Who would WANT a Keyboard like this? – Chassepot C1000 Review

Who would WANT a Keyboard like this? – Chassepot C1000 Review

Many gamers prefer to use 10 keyless keyboards because Lopping off the numpad gives you a few more inches of desk real estate for your mouse hand along with improved ergonomics The only problem is that well, sometimes you’ve really do miss those buttons Fortunately the good people at Chassepot have come up with a sensible solution Why not take all those keys over there and move them over there? How did nobody think of this before? So here it is the Chassepot C1000 A beautiful 114 key keyboard with an innovative design that I love and hate Let’s talk about why after this message from our sponsor Madrinas, Madrinas coffee blends specialty cold brew coffees in to 15 ounces, grab-and-go cans for your convenience Check them out and use offer code, Linus, to save 40% today Closed Caption is provided by: FireStarz, and other community contributors Chassepot, a company apparently named by someone who’s really into 19th-century French rifles says the C1000 design was guided by three principles. respecting users input habits, reducing finger travel and twisting, and increasing efficiency with shortcut keys. At least that’s what I think this sentence is trying to say but there are some problems here, like that the first two principles happen To be in direct conflict with one another. for example One of the most dramatic breaks from convention on this layout aside from having the numpad, function keys and most of the navigation keys up top here is the decision to move the arrow keys to the left side of the board. Now they claimed that they did this for gamers But in reality, I think they just had nowhere else to put them, not only do these buttons offer no clear advantage over WASD Which happened to also be surrounded by useful keys for your pinky and your thumb to strike but their placement here really screws up regular old typing. That’s the exact thing they said they weren’t going to do. because the up key is between the Z and Shift keys, which are normally neighbors It is super easy to accidentally move your cursor mid-sentence Especially if you’re coming from an ortho linear layout like the ergo docks, which you can check it over here and if you’re really unlucky You’ll also hit shift at the same time as up highlighting and then overwriting everything you just typed But wait There’s more, now that there’s three arrow keys on the bottom row some other buttons had to move Like the Windows key get the f**k out of here You’re going to the left of the tab now Now that one actually doesn’t bother me too much because at least it’s still accessible with the pinkie key which I already use to strike it but it is going to mess with any muscle memory that you’ve built up for windows hotkeys As will the slightly increased distance between left ctrl and the alphabet keys like Sacrebleu Chassepot Pourquoi m’envoies tu ça, si tu sais que le rarssourie ne fonctionnons pas There’s also some changes for the right hand, They actually shortened the spacebar and added a second backspace key next to it for some reason and then they went put delete over here too – instead of function, which is Super-sized and way the crap, ah, yes up here because of that. They had to move the tilde key putting it Where the question mark should be and again moving shift further away. Honestly Chassepot, I’m starting to feel like this was designed by someone who’s only ever read about keyboards in a book now in fairness, at least you can remap almost all of the keys in the fairly robust Chassepot Power Console software almost so these extra switches look like Remappable macro buttons that just happen to be set by default to show desktop file explorer and task manager Unfortunately, they along with the lock screen button And this nifty double zero key are the only buttons that you may not remap basically the exact buttons that you’d be most likely to want to remap are the ones that you Cannot remap. Now to be clear over time I could probably get used to all these little quirks and changes but they raise an important question. Why should I bother? Okay, so here’s why. The C1000 is a pretty sweet keyboard The UV coated key caps are made of ABS plastic with a laser etched legend that looks techy without being over-the-top. The round corners thin bezels and the integrated carry handle give it a sleek geek chic look and the steel top plate precludes any kind of dec flex and and gives the C1000 a comfortable weight of 1022 grams also comfortable by the way this hoody head to lttstore.com and get it on your skin ASAP. Now the board is available in two versions the C1000 go has a white LED backlight and blue Outemu switches while the pro is full RGB with your choice of blue red Or brown switches the instruction manual mentions that Cherry MX switches are available But apparently that’s only if you email support wait 20 business days And pay an extra $50 and that’s a pretty challenging thing because for 50 bucks This G.skill KM 360 10 keyless with Cherry MX switches is available. We actually have one in the mail right now So make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss that review Another advantage of the C1000 though is that it can be paired wirelessly over Bluetooth to up to 3 devices thanks to its 1860 milliamp hour lithium-ion battery which Chassepot claims will last for 90 hours with the backlight off or fifteen hours with RGB blasting full pony power the keyboard charges in three-and-a-half hours via USB type-c But if you’re not into that, you can also just operate it in Wired mode to take advantage of its USB pass-through So should you buy this keyboard then? Honestly I’m pretty disappointed by Chassepot’s decision to place some buttons in a way that prevents this product from being Completely plug and play with a minimal learning curve. They said that was one of their goals, but to me what it looks like Is they prioritized having a sleek-looking symmetrical keyboard layout so they like put all the keys on in a cool attractive way and then decided which keys did what I mean, why else would they do something like Separating the home and end keys and making one of them twice as big. Next there’s the price $200 actually, isn’t that steep for a wireless? Mechanical full RGB keyboard, especially from a young company that’s producing small runs, but it does sting a little that We’re not getting cherry switches at that price. I think even a drop of just Twenty dollars would make it a little less top-heavy And then at that point if you can get past its shortcomings it is a well made keyboard in a form factor That makes sense on the desk and it will definitely turn heads at your next LAN party #SHAMELESSPLUGFORLTX2020 Speaking of shameless. You could call the C Sonic prime ultra titanium the creme de la creme of power supplies It’s got ultra high efficiency with an 80 plus titanium rating It’s fully modular and it includes a PSU tester in the box Which is really useful if you’re trying to custom liquid cool. The prime ultra titanium also has fluid dynamic fan bearings hybrid fan control to control the overall fan noise and a 50,000 hour life Expectancy with a 12 year warranty so buy it today at the links in the video description. So thanks for watching guys. See ya

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100 thoughts on “Who would WANT a Keyboard like this? – Chassepot C1000 Review

  1. Coffee chugging contest ? not signing up to this one.
    Also… it took me two hours to type all this correctly on my beautifully lit keyboard.

  2. That kind of form factor has been around (in an admittedly less screwy layout) since the late eighties with the Datalux SpaceSaver, so not completely new.


  4. so now you have to stretch to get to the numpad and have to deal misplaced keys. they should take note of what cooler master has been doing by taking advantage of numlock with the quickfire tk stealth and masterkeys pro m, where you can stack 3 key sets with function and numlock on the numpad.

  5. Some artsy person looked at a keyboard for the first time and said "No! This will not do!" and spent the next month designing the layout and look then handed it off to an engineer and told them to make their vision a reality. The engineer took one look at the design and thought "this is F***ing terrible but I'll make it the best F***ing terrible keyboard that I can".

  6. So we have a video which is itself an advert, with adverts on either end, with built in youtube adverts then LTT hoodie adverts half way though and then a big join button along with referral links to unrelated products in the description. I am not sure you could sell your souls any more if you tried….

  7. They made this for the common T-Rex, unfortunately instead of fixing their problem of having to lean left and right for their short arms now they have to lean forward to hit the volume buttons.

  8. What a KAK design !!!!! Hope they never make anything else, anytime at all. Really. Nothing else ever, ever, ever!!!!!

  9. Not going to automatically agree with this damming assessment, would have to try it, some of those ideas look good for creative pen users who have to 'left hand ' the keyboard a lot. Programmable keys and all those regular functions so close to the left corner…. hmmm could be good. Thanks for the review, actually very informative.

  10. I cannot stress enough my extreme pleasure when I saw Linus say “get the f**k out of here” and the sea lion appeared

  11. LMAO, i had to read the subtitle to understand what you where saying in french, i know french isn't the easiest language but you said "Rat mice" (Rat sourie), instead of "Raccourci" (Shortcut).

  12. They had almost stumbled upon a halfway decent idea. If they had kept a standard keyboard layout and simply moved the num pad up top, this would have been better. Personally, I like my giant, full-size keyboards as I still play Might and Magic VII and the pg down, delete, and home keys are necessary to change altitude with the Fly spell. I don't mind if my keyboard is a little large, I will always have everything that I need.

  13. Looks like a fairly useless keyboard to me. Anyone who buys one thinking the moved keys won't bother them or that they will get used to it are going to be very frustrated and end up trying to flog it on eBay. Not that there will be many takers in the first place. It most of all looks like a Kickstarter product that would never reach its goal. Also, if the numpad is in the way, just get a keyboard without and a separate numpad. Done.

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