What’s inside a Tesla Tire?

What’s inside a Tesla Tire?

– Ha! This could be a really, really bad idea. We’re– – A very, very good one! – Or a very good one. We’re hanging out right now at our friend JerryRigEverything’s office. That’s why we have awesome bullet bikes and electric bikes and tons of bean bags, ’cause he loves bean bags. I was telling him a story about our Tesla. You see it? There’s our Tesla right there. I got a nail in my tire just recently. I took it into a place
called Discount Tire and I asked him, hey
can you guys fix this? ‘Cause they fix flats for free. The guy came out and said sorry, we don’t do it for Tesla Model Xs because Tesla has some sort
of proprietary run-flat or something inside of the tire. They just didn’t know how to do it and they didn’t want to mess it up so they said no to me. But as I was telling
this to Zack, he’s like– – There’s only one way
to get inside of a tire. Let’s do it. – [Dan] So here’s the Tesla,
I don’t know if we published the video yet but we
have our logos on them. It says What’s Inside on it. – I like the front one. – And we’ve got one on
the front that is cool. It’s a little, just rained on it but that is so cool! And we just raced our Tesla. We tried to go as fast as we could. Zack came with. Anyway that video should
be on our family channel. If we publish that video
we’ll put it in a link right here and you can go watch it. Alright, Zack. Is this dangerous? – Yes. Well it depends on how much
like air pressure the tire has. If there’s too much air pressure inside of the tire it might explode. But if it’s normal air pressure or less than normal air pressure,
it should just hiss a lot and not explode. – [Dan] Do you have
experience slashing a tire? – I don’t think I’m allowed
to answer that on camera. (laughs) – People are totally convinced
that Zack is a hit man. And I would think maybe a hit man would slash tires sometimes. – I mean… So it’s kinda surprising
that Dan was not able to get his tires fixed because normally if you get a flat or if you get a puncture in the tire in the top part of it, it is super easy to fix and
most places will do it for free. For free. – Free! – Free. Now if you get damage in the side wall of your tire, it is super dangerous and super expensive and irreparable. You can not repair damage
done to the side wall of a tire. – [Dan] Hmm, that’s interesting. I did not know that. Alright, you ready for this Zack? – Yeah. – [Dan] You might want to
put some safety glasses on. According to your explosion statement. – Eyes are important. Safety is priority, what
is this, second priority? First priority.
– It’s in the top five. – It’s in top five. – [Dan] Yep, see Lincoln knows the drill. – Perfect. After we flatten this,
you’ll probably just end up having to buy a new Tesla. So uh… – It’s a joke. He’s making fun of me
because I made a video about my tires being bald
then got rid of my Tesla and I got eaten up on
the place that loves Zack and hates me, Reddit. Wait, so is this the
biggest knife you have? This is one you do for cell phones, but for a tire? Is that the biggest
knife you can muster up? – I think I have, I have one more. – [Dan] Do you keep your
big knives in your truck? – You never know when you might need one. – [Dan] What the heck? That’s not a knife. – That’s a knife. – No idea what you’re talking about. – [Dan] You’ve never
seen Crocodile Dundee? – No. – Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen Crocodile Dundee and you understand that reference. – Back to the video. So if this tire is overinflated, it’s gonna explode and I
don’t want that to happen. So what I’m gonna do, this right here is called the valve stem. And so if I take this off and hit this little point right here. – Boo. – Boo! – [Dan] Now we want an explosion Zack. – Okay. Okay. This is the last chance. Are you sure you want to do
this to your own Tesla tire. – [Dan] I want you to do
this to my own Tesla tire. – Okay. – [Dan] You got this. – [Zack] Alright. – [Dan] Go for it. (techno music) This is so sketchy guys. – [Zack] There’s like layers inside that I’m slowly getting through. Should I try to stab it hard? – [Dan] Ha! (air hissing) Look at that! – [Zack] Covering it up. Not anymore. – Oh, that’s a lot of air. (laughs) – [Dan] Honestly did you get a bit, were you afraid a little bit? – It was a little bit
louder than I expected, but like it was cool. That was awesome.
(laughs) – [Lincoln] That was surprisingly loud. – [Dan] Look at that. Oh yeah. – [Zack] Alright, this tire is dead because we got the side wall. – [Dan] New car or new tire? – [Lincoln] Both. – [Dan] Oh look at that knife! Do we dare drive it like
this into your garage? – Yeah, you’re fine. Well you don’t want to drive long term on a flat because it
damages the side wall, but since we’ve already
destroyed the side wall, it doesn’t matter as much. – And it’s just right there. – Which is close. Zero psis. Tire pressure very low. Check right rear tire pressure. I’m surprised it doesn’t say, there may be a giant
knife stuck in your tire. Should we take the knife out or leave. No, we’re good.
– No, leave the knife in. – [Dan] Are you serious? – [Zack] Yeah. – I don’t know why Zack
thinks that this is a good idea but I like
that he likes this idea. Oh man. Look at that. There’s a big ol’ mark from it. One thing that’s cool
is the Tesla does have a jack suspension button. Zack doesn’t believe me, but it’s here. You go… I know, the tire’s flat. You go to suspension and
you push the jack button. And look, the tires
come off on the picture. – I wish it was that easy in real life. – [Dan] (laughing) Yeah. – [Zack] That went up like seven inches, look at that. – [Dan] (laughing) That’s awesome. – That’s impressive. – [Dan] But can your Toyota do that? – My Toyota’s already high. – [Dan] (laughing) That’s true. (somber piano music) – The first thing you have
to do in changing a tire is leave the tire on the ground because you have to unlock the lug nuts. And if the tire’s off the ground, it’s gonna spin freely while you’re trying to twist off the nuts. (somber piano music) – [Dan] Alright Lincoln,
we got the tire off. Take a look inside of that. So here’s the shocks right here. We’ve done a video on shocks before where we jumped the car. The motor is right in the middle. – Yeah, I see it. It has like all those weird lines on it. – [Dan] This is the dual motor. Now the Roadster, do you know how the Roadster engine’s gonna work? – Is there four of them? – [Dan] Three. Three motors. So two in the back and
then one in the front. So this is a dual motor, two. The Roadster’s gonna be three. Wore my black shoes,
probably shouldn’t have worn the white pants. Hey watch out Lincoln, cutting that way. – [Zack] So Dan has 10 fingers right now. And we’ll see how many he has afterwards. Sever one on every video.
– Subtraction calculation. – [Dan] That cuts really nicely. – [Zack] Brand new actually, I’ve had it for three years and never used it. – See that? You try with your muscles. All your big muscles and stuff. – What are just trying to like stab it in? – [Dan] Just get it in there. Stab it. – Nope. – That’s totally a gif right there. Angle grinder versus Tesla. We knew it’d come to this someday. Oh that steam. That is nasty. (mellow hip hop music) That’s so nasty. Could’ve just taken it out,
the wheel off the rim probably. This works though. (mellow hip hop music) Yeah! Now we’re moving and we’re smoking. Look at that. Whoo! Here’s the reason why Discount Tire would not change our tire. Come check this out. There’s a giant section. – [Lincoln] Can see foam
go around the entire tire. (laughs) – I know you’re proud
of yourself on that one. For all of you that work at a tire shop, just know I talked to Tesla service when we had that problem
with Discount Tire where they wouldn’t change our tire and they said that’s kind of ridiculous, you can go to any tire shop. And all that you have to
do if you’re fixing a flat is you cut out a section. So you would get a knife
and you would like come in, probably with a razor blade. Cut out a section of the
foam where the flat is. You flip it open. You repair the hole. And then you just get some glue and you just glue this back on. – All the professional YouTubers you see have sound up on their walls to keep like the echo down in their
rooms in their recording. – [Dan] Mm hmm. – I have some in my office. And I imagine this as the same thing. Where just like the foam
on the inside of the tire keeps the sound from like
echoing out of the tire I guess. I don’t know.
– That’s a good point. – [Dan] A Tesla tire is unique. It is a quieter ride because
they put this in here. I’m not sure how much quieter it is, but it’s gotta do something. – Yeah. – Oh, thanks JerryRigEverything for helping us with this video. (techno music) – [Zack] Lincoln! Back away from the truck. – [Dan] Why do you have so many bean bags? – I did have like a theater set up with this huge white wall
and it was pretty nice. Yeah. Just didn’t use it as
much as I thought I would. – Now we’re moving and
we’re smoking, look at that.

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  1. Ive never seen that stuff inside a tire before! Super smart of Tesla. Way fun project. Thanks for letting me use my knife!

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  5. Love the Dundee reference i repeat that same line all the time and people look at me like what in the world is this dude saying. Makes me feel old lol. Funny when the street thugs tried to rob them and he just cool and calm cut the guys leather jacket like paper then they just run away like who is this white guy hes nuts

  6. They make literally the dumbest videos! What will the next video be “ what’s inside a water bottle full of water”?

  7. Every time he said "tesla tyre" instead of "Pirelli tyre" my soul hurt. Most luxary car brands use these tyres.

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