What Primitive Technology Actually Reveals About Modern Culture

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Squarespace. Start your free Squarespace trial today at squarespace.com/psychIRL and use code PSYCHIRL to get 10% off your first purchase Those are the… Those are…OW It got you??? Yeah. Papa So you got stung by a jellyfish and I’ve seen it in movies before where if somebody gets stung by a jellyfish you have to pee on them As a kid I was really fascinated with survival shows like Survivor Man and Man vs. Wild something about the challenge of using what little you had to survive in the wild at all cost really pulled me in I could never put my finger on why I
felt that way I lived in the Los Angeles suburbs all my life The information they reported wouldn’t really be of value to me here Nonetheless I think it sparked sort of this adventurous spirit in me one you could only find in nature. Although I never became quite as adventurous as Bear Grylls I later learned how overdramatized these survival shows can be because of that I kind of fell out of the shows as I went outside more myself, but it made me
wonder if people would continue watching them if the drama were removed and
things were more realistic I naively thought “no” until I found a YouTube channel that seemed to be based on one guy silently building things in the wild from scratch no drama, just creation these videos were hitting the millions and their popularity may actually reveal a buried desire in modern culture Welcome to Psych IRL. My name is Donna and today’s video is about Primitive Technology Since this video is about Primitive Technology, we’re hiking What is it about these videos that
attracts people? They seem quite mysterious at first when you watch this
man silently build something from scratch using his environment. At the
same time, it’s also quite relaxing and almost has an ASMR feel to it.
The sound of the forest, running water, branches breaking, and even the rocks
hitting one another is kind of calming It’s also oddly satisfying how a lot of
his structures fit perfectly together, making it hard to look away Some of the clips are quite repetitive. It’s simply a man practicing his aim with the sling he had just made yet I along with many others seem to be enthralled with his progress turning on captions adds another layer
to the videos you find that they are tutorials and diving deeper into the
main character of the video, The man actually lives a modern life in
Queensland Australia John Plant does this as a hobby.
According to his WordPress site primitive technology is a hobby where
you make things in the wild completely from scratch using no modern tools or
materials. This is the strict rule if you want fire, use fire sticks. An axe? Pick
up a stone and shape it. A hut? Build one from trees, mud, rocks, etc. The challenge is seeing how far you can go without modern technology Now the purpose of me
doing this video outdoors was merely because it matched the topic of the video the hike takes place in Eaton Canyon In Pasadena, CA it’s a very easy hike. I’ve done it multiple times before one I’d say you could even
do when your flip flops but the rain made it slightly more difficult and I wasn’t wearing the right attire for crossing streams I was wearing converse so in a twist of fate, I accidentally
demonstrated just how much we rely on modern technology for a simple hike Everyone had the same idea Look that girl just fell Everyone’s struggling and we’re not the same type of…??? What is your plan if you get all the way over there? Do you see a way over there? No! Then why are you going that way? As an update, I’m taking off my shoes.
I’m not wearing the right ones I’m crossing barefoot I realize just how much I took
shoes for granted. In the primitive technology videos, he isn’t wearing any.
It’s left me to wonder how long it took to build the calluses on his feet. Enough
for him to be comfortable to run, jump and even pin material down. The ultimate
lesson for me was, “don’t be cocky with Mother Nature” since I’d done the hike before and to be honest the trail is a bit touristy I took my shoes for granted.
I crossed several streams with my shoes on but while doing so, sand and pebbles
got in them and with every step my feet would get scraped Update: Putting my shoes back on because every single rock hurts I know it’s a simple mistake that could
have easily been avoided but it has made me appreciate
his videos that much more the problem I had just faced was something he addressed John’s videos are unlike overdramatized reality TV Although I do have massive respect for Bear Grylls and I don’t doubt his abilities it’s safe to say that a lot of situations he goes through are amplified for television while in the Montana wilderness for example Grylls is escaping a train
barreling down a tunnel some have speculated this stunt to be faked due to
a convenient cut right about when the train and Grylls exit the tunnel Let’s watch that again catch that whether real or not the purpose of the
show is to entertain Primitive technology on the other hand showcases
more realistic scenarios both shows serve a different purpose while a TV producer may call what John does boring the boring is what captivates his
viewers in the first place just from looking at the comments, you can see that
his audience prefers the silence what makes these videos so alluring is
that I think at a subconscious level we are all drawn to nature. It may awaken a
primitive part in our brain. Many biological processes support this.
There’s plenty of evidence that support the need for sunlight. Our bodies produce
vitamin D from sunlight which is linked to an increase in mood. Studies show how
low vitamin D levels are linked to suicde and depresion because modern
life prevents most of us from spending an appropriate time outside. Primitive
technology videos sort of allows us to imagine ourselves in his position.This can be postulated by the function of mirror neurons this class of neurons are found to discharge when an individual performs an action at the same time, they also discharge when we see an action being performed this was first observed when
a team of neurophysiologists recorded these neurons firing when
macaque monkeys reached for a piece of food some neurons
also responded when the monkey simply saw humans reach for a piece of food. So
it’s not as effective as being in the environment entirely but the videos somewhat fulfill that craving
for nature we all have the scenarios are also realistic enough for
us to imagine ourselves in the craving of nature is further exemplified from
the trends if you will that are currently booming.
Videos where people quit social media or internet are gaining popularity because
they’re now the new surprising I had hardwired into my brain this compulsive checking you’d think getting a 100K followers on Instagram would be amazing looking at my phone hundreds of times per day hated how much pull my
phone had constantly scrolling Twitter it’s all of a sudden strange to be not
plugged in. In some parts of the world there are camps designed to stop an
individuals Internet addiction. The newest update on your iPhone has a
feature called screen time. Its sole function, to limit how much you use your
phone. As an entire culture we all seem to have this love-hate relationship with
the Internet. Overall it’s helpful. It has made a lot more things convenient but,
maybe a little too convenient. We are able to work anywhere around the world,
but maybe we should take a break It allows for us to communicate with anyone,
but hearing other people’s opinions all the time isn’t good for us. Events that
usually ended when we got home, now follow us to bed and that can be
overwhelming. Perhaps that’s why we see this trend of going back to the basics: A
life without internet. A life without clutter Now hold up I know you’re probably finding the irony in this since John does upload his videos onto social media but we’re not advocating for no internet here we’re advocating for you to maybe spend
some time in nature as well after all John does have his own website where he does share his survival skills with others and if you’re looking to build your website Squarespace is the perfect place to do
it. It’s super easy because it has plenty of templates and you don’t need to know
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first purchase. and this month I am working on my website and I think you
guys are really going to like it. So stay tuned for that Now that I’ve gotten on
the Internet I’d rather be on my computer then doing
just about anything. It’s really cool. The internet gave us a whole world of
exciting new possibilities. So I guess this is a story of how it changed our
lives Maybe it will yours too. The internet
becoming the individuals number one go-to for escapism can give us
additional insight into primitive technologie’s popularity. Escapism overall
is fundamental for coping with one’s life stressors. When faced with a
stressful task it’s healthy to do something else and then come back to
that task. Maybe we take a walk or draw this is escapism. However the most common
type of escape we choose is now, our phones it’s just convenient. This goes without saying but it’s being presented with negative opinions or work just adds
to our stress On top of that, the escapism that’s essential needs to allow one for inward reflection and phones don’t allow for that a large body of research concurs
that just being in nature allows for this apps, content, and
games on the other hand, are designed to be addictive and monopolize our
attention, making this method of escape ineffective.
There is no time for reflection. The content is dictating how we think as a consequence, we all seem to be seeking solace in reality and simplicity it’s so
strange to me that it seems like nowadays we have to be taught to think
correctly for the sake of our well-being primitive technology is just another
method of escape we subconsciously long for So sure. A lot of these viewers are
merely curious onlookers intrigued by a man who seems to be living a life
distant from ours, but it’s important to ask why that curiosity exists. Other
channels who make similar content aren’t as favored as John’s. The answer I feel
is in the channels realism. Though entertaining in their own way, other
channels create things too extravagant A reflection of reality TV and a world the
common person can’t empathize with Our empathy for John comes from the
recognition that while his lifestyle is different from ours, it’s achievable if
we choose. And maybe just maybe do we crave a small part of it in order to
escape the constraints of what seems inescapable. What was once used to escape
from reality is now something we use reality to escape from. okay guys so
since I am living in nature now that Welcome to my house That looks dangerous. Don’t touch that That’s the end of the video. I will see you guys next time Stay psyched

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