What If You Stopped Going Outside?

What If You Stopped Going Outside?

Let’s be honest: a lot of us sit inside…all day. Whether it’s for work or to binge on
the newest TV series, we simply aren’t outside very often. But, what would happen if you
stopped going outside all together? 149,600,000 km away sunlight is being ejected
from the sun, shooting across the solar system, through our atmosphere, and if the timing
is right, landing directly on your skin. Feels good, doesn’t it? And it’s this sunlight that
begins an amazing chain reaction, which helps to sustain your life: The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’
— Vitamin D that is. Interestingly, some of the cholesterol you
consume is altered and stored in your skin. And when that well-travelled Ultra Violet
B sunlight hits your skin, it modifies this cholesterol. The new molecule travels through
the bloodstream to the liver, where it is altered again, and then to the kidney, where
it is biologically ‘activated’. This activated Vitamin D works to absorb calcium
from your food, ultimately leading to bone growth and strength. In a way, your skin eats
the sun and the sun grows your bones! Perhaps we aren’t so different from plants.
Without Vitamin D, your body would not only suffer decreased mineralization of your bones,
leading to diseases like osteoporosis, but also see a decrease in immune function. Furthermore,
there is evidence to suggest that Vitamin D helps prevent cancer, heart disease and
depression. Which may explain why those in colder climates with less daylight often experience
the “Winter Blues”. But it’s not just sunlight and Vitamin D that
makes the difference. Many studies have shown that being in nature can have a mental and
physical effect on the body. While using sophisticated brain-imaging techniques, brains in nature
showed more activity in the regions associated with stability, empathy and love. On the other
hand, viewing man-made environments produced activity in the regions associated with fear
and stress. On top of it all, if you are often inside,
chances are you’re sitting down. Admit it, you’ve been lounging, watching YouTube for
hours. Which may seem harmless, but studies have shown major health effects linked to
sitting time, such as an increase in type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease . Furthermore,
a study of more than 200,000 people found a strong correlation between mortality and
increased sitting time — in other words, the longer you sit, the more likely you are
to die prematurely. The scariest part is that this is regardless of your physical activity.
So stand up, get outside, and live a little…longer than you would have.
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Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “What If You Stopped Going Outside?

  1. I've been sheltered all my life from going outside often beacuse of my epilepsy, but I'm determined to stop it once I'm moved out and can make my own decisions

  2. When the weather's at dangerous point, it's overly humid to the point of being unable to breath, it being as cold as -60 degrees outside, &/or so many insects out, that it's impossible to want to even go outside, I just don't see the need to go outside.

    I can't go walking due to a very bad back injury in which workout intolerance occurs by then. I'd go swimming as that's great for my condition. Yet, I don't have a pool, IDK anyone with a pool, & I don't have any memberships to get to a pool nor a way to get to 1, nvm not enough money for a membership bc I don't have that either.

    If I had a way to the beach without taxi services reaming prices on how long it'd take me to get there, I'd go. Even with uber, it'd cost too much via distant.

    Yes, I'd have to be rich to even want to go outside.

    Yes, being rich would buy me 50-85% of happiness, the rest being my doing. It's personal as to why & how this is the case.

    Unless/until then, I just have no need to go outside aside of the vitamin deficiency. However, that doesn't even motivate me enough though either.


    Going outside has become futile for me.

  3. Me in winter : How am I supposed to go outside? It's so cold!
    Me in summer: How am I supposed to go outside? It's so hot!
    Nice weather: How am I supposed to go outside? I have so much work to do!

    I just realised today I didn't stepped outside at all.

  4. I have depression many years and i don't go out. I lost weight im too skinny now.. plus when I do go outside people laugh at me. That's why I stop going out. what shall I do any one. If i go outside early morning and evening would my weight come back

  5. beginning of video: me: oh well i guess i'm fine with just getting a few minutes of going outside the rest ill just sit inside

    end of video: if you sit down too long you will eventually die, and get depressed if not enough sun

    me: :/

  6. I don't go outside only vacation and highschool and only my highschool friends I don't go outside only I go to my friends in there house there bad something in outside

  7. I was always outside doing stuff till I started taking 25mg Zoloft and I quit the 10th day because side affects made my anxiety worse and now I’m scared to go outside. It’s been 2 months /:

  8. I've been housebound for 4years . . Social anxiety, don't like to go and meet people . . I been isolated for years myself . . . Hate being like but i can't make my decision, anxiety killing me everyday . .

  9. happen to me i stopped going outside since 2008 when i dropped out of high school still inside my house April 2nd 2019

  10. My father forces me to sit at home and study only don't let me go anywhere even if I am 20 now and I get jealous cause my surrounding friends have freedom they live life and study also f*ck life f*ck father just hate him

  11. Anyone else got so severe social anxiety that they're wondering if it's possible to survive by never ever going outside again?

  12. You gave a lot of info about how the sun helps us and is good for us but you never actually answered you question, what would happen if we never went outside

  13. I haven’t been outside for almost 5months (3times outside just for exam☹️) till now finding way to motivate myself to go out side to have treatment but still can’t bc I’m tired 😓 of ppl staring at me and I can’t stand still with ppl around. I feel so depressed. I dunno how devastated I am :((((!!!!! I need s.o to speak with me and give advice to go outside to meet the doctor but….no, they’re busy with themselves:((. I hate myself to be so serious like the bull shit!!! :((((

  14. I'm too introverted to even go near my window…. Lol, I just pop some vitamin D, stand up for time to time, Watch National Geographic Channel, and sit by my standing lamp to get some light on my skin. Yeah thanks to this video my "staying inside game" is going to be lit.

  15. I stopped going outside often for 4 years now and I'm about to turn 20 years old, and i feel so weak and tired all the time i even feel weakness in my bones, so.. am i late?

  16. I am going through this have been for two years which is scary on and off I go out I prefer nights idk someone help tips something 🙂👍🏻

  17. 1:36
    Just to inform, nature themed game is good because it gives u positivity. No lie ive felt it before. I feel calm…


  18. if you don't go outside and see the sun does it make your skin more sensitive to it once you go outside? I searched on the internet and didn't find anything pls someone answer

  19. An Indian grandma stayed in her house for 7 years due to foot problems and frequent surgeries she was accomaded with a personal nurse at her home and said it was hard for her to move outside.

    And she was still fine and socially attentitive, don't see why some people would worry about staying inside.

  20. People act like a few days is bad. Haven’t been outside since June 11th 2018. I need help.

  21. My eye sight has kinda been weird every time im outside or in bright places. It makes me so distracted. But in dark places im good.

    Is that from the lack of sun? My eyes might be getting sensitive

  22. AsapSCIENCE: If you sit down longer, you will die faster.

    Also AsapSCIENCE: Subscribe and watch every video!

  23. Humans live longer if they spend more time outside. And yet domestic cats are said to live longer if they never go outside.

    I can accept that maybe both these statements are true, and yet it still feels a little cruel to imprison them.

  24. I don’t think playing Rocket League is bad, because you’re at least playing it with other people.

    Unless you use bots.

  25. I haven't going outside for almost 4 years now and i have phobia from the people and I'm so shy to interract or having a conversation through people 😂 idk men

  26. I can't understand how people choose to stay inside all the time.
    I live in a tropical country and i absolutely love going outside when the sun isn't that hot anymore.
    You know in the morning until like 4pm the sun is still too hot so i stay inside. Sleeping, eating doing anything other than going out and burn myself. But after 4pm I'll go out. I do that daily and when I'm working i always feel sad because I'm stuck at a dull boring building without feeling the warmth of the sun, the breeze of the wind and looking at the blue sky and the trees.
    Go outside people, it's beautiful. There's no pictures or videos that can beat nature's beauty.
    I do enjoy binge watching movies, youtube, playing games for hours but i only do them when it's night and the sun isn't shining and it's not beautiful anymore.

  27. 1:57 I thought you’re gonna say something bad about watching YouTube I’m like there’s nothing you can say to stop me watching YouTube so 😂

  28. I am 19 and my height is 5.8 can i grow my height more? I didn't gone outside for 2-3 years but if i will go outside from now on so will I grow? Plz help anyone 😅😅

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