitting idling for 2 mins at a Traffic Controlled Junction, you're gonna use more fuel idling..

    But Sure, Scotty Knows Best , even though he just sounds like a rambling old man ??

  58. Hey there! Give your your knowledge to us about the Ford Explorers 2017 to current. The police use them are they good for consumers even though the gas mileage is bad?

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