What If The Internet Became A Country?

What If The Internet Became A Country?

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin. Hey!! It’s all my friends! Wait… whoa… Who are you? Who are you? This video was made possible thanks to wix! If you’re looking to create a website, head
on over to wix.com/go/lifenoggin When people form groups, it’s usually because
they have something in common. Book clubs. DnD parties. The DeFranco Elite. Even the Triangle Bob Fan Club! Yeah, no, that exists! But what if people got together over something
that unites a bunch of us around the world, I’m talking about the Internet! And what if it wasn’t just a group, but
a whole new country! Let’s assume everybody who used the Internet
was a citizen, they had to spend most of their time online, and they could still physically
be in another country. So what would it even be like if every Internet
user was united under the virtual nation of Internetland? We might be able to think of a better name! Let me know if the comment section below. Well, for one, based off of population alone
it would be the biggest country in the world! By far. Looking at a few different pieces of research,
it seems that around 4.4 /billion/ people in the world use the Internet, or around 57%
of the total population. Compare that to China, currently in the lead
at a little less than 1.4 billion, and you can see how big we’re talking. Not to mention how big the economy would be. Even if you just take 57% of the gross world
product, a precise measure of output value which the CIA estimates was around 80 /trillion/
dollars in 2017, you’re still talking about nearly 46 trillion dollars. That’s a lot of pizza bagels! Our Internet country would also more than
likely be a place built, and maybe even governed, by younger generations. Let’s take a look at the United States for
an example. According to stats from the Pew Research Center,
in 2019, practically all US adults in the age range from 18 to 29 use the Internet,
while around 27% of those aged 65 and over admit to not being online. That’s a good chunk being left out of the
loop… and not having a direct say in anything that goes on. Politicians are often older in the US, with
the average age of senators being around 62 years, but if our Internet population is younger
than normal, it makes sense that the governing body might be as well… and made up of more
democrats. That’s because, compared to republicans,
democrats tend to be a bit younger and more college-educated, both of which make you more
likely to use the Internet, at least in the US. Not trying to start a war in the comments
guys! That’s just what I found out! Now, from a social aspect, having an online
country could have some significant downsides if everyone needed to interact online instead
of in-person. According to a 2012 study from the University
of British Columbia, cyberbullying can be more prevalent than traditional bullying. They found that about 25-30% of younger people
had experienced or taken part in cyberbullying, while only around 12% of them had experienced
or taken part in schoolyard bullying. Especially if people began to be raised online,
this could lead to a big issue! Our virtual society could also be harder to
regulate or keep track of due to how much of the Internet isn’t easily visible from
a Google search. Estimates have said that, compared to the
normal stuff, the parts of the Internet that are effectively hidden from search engines,
known as the deep web, are 4 to 5 /hundred/ times bigger. If you look at online content and web pages
as the Internet’s exports, it’s crazy to think how much of that the Internetlandians
will never know about. So how often do you use the internet? Are you a one to four hours kind of person
or a… well… a lot more? Let me know down in the comment section below! Our friends over at Wix, who sponsored this
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Danny Hutson

13 thoughts on “What If The Internet Became A Country?

  1. Welcome to Internet Country! Everyone is weird. I'm trying to come up with a slogan for the internet, but all i can think of is "Welcome to The Internet. We have Cookies"
    I'm sure you guys can come up with something better. Gimmie your best ones down below! 🙂

  2. I hang around the Internet most of my time. I feel guilty when not active online because I have so many friends.

  3. How about calling it the “Internetghar” since in Guardians Of Ga’Hoole the suffix “ghar” means “kingdom,” so it would be the Internet Kingdom.

  4. I’ve lived in the internet land for my whole life and I’m finally moving! I’ve been planning to moved to YouTube city for years now. First I’m gonna visit a friend in life noggin street. UvU

  5. I use, how do you say, ‘Interland' loads more than 1-24hrs per day! (No, just kidding! I use it somewhere in the 5-9hrs per day range!) Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself back there.

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