What is Moodle?

What is Moodle?

Meet Maria. Maria is an educator at
Orange Academy teaching a variety of courses including Media studies
Economics and History. Because she uses Moodle her learners can easily access
these courses check their progress and see what they need to do.
Maria teaches her courses in English but Moodle works in over 100 languages
she and her learners are able to quickly talk to each other in Moodle and stay in
touch through the messaging and notification functionality. Maria gets
her learners to share ideas in forums, engages them with media and uses quizzes
to check their understanding. They can submit assignments on-the-go from their
smartphones and Maria can comfortably grade them wherever she chooses.
Moodle’s tools help Maria inspire and support her learners. Moodle is used in
every country in the world by educators just like Maria, in k-12 classrooms and
higher education institutions. Moodle is also widely used for training
professional development and inductions in many organisations and businesses of
various sizes. There are hundreds of millions of Moodle users globally and
this number keeps rising. What makes Moodle the world’s
open-source learning platform is our commitment to open processes
and development: build and support together with a huge and diverse global
community of users. Our mission is to empower educators like Maria with
powerful flexible tools that will contribute to and are resulting in
improvements to our world. Explore the various ways to get started with your
own Moodle site at Moodle com.

Danny Hutson

4 thoughts on “What is Moodle?

  1. Moodle reminds me of LINUX, which is an open source OS. It may be free, but that doesn't mean that it's simple or easy to use. Most students in California grow up using Google Classroom, which is much different than Moodle. Switching learning platforms from K-12 to college will be a headache, especially for transfer students who may be used to Blackboard.

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