Why Is It So Hard to Be Honest Online?

Why Is It So Hard to Be Honest Online?

Danny Hutson

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  1. I honestly love your content. And after discovering your channel a few months ago, I've began sharing your videos with my friends and they all love it! You're honest, real, and just down right human in your videos and I appreciate that. I'm currently off social media, so I can't really follow you, but I am subscribed to your channel and I hope some of my Youtube Premium cost go towards your channel! You're also very cute and attractive by the way, just had to throw that out there! Until the next video! 🙂

  2. "It's not a race" I completely agree with this statement often times I feel like people are rushing to the next big moment, but in the reality we should enjoy each moment, each minute, each hour, because every moment is different, I could go forever with this topic, but that's a summary on how I feel when you said it's not a race anyway great video as always Nathaniel! 🙂

  3. It's not just online. People are dishonest, inauthentic, and phony in everyday life, too! Hey, we're all flawed human beings. Nothing new there…..

  4. I'm only halfway through and I have to tell you man, I am loving everything about this. Thank you thank you thank you

  5. I've just discovered your channel few hours ago .
    I'm subscribing to your channel thanks to your mom 😊😁.

  6. Cheers from Paris (the city full with rats and garbage and squalid homes) ! This is the second video I watch on your channel, the first was about cold shower – been doing scotish shower for nine months – and I gotta admit, you've got style. By the way, yes, there's a permanent tension between "honesty" and attractivity. We're on the Red Queen' race here.

  7. Nathan excellent work, you are creating content that lifts and connects people instead of isolate them. I love what you are doing!

  8. Me again, I'm here because of your video about Matt D'Avella. I am still enjoying your videos. Keep it up, pal!

  9. You know Internet should be the asset that helps us to improve in every way and be a better person . But to be honest it seems like it's the opposite. And the wrost thing is that when you have different thoughts of how it shoub be used, you get mean comments.
    I think internet is created to talk with people, stay connected with the world, and I think it's a good thing!
    But the issue is that, what are you going to say that can help me to be a better person and open minded, to know the reality of a place, or anywhere on Earth.
    People just like fake and don't wanna know the truth, because it hurts.
    Don't fake your lifestyle, your behavior or your work just to please people. Be proud of what you have and always be honest with yourself and with people.

  10. You remind me of another similar YouTuber, Matt D’lleva. Both your messages and overall video quality and style. That’s not to say that you guys are copies of each other I’m sure you are unique and that’s what drew me into your channel and now I can’t stop watching your videos lmao

  11. “It’s not a race” that hit me, lately I’ve been feeling like it’s a race to get ahead and seeing others get ahead much sooner bothered me. I’ll keep that in mind. “It’s not a race”. Thank you.

  12. Hey i just wanted to thank you for everything you have done and for the impact your work has had on me. I have been struggling with eating disorders and self harm and I couldn’t get better, i just didn’t care about my mental and physical health anymore. I just wanted to quit. I honestly don’t know how i am still here. I was in such a bad place. And then your videos just helped me so much man, you dont even know. Everyday you inspire me and you really pushed me to get my life together and for the first time really try to recover. I try to take little steps and become a healthier happier person. I I really wish you will read this and understand how much you helped me.

  13. Love your work man. I don’t think social media and other online platforms are inherently bad, our relationship with them is what creates problems. And It’s far easier for us all to have clarity on which aspects of our online usage are contributing to how we are feeling if we take a step back a simply analyse our own content and how we feel from absorbing other people’s content too. I’m discovering so much personal freedom and relief from being honest and authentic so it benefits everyone to be more mindful of that and discuss these topics more often. Thanks for this 🙏

  14. Yesss, totally. I feel you have a pretty authentic presence…

    Glad to see you’re back at it and looking forward to see where you go on your creative journey. Have fun. 🙂

  15. I quit all social media except YouTube. A lot of mess out there. It’s not an escape but to be wise enough of choose what to keep in my life. More importantly, self integrity and well-being are not to be neglected at all.

  16. Totally agree that we don’t have enough honest/vulnerable content. Good work bud, keep creating!

  17. Dude im loving your videos and glad youtube recommended you to me (maybe because I’ve watched matt d’avella videos as well 🙂 ) im 23 years old and in a slow, scary, but exciting process of figuring out my direction in life and feel like I am in need of mental clarity and digital clarity so your videos are refreshing and very insightful for me! Going to continue to watch more of your videos now!

  18. Authenticity and vulnerability is a huge part of why I like youtubers like Pewdiepie tbh. Also why I subscribed to your channel too 🙂

  19. J'ai adoré cette vidéo ! Je suis content d'avoir récemment découvert ta chaîne youtube 🙂
    tu parles de différents sujets qui sont intéressants, accurate, et qui vont ont l'air honnêtes et real. Cela change de ce qu'on voit souvent sur youtube, merci !
    La qualité des images et du montage sont des points forts. Cela reste sobre, et on aime prendre le temps de t'écouter ^^
    J'ai écris le message en français vu que je sais que tu le pratiques hehe
    A bientôt

  20. I struggle with porn, yet I have little interest in real sex. Honesty on the internet, and in real life will help me a lot

  21. @NathanielDrew …. Love the context of this, I actually started my channel a few years ago posting video's and finding myself DELETING them and it took me a short while to realise why.. at first it was just, because I was making videos I wasn't truly passionate about I was just making videos around fitness because id been in that community for 4 weeks lol and it looked a cool community to be in online…
    I quickly gave up on that route and after a few years of dabbling and having 3 kids I got into the Mummy space hence 'MyLifeAsAMum' this i have not found myself deleting and have been consistent HOWEVER, I saw myself speaking with a southern accent although I'm now living up North (England) I have lived down south but, not now for 13+ years.. when ever I turned on my camera and hit the record button it was like word vomit lol and I've slowly have to train myself out of it.

    more to the topic of your conversation/video, I see in the world and online parents feeling like bad mum's/dads and everyone on youtube/instagram etc have perfect lives and their mum goals and I know that thats not the reality of it. and so I went from being this documenting the good parts of my day the fun stuff the parts when my kids are being good to, making sure that i got the MumLifeRAW parts in there too, I don't show the bits where I'm Screaming at them lol but I do show that my life as a mum and my kids aren't perfect and that to me for this channel is really important x

  22. Amazing video , that is so true , and i've noticed it a long time ago but couldn't put it into words . You're such an eloquent person !

  23. Thank you for posting this video! As a budding business owner myself, I really struggle with the daily motivation thing. I often wonder if all other business owners know exactly what they want to do from the minute they wake up until the end of the day. I end up coming back to knowing that the businesses I've chosen to create are actually the things I love doing the most. Finding my happy place seems like the most important thing for being able to move forward, even if it means taking a day off to find it. Also, please know that your adventures and your beautiful, thoughtfully created videos are so uplifting for me to watch! Keep going friend! 👍🏽

    p.s. I watched that movie the Beach Bum the other day, and even though it was questionable 😆it really showed me the importance of living this life purely for the fun of it, and how that is actually what inspires our best work.

  24. Great content, Nathaniel! Thanks for sharing your personal experiences and good luck with your YouTube career!

  25. Dude, I’m so happy to have found your videos. I’m so inspired by what I’m seeing from you. It’s a reasonable and truly well-meaning approach to being Good, in any sense of the word. And it’s rare to see this kind of content, like you mentioned, so I value what you’re doing here. I fully support you. Please please please keep going.

  26. I'm seriously starting to get interested in his videos and opinions, I like the fact that he expresses his point of view in a very smart and kinda peaceful way.

  27. I actually have to say I have the exact opposite problem. I am too honest online and it does get me in some trouble sometimes.

  28. Recently, I've stumbled across your channel and your content is just amazing. The first thing I realised was how authentic and genuine you are, and honestly, that was so reassuring for me. It seems like nowadays both online and in person, it truly is so difficult to feel and share that deeper sense of connection again with another individual. I thought I was quite alone in this — all the people that I spoke with related with my struggle for authenticity, but it didn't seem quite as profound for them.
    Thank you for your beautiful, therapeutic, aesthetic and honestly relevant content. It has provided me with relief that there is someone out there also who craves genuine conversations and connection. Keep up the work Nathaniel! 🙂

  29. i looked at the comments on your video about argentina (seeing or hearing anything about my country i am instantly curious hehe), and they bothered me a lot. so many were disrespectful or just criticism that was covered in poor or mean wording. i agree with some, that buenos aires isnt the whole country and such, or that if you have an issue with say the ice cream size, as you mentioned, that you're free to order smaller portions, but most of them were a little upsetting. especially one that said something like thanks for making us look bad. i think it's just that many people here aren't good at taking criticism (im guessing jokes dont really help with that, no offense) and get taken over by this sense of pride, but it probably doesnt happen just here.
    anyway, i really appreciate the content you're putting out and i'm sorry you've had bad experiences in the past, but i hope they've helped you improve and learn about yourself and others. keep up the great content man!!

  30. im sorry everything bad i saw that happened and you shared was in argentina :'( in buenos aires possibly? we are nice !! sometimes.

  31. So is me using filters on Instagram to enhance a perspective I'm trying to present inauthentic? Or is it still authentic? I'm not sure where to draw the line.

  32. This is great content! Everything was relatable. Never compromise your integrity, and keep up the awesome work. 👌🏾

  33. What a deep and touching video. I love the your inspiring ones but this one even more. Makes you feel closer to us (viewers, normal human beings). You are doing a great job!

  34. You make a great point. When I write a "true" story I have produced a creation that replaces the memory of the untidiness of real life even in cases where untidiness or messiness is what I'm writing about. I'm sure it's the same with content you create for videos. Great content! Thank you

  35. This video was really personal, and I can fell how important is for you. During the last week, since I discovered your channel, i have been watching a lot of your videos and everytime it felt like you were speaking to me as a friend. You’re doing an amazing job and you audience is growing day by day. I hope you will share online more personal videos, if you want, because you have a great, real personality.

  36. I agree. Sometimes it's hard to be honest because of the possible dislikes, but hey, you do you! Your content is amazing, and I absolutely enjoy being able to listen and learn from your insights 😀

  37. Check out Simon and Martina. In their recent videos (Go on a Date and A Day in My Life : Tokyo, Japan), they have been attempting to show more of what their life actually looks like and living life with an invisible illness, depression, and building a ladder.

  38. Agree with all in your vlog. It is one of your USP's that attracted me to your channel. Stay sincere, it suits humans. Glen (UK)

  39. Thank you for being so open. You have great insight and your genuine spirit really come through in your videos. You are authentic and sensitive and this is the type of content we need on social media. Do you mind sharing your age? You look like you are in your early twenties, but at the same time you seem really really mature. Love everything you do!

  40. I'm really thankful to see this change in the style of online content. It gives me hope that there can be a break from the past of social media posting for the sake of creating alternate 'perfect' realities. It also enhances your credibility and makes it easier to accept your self helf type videos when you're so open and honest about your own struggles. I appreciate your balanced view on life. You don't only consider your own context or point of view, you also consider how you will be perceived by people who do not share your context and I think that kind of self-awareness is lacking in a lot of the content online.

  41. Real authenticity pays off much more in the long run… in every field of life and business, but as you said it's an impossible thing to catch, as you always put on a mask and "edit" yourself when you express anything.
    The important thing to do is what you just did: to declare all of this honestly and to commit to be as authentic as you can be.
    Keep up, your work is really inspiring and I know for sure the channel will grow exponentially!
    Cheers from Italy 🙂

  42. Consistently finding your content to be inspiring, genuine & authentic… the hard work you put into planning and executing your videos really does pay off 👍

    Social media has always offered individuals a way to skew their own reality, that’s why it’s so appealing, they get to portray the life they want!… problem is, it starts to trickle into their actually reality & it’s currently / will cause a host of mental health + self esteem issues for others which, unlike yourself, aren’t wise & aware enough to realise what their seeing isn’t real

    All of our emotions in life have a opposing counterpart (I.e. positivity > negativity, inspired > dejected etc). Experiencing the full spectrum of our emotions makes us who we are & sometimes, it’s going through the adversity of dealing with the negative ones which helps us grow more as individuals… to discount that process on any platform only shows others one side of the story

    Anyhoo, great vid ❤️

  43. "people are getting tired of not knowing what's real" 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  44. Before creating content, ask what's my motivation? To inform, entertain, reflect my beliefs, or is it just bank! Hence click bait. You're a man w/ a conscience, that's why I sub'd.👍❤💋

  45. Please never stop being honest with us. Sometimes it is hard but it brings us all toghether way further than a lie would. Thank you for your work, it is very appreciated! 🙏

  46. Thank you for this reminder! I struggle with comparing my journey to someone elses and it can really put a damper on my days. When I find a message that I connect to it helps bring me back to knowing that everything will be ok if I just push through and move foward to find what inspires me to live fully..to figure out what makes me my unique self. I think this is such an important message to share because not only do people judge their own journey to others but other people in society will also judge as well. It's important to learn how to block that out and realize that no ones in charge of anyone elses life. I really love your content! It's so refreshing to get an honest creator and inspiring to watch what you can do. I see how much love you put into the videos and it motivates me to try new things and do things I'm passionate about. Thank you for sharing who you are. Your so awesome! 💗✌💖

  47. Wow now that I'm checking your more recent videos, I realize how distracting the background music is

  48. Man, I don't use the term 'waking up' lightly, however it seems as though you're questioning things, and trying to get behind some of our most obvious biases, and vulnerabilities to deception. I don't think there is a conspiracy of deception necessarily, but the things you mention, like, wanting to produce an appealing, exciting product, of course takes a lot of time and a lot of editing, embellishing, beautifying etc, so the audience doesn't see the grit and grime and toil behind the finished product. Ultimately the product will give us an 'edited' version of reality, or at best an approximation of it, a carefully crafted one. And we enjoy it, that's why people like stories and fiction so much. But it is also our blind spot at times because we can't see behind the Wizard's Curtain, this seems to apply in many areas, the news we listen to is one example; how can one arrive at truth with 2 or 3 minute snippets of events that may have taken months or years to play out? We probably don't even have the time to pursue the truth of everything we consume. Maybe an uncomfortable thing about life is that honesty might be a bit 'boring' and we might not always like boring. Maybe it's a fine line to walk.

  49. Remember you have an image. People respond to that image, not the real you. In my most recent relationship, I refused interaction on social media or texts. Because I'm emotionally invested, I misinterpret simple words be like"right". Was that sarcastic? Your viewers are emotionally invested in your channel. So their strong emotions reflect in the comments. Directed at the IMAGE they have of you. Don't take it personal. Go back into yourself & share your personal individual journeys. The rest will follow. Confidence comes from experience, success & failure, creates peaceful stoicism.

  50. Actually, the tourism video was filmed in my native city Montpellier, France
    It’s kinda funny to see my city on screen since it only has 300k inhabitants ahah, yep, that wasn’t Paris

  51. Really inspired by your lifestyle. I have watched all your uploads today. Your t-shirt and watch seem very classy. May I know their brands:)

  52. I am super impressed this guy. With me, his appearance shows kindness, decentness. and I love it. Sometimes, I look down to the quantity of view, and I am still following his story because of I care awareness, perception, wisdom, love, honesty instead of other things. You should be happy with your 10k audiences who love your authentic self instead of 10ml audiences who love your fake self. Love you.

  53. This is just so true man.

    Granted, when it comes to photography, a lot of it is super processed and I’m guilty as charged but that’s pretty much subjective.

    You find what works for you but as long as you’re being genuine and expressing yourself how you choose to then that’s okay as well. That is ideal.

  54. As a filmmaker, I want to thank you for this video! Especially when you describe the pain and joy of the creative process. And also when you talk about the complexity of keeping a balance between being spontaneous and making quality work. I think of social media as the piazzas of small villages in Italy where people meet for coffee or just to socialize. Some of these people are very spontaneous and don't care about other people's opinions. Others are very careful with what they say and the way they look. Finally, other people try to find a balance between the two. I believe it happens in all social settings, both online and offline. Anyway, good work!

  55. I think the question should be, why is it so hard to be honest, full stop. People need to stop worrying so much about what other people think, or to portray themselves inaccurately in daily life.

  56. i just put up my first video and i already put so much pressure on myself. i watch your videos because they are so well made and i do have a unique experience watching them.

  57. I know i'm only 1 person in a sea of people. But i just wanted to say thank you for making your videos. I relate a lot! and it's helping me become a better person.
    (I even did the meditation challenge, now i meditate 3 times a week). Thank you from Norway <3

  58. We live in world where Truth is kept hidden , Fake is promoted more .

    Even Advertisements , Government , Society itself has been promoting Fake life .

  59. I love your channel. sometimes I come here looking for something that addresses stuff I’m going through—even subconsciously

  60. I have been watching your videos for 2 or 3 days now, and yesterday I posted a video of me singing and playing the piano on Instagram. I honestly took more than 30 minutes to press that share button because there was this judgement of other people. I just wanted to feel this Flinch, this thing just before you enter a stage or a cold shower (just started a 30 days cold showers this morning)..
    Thanks a lot for your videos, got a lot of inspiration!
    Un français qui habite juste à côté du Puy Du Fou (yeah I recognised the Cinescenie on the Instagram picture :p)

  61. Nathaniel, the stuff you speak about speaks volumes about society. Thank you for making these and let the honesty out. Makes me feel like I can breathe again

  62. It's therapeutic for me too. 😅, i'm in my 1st year as a psych student (😅just sharing) and i like what you said about life that it is not a race and we're just doing our thing. So no need to compare. 😊

  63. No one is interested to see insecurities and weekness or hear the fear or problems ,they already fed up with their owns😕

  64. I've always thought there are two ways to look at the image people create of themselves on social medias: you can either feel ashamed of how "low" you feel compared to others or you can inspire yourself to lift your life, take advices and create your inner image based on the positivity that others transmit to you. Maybe that is what I feel social media should be used for – changing your inner vision positively by reciving positive vibes from others, and then send that positivity back yourself. Certainly is what I feel you are doing Nathaniel, you are true to your content, you suggest what you practice, you convey positive messages and do it in an artistic way that makes us watcher wonder how cool the world is, and that really matters, it puts things in a perspective that many would have otherwise ignored. Thank you for your content, have fun making new videos 🙂

  65. Again, thanks for being such an emotional intelligent influence to social media! Kids need more of that content these days. And not just kids, but also people in their midtwenties feel like they are not alone, with working on their personal growth. I can really relate to almost everything you're saying. Please don't lose your way…

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