Where Do All the Fake Rolexes Come From?

So, we’re actually arriving at the local border which is the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen? It’s probably one of the oldest if not the oldest border, and it’s the oldest part of the city. There’s something very special here, and it is the Luohu Commercial Center We’re going to go check it out. ADV China Theme plays Watch, eh? What kind of watch? Oh, no no, it’s ok. We’re just looking. (dismissively) No, no thanks. Let’s see this Rolex Yeah, it looks… Doesn’t look very good. Do you have a better copy? okay, I just want to see what’s your Just curious. This is your, what, B-grade? Ahh, this one feels much better. How much is this one? I’m just, I’m just curious. I want to know for this one. How much would I pay? No, no, I’m just curious. I like this one. How much is this one? I just want to know how much this one is gonna cost. (Pleading) I like this one, okay, how much is that? 650, okay, not bad. Thank you. I just want to look around a little bit, so I don’t know yet. That’s why I’m going to look around Yeah, yeah, I understand, but I still want to look around really. I don’t know yet until I look around, so, I’m going to go look around. I would think, I would think a little more. Yeah, I mean, it’s very nice I don’t know I really don’t know, I have to go to ask and see. How much, what’s the lowest? It’s not bad, but like I said, I’m not sure yet. I’m still looking around, but thank you for your help. I appreciate it, thanks. No no, it’s okay, it’s okay. Exciting. I don’t know what [you] want. I know I lucky looking enough. Yeah I understand How much but if I? Understand, but I still want to look around so thank you very much. Discount, ok the discount. Okay, 450. That’s really nice, but [I] really I gotta go I’m just gonna look like now mountain. [I] hate [when] I think I will I was thinking [then] I will come back I don’t know yet. Like I said I need to look around, but thank you But you know I can’t you see prize money prize. I know I understand such a great. That’s a great price ok How much it was fine? I understand, but I really do want to just look around, but thank you I Understand that I don’t get the right 300 well that’s great. That’s a very happy price I appreciate it very much, but I’m still going to look around a bit if I decide I will come back. Thank you No, no, it’s okay. I’m still thinking but I appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you So guys this son Notice up here Says the violation of the law of the so-called sons. I in [them] [all] Okay, yes, we’re basically talking about knockoff Goods And smuggled goods and stuff And this is basically saying it’s illegal to be selling and purchasing you know knockoff Goods Meanwhile as you can see it’s not enforce because everywhere we’re looking they’re offering us. Copy watches and copy bags No, thank you. Don’t need any more watches. I mean, I just love the fact is that they’re actually saying Copy watch Not thank you appreciating No, thank you. Yeah, no peace no, sir. It’s basically just lip service. You know what I mean Anyway, we’re being eyed out so we’re going to move on will keep discussing this you Well, thank you. No, thank you No, thanks So as you can see this is the paradise for anyone who’s looking for you know knockoff goods of any kind we’ve got you know Everything from handbags to shoes to luggage to watches. Just from the touts though I’d say 99 % is watch. Thats what they think we want. Yeah exactly so as you can see is everywhere people coming to you offering you knock off goods and There are signs up all over the place like right over here saying you know that you’re not allowed to sell knock off goods. [right]. So there are the laws there right? Yeah, so even got like hotlines you can call Over here, you know 24 hour hotline to report fake goods and stuff to get right on that Let’s not do that. No. No anyway. It’s actually it’s not something that [is] the fault of Chinese people I know a lot of foreigners that come here all the time It’s actually one of the most biggest tourist destinations the ShenZhen for foreigners to live in Hong Kong They come over to ShenZhen at the local port and they buy all kinds of fake stuff to bring back home In the past it used to be all like fake DVDs and stuff There’s a lot of those nowadays is kind of knockoff electronics and things like that Obviously, there’s not a huge counterfeiting problem in America so if you buy You know, a fake Louis Vuitton to hear a fake Louis Vuitton or a fake Rolex watch most people in America are not going to think it’s fake yeah You might be able to pass it up. But here everyone’s going to assume that its fake. So many people that I now come here when they’re on a trip to China to pick up a very good fake Rolex or a very good… There’s tears of them yeah as You saw in that shop the woman was like showing me better and better quality Watches, and you know started off with a pretty high price and went all the way down to like 300 Which is what like thirty dollars or 20? Yeah $35 or something up and I bet you I could have got it way less. Oh for sure, so I mean that’s just the way it is one one thing though They don’t only sell fake things here of course most of the stuff here is counterfit sunglasses as you can see everywhere around us But they do Well my tailor is here And he doesn’t sell fake stuff cuz he makes suits although you can give him a picture of an Armani suit And he’ll copy it for you. It’s still you know what yeah thing is I’m going to pick up some new suits. Cool. Let’s go say hi to my tailor since we’re here I remember make money please Hello Hey, how are you? nice to see you. So is my suit ready or my suits? cool.. Excellent. Let’s see how they came out. Looks like my Friend the Taylor isn’t here, but his protege is But I heard that they’re calling him said he’d probably turn up in a minute next time I’m definitely go with something like that I think that’d suit you very well. Dude know that that would suit you now. That’s that’s a C-Milk pimp outfit I guess oh great great good. I also got something shirts made which is nice Hey Hey, nice to see you. Here he is the tailor. okay coming here to try my new suit okay, so Ah yeah, that’s different, huh? Yeah, that’s okay. Not bad. Huh, so anyway, you can get some good stuff here, too What do you reckon this is a little bit more um business orientated. Looks good Go for something a little different to my usual stuff fascinating What do you reckon should I go for a black or blue? black yeah All day, so super suit man boss actually so that I could get a suit right you want to get my it’s my second suit, but it’s much gonna be my first real suit that I chose yeah custom-made custom-made, so let’s check this out So we decided on the material Winston and I both decided that we should go for a younger look. So we ended up getting This super excellent quality uk [pedder] 30 1411 often imitated never mastered it’s going to be mine Alright, what do you say? We wrap it up here? I got my drawing of my suit if you guys want [to] come here Obviously, you might have seen this in Winston’s the video, but you can check this out if you haven’t More exposure for Epic suit man. Yeah, wait until you get your suit, you’ll be pleased. I can’t wait. So that was quite the experience you got your suits. Um, Anyway, that’s not all about suits right . What we were talking about was that in China the law’s often skirted. Even in front of the police that have a huge presence in the building in fact. Let’s head this way, okay? Basically all we’re trying to get at here with this whole video is that China is one of those places where You know you can get away with a lot as long as you don’t push your boundaries occasionally they will shut this entire place down if there’s some kind of an official coming down from Beijing or I’ve been here where the entire place has been shut down right you know and that’s able to show you a little bit of the Mentality of how things work in China. Let’s head on down this way. I mean in my city there’s something called Winning week which is culture week yeah, and that’s basically when the leaders come into town they make sure all the motorcycles are off the road and All the Street vendors are off the streets Then as soon as the officials leave everything back to Chaos and I love it I would like to reiterate that this is not a video trying to show you how sneaky or weird things that are going on here obviously when you’ve got a Demand there’s going to be a supply. Because people want to come, people want to buy fake watches because they cost like a tenth Of the price less that. it’s like one percent of the price of a real like Omega There’s a lot more evil things in the world than a fake Omega. Totally. I mean the thing is because of the demand is a supply This is the biggest place I know of in China that actually you know caters to that demand But it’s not only about knockoff stuff as you saw my tailor is absolutely fantastic guy, you know you get people here that can actually do really good things that’s very good price (awesome stuff). You know And that’s pretty much what this video is all about is just to show you the attitudes in China they’re not like the west and that’s why we make our videos to show you the differences between China and the West. I’ll tell you what it’s certainly not boring that’s for sure. It’s a fantastic adventure You guys should come to oh who and Shengen at some point Oh absolutely anything you want to say to our subscribers before we sign off. Whether you are a very genuine person or a fake Rotten person down to the core. I hope that you like comment and subscribe. And whether or not you Shop in these places or whether or not you own any decent suits I don’t care We love you all the same. Until next time guys stay positive stay awesome

Danny Hutson

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