What Is a Wireless Adapter? | Internet Setup

What Is a Wireless Adapter? | Internet Setup

So let’s say you have a computer that’s old
and you really want to connect it to your wireless network, but it just doesn’t have
any wireless capabilities in it. Well, a wireless adapter is what you need. Wireless adapters come in many different kinds,
and shapes, and forms. And they change according to size, wireless
standard and functionality, but most of them look just like this guy. This is the USB wireless adapter and it’s
one of the newest ones, so it’s really, really small, which I really like about it because
that’s means you can kind plug it into your computer and forget about it. As you can see, it has a USB interface that
goes into your computer either your laptop or your desktop and on the other side, we
can’t really see it because it’s inside, but it has a tiny little wireless radio antenna
that connects to your hot spot, to your router, or if you go to a coffee shop or an airport
it’ll log you into the network. So, finally a few notes when you buy a wireless
adapter that’s important to remember. If you’re getting a USB wireless adapter,
it’s important to check that you actually have a free USB port on your computer where
this will plug into. The second thing is where are you going to
use it? If you’re going for range, if your laptop
was really far away from where your router is, you might want to get a bigger wireless
adapter. I know that this 1 looks cute and it’s very
convenient and comfortable, but they do sell larger wireless adapters that kind of go from
the computer with the cable and you have a big antenna on the desk. It’s not as pretty, but it worlds much better. The other thing to notice is the wireless
standards, so they’re basically 3 wireless standards out there today. Wireless B, G, and N. B is not really used
that much anymore because it’s kind of old, so G and N are the 2 frequent choices. Where N is the newer, faster with more range. I would stick to N at this point, they’re
maybe a little more expensive but it’s definitely worth the extra dollars.

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  1. Can someone help?, I am getting a gaming pc that does not have wifi. I need this or a Ethernet cable. Where should I buy this and as soon as I plug this in will it connect to my wifi? PLEASE HELP

  2. I need your help soooooo bad!!! I'm planning to build a new gaming pc and I can't run wired Internet! Can I not just connect to the wifi without using an adapter? Do I need an adapter?!? Is this only needed for older PCs?

  3. can we use it in a wall socket and connect with a router wireless to extend the range?
    i got a router in bedroom and sometimes cannot get range to hall..so can i use it in wallsocket in middle room so that i can extend range..?

  4. Does a computer need a Network Adapter, or is a Wireless Adapter and a Range Extender all I need?
    (I'm not exactly tech-savvy)

  5. hi. I have a laptop with wifi support. But Actually It won't support Wpa2 psk or wpa security encrypted wifi hotspots. will this adaptor work for me

  6. Lose the "music", we are here to learn from you, not to be entertained. Your voice is drowned out by your background music. Don't you listen to your video before posting it??

  7. I think wired is better. You can try this one(10$)- https://www.amazon.com/Anker-4-Port-Macbook-Surface-Notebook/dp/B00XMD7KPU/ref=as_sl_pc_tf_til?tag=janis026-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=fe792f8fdf48e86ee2cd1335237f49c5&creativeASIN=B00XMD7KPU

  8. So I'm looking to buy a TP-Link TL-WN725N N150 USB and use it for my desktop, my family is willing to share the Wi-Fi with me, but would it be able to connect to the Wi-Fi from the floor below it and still be able to connect to the internet?

  9. this is also good if your crazy bitchy mom wants to use xfinity xf1 to block you off the internet at certain times, just make sure you disconnect it before you get off, otherwise you're gonna have to buy another one (which im gonna have too :/)

  10. anyone help,I brought a wireless adapter and it's missing.I have the CD but without the adapter it says no connection please help Me.

  11. hi all maybe someone here can help with a question i have… i have a wireless game controller that uses a usb reciever and would like to use it with more than one reciever so i can plug a reciever into 3 separate devices for the controller to work with… is that possible?

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