Why is fiber Internet important infrastructure for America? | Ting Ask

Increasingly, more and more, Gigabit infrastructure is important to America, because we need that pipe for not just telecommunications, not just entertainment. We need it for work, increasingly. Everybody telecommutes at one point or another. We need it for education purposes. Schools are pushing online education tools onto the Internet. People are running their entire businesses using online applications. People are backing up their entire business operations to the cloud. Healthcare increasingly relies on communications over the Internet, be it hospitals, be at local doctors offices, or be it in-home medical care. And now we’re getting into the Internet of Things as well. And that means more and more services in your home will be run from the Internet. The electrical grid… Your appliances… Your security system… Everything can run off of the Internet which means you can control it remotely. It’s more secure and you basically have much more flexibility in how you run your life from an everyday basis. Having this pipe over which large amounts of data can stream up and down, and bring you great Gigabit access.

Danny Hutson

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