Welcome to Funtoo Linux!

Welcome to Funtoo Linux!

Hey there. This is Daniel Robbins. I just wanted to do a quick video to welcome you to Funtoo Linux. I am here in New Mexico in my back yard just sort of hanging out doing a quick hello video. If you’re new to Funtoo Linux, be sure to check out our resources for getting in touch with the funtoo community We have freenode — the #funtoo channel. We have forums at forums.funtoo.org. I hope to do more videos like this in the future to talk about stuff that’s going on with Funtoo as well as do some technology demos and that kind of stuff — do some cool things, maybe some reviews Maybe subscribe to this channel ’cause more stuff will be coming soon… …hopefully. And enjoy Funtoo! If you encounter issues reach out to our community for help. We’re there to help you. Once you get Funtoo installed, if you encounter some bugs, report them on our bug tracker. We like bugs! We like them being reported, at least — because then we can fix them. If they’re not reported, we can’t fix them. So every bug is an opportunity to make Funtoo better. I do appreciate the time you take to report bugs. I’ll see you online! Take care.

Danny Hutson

13 thoughts on “Welcome to Funtoo Linux!

  1. I am happy seeing an official Funtoo video and Daniel Robbins in person, which looking as a friendly guy here, not scaring like in the Funtoo Forum pic lol (first one for me, never seen any official video before).
    Subscribed to the channel and ringing bell activated 🙂
    After that… still I have to be able to enjoy Funtoo. Funny story: no problem with the first installation of mine (multiboot on GPT/UEFI HDD), removed because unable to boot it after changing kernel; no lucky with the following 3 installation attempts, never booting. I have to try again.

  2. Hi Daniel, my name is Ayr from Brazil south, Porto Alegre city. I use Debian but admire you and your Funtoo O.S. I hope your O.S. grow up a lot and your channel too. Please stay in focus for didatic videos for a new users. You are the guy! Thanks for exist!

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