What Is Broadband? | Internet Setup

What Is Broadband? | Internet Setup

Basically, broadband is, kind of, like a ‘catch-all’
term that handled every kind of internet connection that is not dial-up and that is steady and
constant. It was basically a way for internet providers
to differentiate between dial-up, back when dial-up was popular, and the newer DSL, cable,
FiOS; all kinds of, you know, newer networks that are just always on, always connected
and much faster than dial-up. That’s all it means. Basically, a way to describe how broad the
band is, that the data is being transferred on to your house or office. What made broadband so amazing was, for the
first time, you could use your computer and if somebody picks up the phone, it doesn’t
ruin your connection. Also, you can leave your computer on all night
to download files, and the files get to your computer much faster. It also enables usages, like online gaming,
or video streaming, or video conferencing, which you really couldn’t do before. So, all in all, broadband was a great advancement,
and it really made the internet what it is today.

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