What Girls Do When Left Alone At Sea (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 4

And Happy Newyear to all we are leaving Gibraltar right now heading towards the Canary Islands Which will take about 4 or 5 days its 500 Nautical Miles and we’re pretty excited We spent the last night the countdown for new years… um… having the last warm showers because the water heater broke! So… um… yes that’ll be fun. Whats going on Riley??? Just sailing around, going 4 knots. Elayna. “Just got the head sail out.” And ah apparently I’m sailing with a robber today. Riley “I’m a ninja.” Elayna “your a ninja…” Oh actually at Gibraltar. when we were trying to get fuel If the… we didn’t know and if the lights are flashing it means theres a plane going to land And they pretty much land on your head So we’ve.. we went to like. They want you out the way coz. Because the masts are too high. Elayna “that airports so close.” Riley “So ah… (laughs) if anyones going to go sailing around there just be careful.” Elayna “Beware of the Aeroplanes.” F.Y.I Look at it Elayna “oh its massive Riley.” Alright so we got a Tuna About 50 Miles out of Gibraltar so were pretty happy about that. Riley “If this is a sign of things to come I’m a happy chappy” Elayna “Yep, I’m very happy with this.” Elayna “Mid filleting the other Tuna our big lines gone off” Elayna “what are we going to do with all this fish?” Elayna “And an incredible sunset.” So Rileys really annoyed about the sails flapping. and so he’s come inside and he’s watching a movie He’s really grumpy. Riley “We’ve finally found some wind here.” We had about a solid 18 hours I’d say of ahh… just being completely becalmed. So its just starting to pick up. We’ve got about 8 Knotts of apparent wind. And I do love it when its on the nose in these conditions. and just completely glassy. Still got the… Rods out but the Tuna have gone quiet. Hello Whats going on E-Lay? Just playing some Guitar. Elayna “We finally got some wind so we’re moving. Feeling pretty good about it.” Riley “Start singing.” All I want is nothing more To hear you knocking at my door. If I could see your face once more. I could die a happy man for sure. If you loved me Why’d you leave me? Take my body. Take my body. Riley “Your good aren’t you!” Elayna (sings) “All I wanted… ”
“oh no I just stuffed it up. Hahaha.” We get a bit bored on these longer journeys So we’re just trying to spice up our food and food delivery methods. Elayna “PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH!!!” Hello there only me. just a little update for you all We’re about 150 Nautical Miles from the Canary Islands Ah… on the Gibraltar to Canary Islands trip Day 4… Um its been pretty good so far. We have seen some Whales. 3 of them. Quite big. Ah. We have been becalmed for the past 2 Days. So basically we have sat on about 1.5 Knots and gone absolutely nowhere so we have had to keep ourselves entertained by doing a few things. We have done some maintenance on the boat, we have patched up a leaky window. We rearranged some of the ropes upstairs, which has been good fun. Read lots of our books… Um. Eaten lots of Tuna as you saw earlier in the video. The 2 Tuna that we caught. Um I’m just about all Tuna’d out I don’t think I could possibly eat any more. I’m starting to feel a little bit sick. So, ah… Yeah pretty excited to get into the Canary’s. I’m clearly a bit bored um Made a very strong coffee and Rileys asleep outside so I’m talking to myself. I guess I’m not talking to myself. If I’m talking to a camera. And then your watching it so I’m not entirely alone Ah… Thats about all from me. Over and out. Bye Bye. MUSIC How’d you sleep babe??? Good? Ah… Hows it going??? Elayna “Yeah not bad. Just trying to keep myself entertained.” Riley “Sorry.” Elayna “Your alright.” Riley “I was a broken man earlier.” Elayna “We are in Lanzarote” and this is a sunset pretty nice some shops over here and we are inside I’m making some movies. Someones got to do it. And what are you doing Riley? I’m looking up anchorages in Cape Verde. Which is where we’re going to next. Elayna. (mildly sarcasticly) “Good on ya.” Riley “and I’ve just finished documenting anchorages for our ah.. The duration of our stay in the Canary Islands trip.” Elayna “very, very good.” (now less sarcastic) Riley “you thought I was on Facebook didn’t ya?” Riley “Busy.” Riley “Oh Jesus.” Nah thats. Elayna “alright go again.” Riley “its gotta go like way out here.” Elayna “alright.” Elayna “PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH” Riley “You are the most retarded thrower I have EVER seen.”

Danny Hutson

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