What Is 5G? & How 5G Will Change The World!

What Is 5G? & How 5G Will Change The World!
Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “What Is 5G? & How 5G Will Change The World!

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  2. 12:10 long live the PS Eye! I also got one and originally it was for similar reasons: face tracking, but I was too lazy to remove the IR filter and do all the other stuff for optimal results and ended up using it as a microphone (surprisingly good at that).

  3. 5G does not work its just an idea at the moment all this 5G will make your life better bullshit is just to get us hooked on the idea, then they can start to produce and install the millions of transmitters they need to make it work.
    this is a bad idea and the sooner they realise that the more money they are going to save.
    besides 4G seems perfecty fine to me and until they came up with a better alternative we should keep things the way they are and improve the services in areas where even 4G is flaky.

  4. All of the isps are going to hate this. I wouldn't be surprised if they try to lobby against it, if they aren't already doing it. Verizon vs Comcast. As soon as 5g is released, it will immediately make our wired infrastructure obsolete. We also better get rid of the 5gb data cap bullshit

  5. Nicely done mate. A very good informative video.
    Well written well read well presented. I think I’m gonna subscribe.
    Oh about Huawei. U.K. mobile and home broadband providers like BT are choosing not to use the Chinese company’s technology because of security issues. Maybe it’s cyber espionage and the protection from it by U.K.,European service providers. We all know how much the Chinese like to steal both intellectual properties and production plans and property for use in their government backed counterfeiting running into billions in losses to the Western economies. What d’you think.

  6. AI will need or needs a network that will be extremely fast, hence 5G in order to operate seamlessly. Skynet is where we are headed, hopefully without the hostile robot takeover. Will see where this future society takes us.

  7. This technology will be successful. Why because the consumers demand faster and faster. This technology will also let big brother know when and where you fart

  8. Are you AI ?
    Your speech is clear , flawless and as fast as I can take in.
    It's like speed reading outloud.
    Great explanation !

  9. I like this channel its in dept to computer noobs like me, well I know some but its still better to listen info than reading scripture as no time.

  10. Please, before you make mobile data faster you should make internet faster and cheaper, why do i still pay for having wi-fi when i can have a cheaper option and muuuch faster?

  11. Its basically 2019 now and I'm sure where I live in Orange County there is a lot of hidden or disguised looking beaming modules or what have you. My question " @singularityprosperity " is with my low hygrades LG and my second gen Google pixel and Verizon unlimited plan what should I expect and am I just overpaying out the ass for nothing, and or maybe should I switch routers or let's just say side grade 2 those separate miniature plugable room routers?

    I'll take all head size as long as you're not just talking circles around me

  12. It is all bellyaching and much ado about nothing. When we first started the standard for Digital cellular, there was strong resistance from AT&T and Motorola. They wanted to use Analog system… Can you imagine that? Now that Hauwaei is taking the lead on 5G, we started hearing all these negative stuff from Expert wannabes… Chill people….Let the science take care of it… This is not going to be DDT or agent orange nor GMO…Hope not..

  13. my opinion on 5G: it's a waste of money. the current 4G network works fine as it is, and most calls are still made via 2G and 3G. Also the frequencies it will be at don't pass thru walls or buildings well, so i don't see it taking off. also the "full duplex and millimeter waves" is nothing new. Full duplex has been used with radiotelephone relay sites back in the 40s and millimeter waves are already in use on the 2 GHz and above bands.

  14. @19:30 "and all at the same time we've been paying for unreasonable DATA CAPS" What happened, I thought Net Neutrality was working. I thought Net Neutrality created a fair and balanced Internet? I thought that before the repeal of Net Neutrality everything was all fine and dandy… F()CK NET NEUTRALITY! THAT $H!T IS A SCAM! GO TRUMP! MAGA 2020!

  15. The price of Huawei or ZTE products will be very expensive for us!

    Real Price = goverment subsidized price now +Vulnerability of our infrastructure in the future

  16. I am so fucking happy to be alive right now. The future is now!!! We are living it! The Singularity is near! Bring me the nanotechnology, A.I., and full on virtual reality!

  17. It looks like the cost for mobile carries to implement the network upgrades will be higher as more antenas are required. It means They will not do it – at least on big scale. When you see a chart showing 2G is still in high usage it doesn’t mean users don’t have 3G or 4G capable devices, it means carries didn’t upgrade their network at their locations.

    1ms latency is a false advertisement. That delay is to the antena, not to your website or game server. You can’t beat the speed of light or short the distance to a server by putting a faster antena.

    Super download/upload speeds doesn’t really matter unless you are downloading/uploading big files or being a server.

    Carries will continue to give you only 2 GB of data/month (or whatever they offer you today).

    5G can’t change the quality for the entire network, just the edge (device to antena). All the 5G buzz makes it look like all the connections issues will go away.

    30ghz, 90ghz frequency? My 5ghz WiFi can’t cross one floor at home. This thing can only be justified and useful in places with 0 barriers. Maybe inside stadiums on World Cup games.

    How can 3D beaming work for 1 million users at the same time? That is a genuine question. I don’t know. That equipment sounds expensive, what will increase even more the adoption by carries.

    The only thing I can see happening is mobile carries improving they existent LTE network and selling it as 5G. As they already do for improved 3G networks and sell as 4G. On the other side device manufacturers will use the buzz to sell technology no one will use. Just like 3D TVs. Which marketing department doesn’t love a new keyword they can explore to promote their products?

  18. Resurrection is near my father created the tree of knowledge (cell towers) we all take bytes of information from our apple devices

  19. Defined parameters may not be available up until 2020, however kudos to the evolution of frequencies from the radio up until now. Science and math important factors for the new generation to take hold, and be up to the challenges, change and evolving is everlasting. Thank you for the loading of this technology, which i will pass to the much needed new generation to as they say "woke up". Learn intuitively and never let the critics hold u back.🖱📟🔌🗞📡🔭💰

  20. Very futuristic is wireless comsumption, even a car can be wireless upgraded, so why don´t we do that now.
    Thanks for this information about upgrading with 5 G or more in the future.

  21. 4G costs $45 dollars a month. That's on auto pay. Mint offers 4G for $20 a month, but only for three months, then it reverts to $45 a month. So why bother switching. $45 a month = $540 a year for 4G. Why pay more?

  22. If this is so, then I think that Nextel should make a comeback. It be nice to hear that “chirp”again. Imagine people, in the business world, connecting and communicating all over, faster than you can dial the number. That’s what I’m interested in. A lot of phone companies and smartphones tried to copy Nextel, but wasn’t really successful. Nobody did it better. Just sayin’.

  23. …I keep getting the image of how now everyone can over pay for tickets and while in the stadium look at their phone the whole time ignoring the event.

  24. The whole problem with the 4G and 5G is that the microwave frequencies utilised are hopeless, they don't pass through solid objects very easily, they need to go further along the radio frequency band and use the wavelengths ham operators use, it would make them more safe and require far less antennas.

  25. Beware before you buy new products I just talked my father out of buying 5G because if you look into it it's way far from being perfected By Any Nation it will take years to make it user-friendly and who wants to be the one paying $1,000 a pop for each model of every device people don't understand this shit is like a thousand times more powerful than 4G it's not ready even though they're telling us it is they didn't even put in the equipment around the world for this shit yet and they're pushing it on the people already that way they make a ton of money so they can develop their shit I'll stick with 4G for now till I know it's completely reliable

  26. As a German I already know it won't work like that here. Well go on paying 15€ for 5GB (no LTE) while you get 100gb LTR for 5€ in denmark/Poland etc. Fcking politics complicating everything

  27. I notice almost everything talks about speed like the new product is faster…. I never have had my phone call lag on me – although sometimes when mom calls I wish the phone lagged.

  28. 6G is when every hand-set is also a switch or base-station. Two, maybe three, Moore's-Law shrinkages from now.
    When the guys climb the poles to take down all the obsolete 4G repeaters, maybe they can replace them with electric-power beams?
    Payment? Same as the roads and side-walks: out of the value-added taxes on consumption of goods and services.

  29. Hauwei was on the road creating the true 5G movement? Could explain the ban on their devices in the US because China will over throw every cell company?

    With my Samsung phone's I usually just remove my data caps in the APN. On Sprint I used 100GB+ of Hotspot data for my PS4 using 4G LTE speeds to update my games. My data didn't cap at 22GB.

  30. No way am I connecting any household appliances (other than a computer) or vehicle of mine to the Internet

  31. Could someone explain me how current full duplex solution will cause the problem when we use 5G? I could not understand why doubling the frequency spectrum leads to causing problems with current solution.

  32. My INFINITE-G Network 😀 !!! — You profess of a line-of-sight but miniscule latency wide-bandwidth network in the reckoning with upcoming 5G. Well, I profess a No-Obstacles Absolute-Zero Latency Infinite Bandwidth Deviceless Network. Beat that if you can, Ha Ha !!! 😀 !!! You'll never achieve it, I assure you, unless and until You get on My Network !!! Ha Ha !!! 😀 !!!

  33. Now why don't you do a video on the health implications of this 5G? Because microwave radiation is so good for living organisms, right?

  34. Yang 2020! We need to adapt our economy to this next phase of technology! We need to measure our wealth by health and well-being rather than GDP! This technology comes off as scary to most because people don't understand it. It's similar to the Y2K panic. Just go with it. This is going to change everything.

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