What Has Obama Accomplished As President?

January 12, 2016 marks President Barack Obama’s
final State of the Union address, and his eighth and last year in office. During his
two terms, Obama has been hailed as either the greatest or the worst president of all
time. But political rhetoric aside, what exactly has Obama done during his time in the White
House? Well, when Obama first took office in 2009,
the United States was in the middle of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while experiencing
the worst global financial crisis since the great depression. In light of this, Obama’s
early promises included: closing the Guantanamo Bay detention center, defeating the Taliban
and Al-Qaeda, and ending the wars in the middle east. He also promised sweeping economic reforms
as well as affordable healthcare for all. By the last year of his presidency, Obama
had delivered on some of those promises. Less than a month after taking office, he signed
the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This funded the public sector and bankrolled
relief programs for those affected by the 2008 recession. Just weeks after the law went
into effect, unemployment began to decrease and by 2012 the measure had saved or created
an average of 1.6 million jobs per year. In 2010, Congress passed the Affordable Care
Act, which stands as the most comprehensive healthcare reform since the passage of medicare
and medicaid in 1965. However there were major problems with the ACA’s website. And Republican
opposition to the law eventually led to a government shutdown. In 2011, Obama oversaw the mission to locate,
and eventually kill al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. He also authorized the final removal
of US troops in Iraq. However continued terrorist threats in the region have prevented Obama
from permanently ending the war. In 2015, Obama announced that thousands of troops would
stay in the country through the end of his term. That same year, the US and five other
world powers finally reached a deal with Iran, preventing the nation from achieving nuclear
proliferation. Some say Obama’s biggest accomplishment
has been the US’s involvement in the Paris Agreement; which is the first universal deal
between almost every country limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Throughout his time in office,
Obama has promised to invest heavily in clean energy. However, even though natural gas reserves
have increased, it is largely due to fracking which has raised its own environmental concerns. But Obama has fallen short on other campaign
promises. Obama’s efforts to close Guantanamo Bay failed early on in his presidency, and
in 2015, he reluctantly signed a bill making it even harder to close. But the president
promised to take steps to close the facility during his last year in office. And while
Obama did end the war in Iraq, al-qaeda remains strong in other parts of the middle east,
and US troops are now back in the region to fight ISIS. Despite the turbulence of his political image,
Obama has shifted the way we elect presidents and the role they play in the media. He has
been called America’s first pop culture president, and the first to openly support
LGBT rights like gay marriage. By embracing online media, Obama engaged youth and minority
voters in a way that has never been effectively done before. In the end, for better or worse,
there’s no question that Obama’s presidency has been historic in many ways. Now that Obama won’t be running for president
again, he is technically a “lame duck president” — but he can actually accomplish a great
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Danny Hutson

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