Why Build Progressive Web Apps: PWAs for iOS

Why Build Progressive Web Apps: PWAs for iOS

Danny Hutson

30 thoughts on “Why Build Progressive Web Apps: PWAs for iOS

  1. Finally…apple is finally adopting PWA's. I always had a problem with PWA's in ios wherein it would redirect to safari for login and auth and the PWA would not receive the auth token, making it unusable in ios

  2. Apple is never going to fully support it just because of the App Store (yes I know TWA is a thing, but still they won't do it)

  3. This is just what I needed to see. I've been biting my nails over the huge disparity in PWA support between iOS and Android, now I feel a bit more relieved.

  4. This PWA stuff looks really amazing but I've read some nasty stuff regarding the support on those damn Apple-devices ;( Seems like Apple is intentionally holding the technology back… That's really sad!
    I'm currently building a web-app for unfortunately mostly iPhone users and I would absolutely love to make use of some PWA features but I'm unsure if that is a good idea since stuff won't work well on those shitty phones :/

  5. WPA on mobile platforms is a slow buggy gimmick. Save your users some brain cells – invest in a native app. It’s seriously not that hard.

  6. For real app, any company can’t wait for IOS support and it is difficult to ask all users to update into latest safari.
    The concept of PWA sounds fantastic in theory, but it is most like alpha and beta status of IOS in reality,. I am afraid that lots of developers lose their time on application for PWA in iOS.

  7. With that accent, it would help to speak slower to get the point across.
    Seems like these days everyone is rushed to speak so fast, that the mission is totally lost.

    Take your F* time and deliver the message properly.

  8. So you're telling me that Apple can be able to put a extremely sophisticated machine learning on a phone and can't able to make works PWA on Safari, come on this look pretty intensional we are not fools

  9. Still waiting for the Web Share Target to be Implemented so PWA's can receive shared content from other apps

  10. Bit out of context question, but still related to Apple. Is there a way to install pwa-s on mac os, like on windows? (or does safari support the beforeinstallprompt some way?) I really struggle to find the answer. Thanks

  11. Quick question, we've considered doing a PWA app, but for our purpose we need to resize photos before uploading to a server. Is there a way somehow to implement client side resizing of images before they are uploaded?

  12. Finally safari will keep the state. This was frustrating and I reported it to apple. 

    Hey Google, you are pushing PWAs without the ability of Adsense "auto ads". It kind of makes no sense building PWAs if you monetise via Adsense, since there is no way to implement auto ads in them.

  13. Does anyone know how to add push notifications to my PWA on iOS? I’ve been using firebase cloud messaging for push notifications but it is not working on iOS.

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