What is a NoSQL Database? How is Cloud Firestore structured? | Get to Know Cloud Firestore #1

What is a NoSQL Database? How is Cloud Firestore structured? | Get to Know Cloud Firestore #1

Danny Hutson

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  1. This is an awesome introduction. Excellently clear and to the point explanations of the basic concepts with all the important context.
    This guy has got great talent as a teacher.

  2. hi there. in android instead of fetching multiple document's data into a single recyclerview, is it possible to fetch all datas from a single document into recyclerview ?? please help me out i'm badly in a need of it.

  3. Please take a look at this playlist. I find that this is a fantastic and super-effective way to learn a lot and fast. It would be great if you could teach in this format as well. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4cUxeGkcC9itfjle0ji1xOZ2cjRGY_WB

  4. Very nice intro!. Just a question (unrelated to the subject) What tools do you use for making this tutorial? (Graphics, animations, etc…)Thanks!

  5. Brilliant stuff. Got the sample IOS apps working with read and writes to my console and figured out the data model required for the build. Time to build the rest of the structure.

  6. I need one of firestore developers to answer me, please not another person:
    on snapshotListiner, we cant use multiple queries, Example :
    .whereEqualTo("chat_id",chatID) – chatID int –
    .orderBy("message_id", Query.Direction.ASCENDING)
    if I removed orderBy: get messages on the wrong order
    if I removed whereEqualTo: get all other users messages
    if used both stop listening
    Android Development, thank you

  7. Can we interact with SQL server data from an app using Firestore? Recently, I have hundreds of the SQL records. I want to import these data into Firestore. the app can call Firestore to retrieve and update the data in SQL server. Can we do that???

  8. You guys put together some amazing videos, nice job. I would like to see videos on auth examples and security rules together. There are no detailed videos on this, yet they go hand in hand.

  9. What if we store the unique user id in the review, then only fetch the user image and other information using that query?

  10. Well I really love Firebase Firestore but in 6:45 what you can do is to save the uid or User Id as a field to each documents of Reviews collection, then get the user information in User collection using that uid instead of updating each document field in Reviews collection such as user image just to match it on what is inside User collection. Am I right?

  11. Hello please help me

    how to have condition something below code:

    .where("myphone", "==", mynumber, "&&", "yourphone", "==", userphone, "||", "myphone", "==", userphone, "&&", "yourphone", "==", mynumber).get()

    but this does not work

  12. Atomization? Kinda have a point? Why is it the tone here in Firebase is that everything is better with NoSQL. They have their own uses.

  13. Wow! I would like to say that anyone or any company who make some kind of tutorials video should take a good look at this video for how it should be done! Amazing clarity. Thank you.

  14. I remember the time when I am new to no sql database. So confusing. But now, I am enjoying and have understand this no sql database.

    Now, I am using cloud firestore db in every app I am working for school. It made my work easier and faster. Thank you, firebase team! Especially to Todd, big thumbs up for you! ?

  15. I have to admit, no matter how many times I decide to learn / use a NoSql database, I cannot get over my 20+ years of using RDBMS. The example given in this around 13:30 is just as easily modeled by a relational system, and in fact it seems pretty clear that's how the creators have thought about it as well (Restaurants can have 1..n number of reviews, each review is 1-1 with a User). Perhaps I'm spoiled by enterprise level databases, but aside from a little more work to change schemas, I don't see how NoSql brings a single advantage over an RDBMS like MS Sql Server. (Including reads). Even the horizontal scaling is a bit of a red herring, because I'm fairly certain all major RDBMS can scale horizontally as well (my personal experience is MS Sql Server). Still, this is a nice intro and Todd is engaging in his presentation.

  16. @05:04 – The moment you realize in the video the injury to his thumb came from skydiving. then getting a tattoo, after a night out at the bar. Who knew being a developer advocate required you to have a #savage nightlife. ????

  17. So you still follow a SQL data schema but get horizontal scaling and easier read functionality but more challenging write functionality?

  18. Its interesting to see that the database world is having paradigms on its own, just like the programming language world in general.

  19. May I add that it is pretty senseless to add a mascot with text information to read while you talk 😉 Maybe its me, I cannot listen and read at the same time. Still super great video!

  20. #askfirebase Thank you for this great series, I have a model like the following:

    Collection: Place
    String name
    String description
    Int numberOfVisits
    and so on

    Q1: for the first two parameters ‘ name and description ’ I need to make it multilingual what is the best structure to make it so while keeping minimal data downloaded and the minimal number of queries?
    Q2: you're talking about having a sub-collection for reviews, but what about having a third collection for the relation between users-resturants-reviews ?


  21. Hey! Very nice the video but… before leaving lol I dont understand how cant you be able to do such simple things like the following
    citiesRef.where('population', '>', 2500000).orderBy('country');
    This according to the official documentation in https://firebase.google.com/docs/firestore/query-data/order-limit-data.
    Is this a real limitation? Is there any other way to do this?

  22. It kind of makes sense to look at it as a filesystem of windows. You got a folder = collection. it has files = documents. and those file contain your work or some data.
    even in windows if you want to save "Hello world and pie" You be making a folder, "hello world" putting a .docx file inside that. and then putting the text.

  23. Awesome video Jeff. My first time actually learning about NoSQL after just hearing about it for so long. You've made it look very easy 🙂

  24. Can you post a link to an example repo that combines the following?
    – react
    – firestore with API keys not stored in client
    – cloud functions for handling db calls

  25. I should have watched this video before developing my app with Firestore. Everything makes so much sense now.

  26. First of all, thanks for the Video.
    Will cloud FireStore will be a good option for e-commerce website. I am developing an e-commerce site though I don't have much knowledge of database.

  27. I still don't buy the idea of duplicating Data. It will make a whole mess as the database grows. Imagine a user having to edit their profile in a social network that has so many collections linked to that user.

  28. I once asked HostGator if they have any NoSQL databases installed on their shared hosting accounts. Their support replied: "Our hosting packages come with MySQL installed, but depending on the website you are building, you might not need to run a database. You can create a website with no SQL".

  29. "In the Realtime Database world, when you retrieve some element in the tree, you automatically retrieve everything below it. And that would mean downloading potential hundreds of [elements] anytime I want to grab a couple dozen [elements]… But in Cloud Firestore world, queries are shallow by default." (This is a big point that a lot of beginner Firebase programmers should keep in mind).

  30. Hello…!! Here… My firebase website has the problem of showing a black screen when loading on android…. Please someone to assist me fix this problem….

  31. Great video, but you are speaking really fast, i follow lot of tutorials in english, but i had too rewind multiple times here.

  32. 7:39 now the problem is when i have to update every (sub)user document, i have tried using collectionGroup so i can get all path of documents and add them to batch and update them. BUT this way have a limitation, the batch of writes can write to a maximum of 500 documents. So is there any other better way to do this?

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