What is AWS? – Amazon Web Services

What is AWS? – Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services provides building blocks that you can assemble quickly to support virtually any workload adjust them as you’ll need to change without upfront costs or ongoing commitments and only paying for what you use let’s take a look at that again this time in slow motion whether you’re building applications for colleagues or consumers for enterprise support or e-commerce with Amazon Web Services you’ll find a complete set of highly available services which are designed to work together to build sophisticated scalable applications delivered over the Internet you’ll have on-demand access to highly durable storage low-cost compute high-performance databases and the tools to manage these resources all available with our upfront costs for you only pay for what you use so let’s say you’re building a database driven application where high availability and low cost are important you can use Amazon Web Services to store your important documents and files with storage services designed for 11 lines of durability and power the app with your choice of relational or non-relational databases you’ll have reliable managed databases up and running in minutes across multiple geographically isolated data centers for redundancy and availability you can then deploy your application using the tools and languages you’re used to either with full administrative route access or as a prepackaged app such as s ap Business Objects MicroStrategy or Microsoft SharePoint all available from the AWS marketplace you’ll find a large selection of computational resources to power your application with support for i/o storage and CPU intensive workloads experimentation becomes easy and low-risk with on-demand access to a wide range of hardware configurations and a flexibility to evaluate and run virtually any technology or tool plus your infrastructure can grow and shrink automatically as your needs change you can round out your application with load balancing domain name services a global content delivery network and automate everything with a wide array of SDKs working with your data is easy too with simple tools to integrate import and export your data manager dupe clusters spin up a petabyte scale data warehousing archiving frequently accessed information federated entity and build compliant secure environments which integrate into your existing infrastructure by a private dedicated connectivity you’ll also have access to the fine-grained network and Identity Management security certification and access controls your organization needs with AWS you’ll find a complete cloud platform ready for use for virtually any workload for business applications big data or building games Amazon Web Services gives you access to the resources you need to create sophisticated scalable applications of any size or shape reinvent the way you work with IT with Amazon Web Services

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  3. Thanks team… Many thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Telegram group for learn AWS and troubleshoot AWS related errors…

  4. I played it multiple times and didn't understand shit! either this is a horrible explanation or I am a way too stupid.

  5. @Alireza Aliabadi all of those are good things to be concerned about, but I doubt this is the most effective context to express them. You… wouldn't happen to be a writer for Shanley, would you?

  6. Maybe I'm the weird one, but I found this somewhat helpful. I stopped watching and tried to just listen to what the guy was saying…although they make it sound like AWS is the ultimate, simplest, most incredible cloud service ever, capable of any and everything. I have no experience with it so I can't say if that is true.

  7. Looks like you have to take the Red Pill to stay in A(Wonderland)S … or you can take the Blue Pill and keep believing you're getting great service from Hostgator even when they get hacked, lose all your websites (and thousands of others) and don't have backups to restore them. But looks like you need a spade out of Star Trek to dig your way down the AWS rabbit hole… Time to hire a consultant… I'll use this video as the screening test. Sorted.

  8. "What is AWS?" for people who already know what AWS is. This is the worst What Is video. People who search "What is AWS" won't understand any of this choclate mouthshake.

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  10. The blocks are an attempt to make highly techincal language basic and it failed horribly. If I were to not look at the blocks and understand what you're talking about, I would be even more confused but I am just regular confused. Signing Out

  11. Everyone confused: They're loaning you their big computers and programs that you can't afford, so you can go online and set up your company or service and pay them a fee for maintaining the infrastructure.

  12. hopefully.. whoever approved this video was fired. It was terrible at explaining what is AWS to anyone not already fully entrenched in this field.

  13. I got more questions than answers here. Too many buzzwords and too ambiguous. Feels more like an advertisement than an explanation.

  14. I can store one terabyte on a hard disk the size of a cigarette packet on my desk. Why do I need to use remote data storage ? Also who else can have access to my data ?

  15. I understand all of these words / jargons being in the computer engineering domain all my life…
    But what do these words as you put together mean?
    This video was absolutely useless and didn't explain anything… horrible!!

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