Web App with Tumult Hype

Web App with Tumult Hype

everyone so um what I wanted to show you
all was a an app or a really a web app that I’ve been working on for our
visitor center for the iPad specifically we were looking at putting together a
new interactive and looking at some tabletop kiosks looking at some some
floor-standing kiosks and we just found that you know the best option was really
to go with an iPad because that’s what people have become used to using and
because it has the capability of doing some really cool things like swiping and
pinching and things like that so what I knew that doing was developing this this
web app with an application called tumult hype which can be found in the
Mac App Store before believe was $50 what type is is it’s it’s sort of I
guess it’s promoted as sort of an animation tool but what it really does
is allows you to do animation scene management and some digital asset
handling very similar to the way you would with Adobe Flash but the really
cool thing about it is it allows you to then export that that project that
you’re working in in a mobile-ready format so what it does is it packages
that all as an HTML projects using HTML CSS 3 ends and some JavaScript so in
developing this what I did is I created a few mock-ups to sort of work with
initially and to also learn the the application but once I had that going I
sort of just started building and it was it was pretty straightforward and how to
do that so you can see I’m it just had a set of animations there it handles touch
quite nicely the same it would natively and in fact it looks like a native app
you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference
it handles digital assets very nicely essentially you drag and drop into an
old to a library and you can then set a couple of parameters on how you want
this digital asset to be used if you want two controls to be another
so species that what kind of settings when all the users to have you can see
scrubbing I can be pause play you can also quote it out so that if you touch
outside of the the video it will automatically close the video for you so
one really cool thing is the way that you can expand upon tunnel type and what
did the laws you do is include any JavaScript library any custom CSS or
HTML you would like to so what I always came across while doing a little bit of
user testing is that folks are accustomed to the iPad and they wanted
to interact with it the same way they usually do so they started swiping as I
started swiping across the the screen and I didn’t have that built in so it
didn’t do anything so I did a little bit of investigating a
little bit of research and I found that you know you can add swiping you can you
can check for for touch events so you can touch for swipes going from left to
right or sore swipes going from right to left so what I did is I coated it out so
that it allows you to then move throughout the scenes based on swipe so
you can see right there it does a great job of handling the swipes extremely
responsive just like as if you’re wearing an app one last really cool
things that allows you to really just throw any kind of digital asset you’d
like to any kind of photo and in kind of image any kind of audio it also allows
you to put in some animation so if I click here this is an animation of the
infestation of Asian carp in the Mississippi River watershed pretty much
just drag and drop and it allows you to take care of that and then you can see
the animations come out came out really nicely a lot of it was drag-and-drop a
little bit of key framing in the timeline but beyond that it was just a
really straightforward experience so feel free to shoot me any comments or
any questions thanks for watching bye

Danny Hutson

14 thoughts on “Web App with Tumult Hype

  1. Nice layout! I'm really impressed with what you were able to create with Hype. Your video pushed me over the edge and inspired me to make the $50.00 investment 🙂 Good luck on your master's degree. The learning technologies program looks amazing!

  2. This ist really cool! Congratulations! I tried it myself and everything is fine but i couldn´t figure out how to ad the "swiping", which is essential for the "app-feeling". Would you mind to explain it, how you managed it? This would really nice! 🙂
    Thank you and greetings from Germany

  3. Better yet, source files can be found in the link in the description. Download and try it for yourself. Let me know how it goes. Cheers!

  4. NiceI  How did you get rid of the top bar???  Even in web-app mode i thought that the time and battery life etc would still be visible.

  5. Thx for the presentation! It became a pretty nice Web App there! I think I'm going to give Hype a try! 

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