What’s a library database

What’s a library database

What’s the matter? I’ve just spent days working on my research report and I can’t seem to find the right information. I assume you’re using the library databases for your research? What? I’ve just been searching the internet. It looks like you are wasting time looking through pages of results that aren’t good enough? couldn’t I Yeah! The way to go is to use library databases. Ok smarty pants, what‘s a database? A library database is like a storage box containing collections of information such as journals, conference papers, statistical data. Most databases will focus on a particular subject area. That definitely doesn’t sound like the free information I found on the internet. Well, databases contain quality and scholarly content. The library subscribes to them so you can get access to this good stuff for free. My lecturer did use the words ‘scholarly’ and ‘quality’. I got nervous when all I’d found was stuff I couldn’t use. I started that way too. If you want to get better marks for those assignments, it’s got to have quality info! Gosh, I feel relieved already. Thanks heaps! Before you go, don’t you want to know which database to use for your report? Aah, yeah..,I do. The way I found out was to go to the library website and look for the databases listed by subject.
If you are still unsure, Ask La Trobe. This is awesome. I owe you one. Well..you’re welcome to buy me lunch anytime.

Danny Hutson

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