What is Cable vs. DSL vs. Fiber Internet? // how it delivers the internet (with LEGO)

What is Cable vs. DSL vs. Fiber Internet? // how it delivers the internet (with LEGO)

remain ways that you can get internet to
your home our cable DSL and fiber you need to know a few things about cable
DSL and fiber Internet one the internet travels through wires
because of Wi-Fi that converts our wired internet into wireless we sometimes
forget that the internet actually first has to travel through wires – these are
the same wires that were used for phone and television services
cerise the internet travels through electric or light waves let’s help you
decide which type of Internet to use cable cable uses wires made of copper
that are also still used for television lines that’s why you’ve heard of the
term cable television they connect the Internet from an Internet service
provider or ISP to your house sending signals through the wires via electrical
wavelengths the same thing goes for DSL DSL also uses copper wires and these
wires connect to the internet from an ISP to your house sending electric wave
lay down the wire to deliver the internet while both cable and DSL use
electric wavelengths to deliver Internet service to your home with cable like TV
that uses this you share bandwidth with your neighbor
so in peak time internet speed might reduce with DSL like with phones that
use it each home has its own line just like how each home has its own unique
telephone number so it’s not impacted by our neighbors usage so why not just use
DSL all the time well cable internet is not impacted by how far away you are
from an Internet service provider but DSL is impacted by how far away you are
from an Internet service provider not to mention that cable generally have
higher bandwidth given that it needs this than moving images that television
requires for the most part but not always cable will have larger megabits
per second speeds than DSL okay what about fiber fiber is
relatively new and it sends Internet to your home in an entirely different way
through flexible glass wires called fiber optics it uses light wavelength
electric wavelength and while the quality of the message through electric
is compromised through long distances with light message is not compromised
which is why fiber optics are wires that can be installed across the ocean floor
with fiber Internet we finally achieved gigabit per second transmission speed
which is 1,000 times faster than cable and DSL
why don’t we all use fiber remember we said copper wires have already been
installed years ago for television and telephones
well because fiber optics is pretty new how to invest a lot of money to install
wires in the ground as a physical thing then fiber is still very expensive as
the Internet option so give it a few years so there you go this is how cable
DSL and fiber works please give this video a thumbs up and comment down below
what type of internet package you have cable DSL or fiber you you

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  1. If someone asks I'd say I have a gigabit fiber connection. But it's actually delivered to the building via microwave link ¯(ツ)

  2. Good video, but I do think there are too many jumpcuts that seem unnatural visually. Also they make the audio sound inconsistent at times.

  3. thank u so much ur videos is so good and i learned from it thank u so much and keep doing it u r awsome

  4. hi, thanks for videos I love your videos there are use full and easy to understand and your way of teaching but I wish you had more videos.
    I can easily understand your videos but there is just a few videos and topics.

  5. The best part about your channel is that,You keep everything short and at the same time covered..and your lego concept is quite catchy..Wish you all the good in the coming days..!

  6. I use DSL, I'm in Australia and on a farm but like 10 minutes from the main suburbs and 40 mins from Melbourne, Ai only get 10 megabit down, But the NBN should roll around in my area pretty soon! As soon as it comes imma get that high speed internet for my 35 ping all the time Overwatch playing!

  7. Wow, I'm going to be blunt. It is nice to see cute, intelligent, knowledgeable woman doing a public information technical presentation, versus a bunch of nerdy guys. Keep it up. I also the visual presentation using Lego board. I think too often the other presenters go above the head of the standard viewer. Keep it up.

  8. I just use VDSL, I live 120+ meters away from DSLAM cabinet. Internet there works like that.. From ISP comes fiber to cabinet and from cabinet fiber connection gets transmited to copper wires. I have 100mpbs download/ 30mpbs Uplad, but I get usually 93 – 90 Mbps and for upload 25+.


  10. I have VDSL its fibre to a node then back on to copper to connect it to the property for places that cant get direct fibre

  11. DSL internet. And can you please explain the internet where it comes from, not like from ISP? But from start, and intercontinental transfer through satellite or what? And you're beautiful

  12. I am longtime experiencing problems with my internet with the worst of it degrading audio and video. Then I find out I am stuck with my RG59 coax cable, then the cable guy installs a new modem and tells me its fine. No its not fine I am noticing a significant difference, it may appear to be subtle at first but when compared to other sources the problem shows. Does anyone know how the old rf cable can disrupt the internet? am I losing bits of data through degradation caused by decrease of bandwidth? what is the science on this? So I can explain it to the right person

  13. So I sell fiber it’s Cheaper than cable or DSL at retail rates , next as a certified installer, due to low level electric code cable companies are not permitted to run voltage though coax cable, instead They run designated radio frequency channels much like Broadcast. Channels can be measured from channel one up to about 134, typically cable providers use the upper channels for radio frequency Internet transmissions. which is why they got rid of the standard Tuner because the channels were switch from analog to digital. DSL however uses actual electrical signals. Also most residential providers use shared connections so DSL’s not dedicated nor is fiber or cable/coax. If you want a dedicated line you then I have what’s called a business account. If you’re wondering how they share a single line refer to CCNA routing. All this info can be found on white pages regarding the technology

  14. I have Fiber optic and i pay 100$ for 20Mbps (download) and 20Mbps (upload) with max. ping 2ms, not so expensive heh!

  15. Thx for the well produced well spoken video.
    I'm Canadian with bell, and was wondering if I should switch from my 25mbps Bell Fibe for $80 to
    1. Start.ca vsdl $60 50mbps
    2. Carrytel FTTN $39.99 50mbps
    3. Carrytel Cable $49 150mbps

  16. Hi Danielle or anyone willing to answer my questions. Do you have any videos that explain the difference between using a router and a modem versus a gigabox? How can I find out which one I have? I have fiber optic internet and a cyber power battery. The tower has no label, but there were numbers and letters on the bottom. I'm trying to determine how much the gigabox retails for. Are gigaboxes required with fiber optic service? I only have one device, I don't stream or game and I am signed up for the slowest package (10Mbps). PLEASE HELP MY PROVIDER IS TRYING TO CHARGE ME 550.00 FOR A GIGABOX THAT WAS WATER DAMAGED!

  17. I do appreciate the way you explain it. Very simple and basic. KEEP doing the the GREAT WORK, Thé.

  18. Is spectrum good? Because I have it and my internet is super slow at 0.79 down and 3.99 up and my ma is getting charged 85$ monthly

  19. extremely informative but youre mistaken about the cable conducting electricity…. Coaxial cable actually transmits radio frequencies. they carry no voltage.

  20. No wonder my internet is slow I have cable and I want fiber optics to deliver good internet speeds I know my car uses optic fiber to send signals to my speakers and head unit but my city of San Jose is cheap even though we live in Silicon Valley/ Santa Clara the place of technology

  21. Thanks for this simple explanation! Atm, I have Vdsl at home and my speeds are around 18mb, but I've recently learned that some ISPS in my country are working on a new technology called FTTH in my city and they say that we're gonna be supporting speeds up to 1GB, which is why I was looking for an explanation for that. Is FTTH the same thing? Will I be getting these advertised speeds? I live very faraway from my ISP so, not sure if this affects FTTH or not. Hope I get good speeds once they're done. Thanks again!

  22. I've been using dsl and its really slow. 2mbps down and 500kbps up. 2mb on a good day, thinking of upgrading to fiber since my isp says its available but not sure since I live in a moblie home in a mobile park. Got to figure that out, this video was helpful thankyou

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