What to Expect at Wilson Logistics 2020 | Paid CDL Training

What to Expect at Wilson Logistics 2020 | Paid CDL Training

My name is Justin Cox and I am the
Training Manager here in Springfield We have two training centers we have one
located here in Springfield Missouri and we have one in Missoula Montana
a few highlights of our training program are guaranteed pay we have small class
sizes so week one you’re only one of five or six people hands-on on-the-job
training one-on-one instruction when you’re over the road with your trainer
whenever you’re here your lodgings covered your breakfast your lunch that’s
covered the travel to get here is covered so that’s all some highlights
also you’re gonna be training in new equipment so the exact same equipment
that you’re gonna drive is the stuff you’re training on the pad with there’s
a couple very important things you have to do before you can come to our program
and some things that through experience we’re finding out if you’ve never done
this before you might not know exactly what to do or what order to do it in so
what you want to do is you have to go get your permit from your home state so
that you can come here and use it to take your exam in order to get your
class A CDL permit study the CDL manual for your home state you’ll have to get a
med card before you’re allowed to get your permit to get a DOT med card
you’re gonna have to go to a DOT certified doctor and get a DOT physical
not just any physical a DOT physical whenever you’re at your licensed agency
you need to make sure that they register your med card with your license you need
to talk to them at the licensing Bureau to make sure that they get that sync’d all
right so Monday morning you’re gonna come in from the motel and we’ll pick
you up at 6:45 am you’re gonna meet and greet the team
you’re gonna take a tour of the complete facilities from there you’re gonna come
back we’re gonna do a PowerPoint presentation with a speaker and you’re
gonna learn all about the training program Tuesday you’re going to start
doing the simulators you’ll be learning to drive and you’ll be learning to do
back in maneuvers on the sims from there you’ll probably get out to the pad on
Tuesday once you’re finished with that and you’ll start learning the pre-trip
the real-life backing maneuvers and the real equipment you might Bob tell the
truck that day Wednesday you’re going to continue training so you’re bobtailing
now you’re hooking up a trailer you’re gonna do backing and pre-trip every day
that’s gonna happen on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday
somewhere in there usually Thursday you’re gonna interview with compliance
so they can go over your personal driver record some of the info you filled out
on the internet before you got here and then on Friday your trainer should be
here you’ll meet and greet get picked up
you’ll go introduce and talk to your fleet manager exchange contact info and
hit the road on your first load our pass rate is over 90 percent so if you come
here and take the CDL exam you got over a 90 percent chance that you’re gonna
get that CDL and then you’re gonna drive for us since 2016 we got over 800 people
CDLs either driving for us here in Missouri
or in Missoula Montana the goal is to prepare you for real life you know we’re
not just trying to get you a CDL we’re trying to prepare you for more than that
we want to teach you the lifestyle of truck driving so that you can actually
succeed we want to train you to be a professional if you want to get in touch
with the recruiter go to Wilsonlogistics.com

Danny Hutson

5 thoughts on “What to Expect at Wilson Logistics 2020 | Paid CDL Training

  1. Thanks for the overview of your CDL training program. I’ve done some research online and I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve seen about Wilson. I’m looking to start training around the beginning of April. Do I submit my application 30 days or so before I want to start? Thanks

  2. How long does trainees ride with trainer? Also didn't know that about the med card. Glad u made this video. Super excited as well.

  3. I definitely like that they are small groups and not big ones. I feel like if there to big that anything I need to learn will not sink in lol. So the smaller the better

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