Web App: Product Database | Jungle Scout Tutorials

Web App: Product Database | Jungle Scout Tutorials

Hey guys! Today I wanted to run you
through a quick tutorial of the product database. At it’s core, the product
database will help you find products to sell on Amazon, based on products that
are already selling well. What jungle Scout has done, is recreate Amazon’s
catalog in a way that’s user-friendly for Amazon sellers. You’ll see over here
you’ve got the categories. Then you’ve got the filters, up here you can choose
whether its standard or oversize. You can select the fulfillment type, then
down here you can either search or exclude keywords. Let’s go through an example. Let’s say I
want a product between 20 to 50 dollars. I want that product to have at
least a net amount of $10. Rank is based on the BSR ranking which we’ll
leave for now. So the minimum sales which is a monthly figure, let’s say we want at
least 300 sales. Again the estimated revenue is per month and we’ll leave
that one. For the reviews, let’s say that we want a maximum of 50
reviews. The ratings are based on the average star rating which we’ll just leave for
now. We want something that’s reasonably small and lightweight so let’s go a
maximum of five pounds. This is the number of sellers on the listing which
we’ll leave for now, and then the listing quality is an in-house algorithm that
we’ve developed to assess the quality of a listing. This comes from a range of
things like the title, the bullet points, the quality and number of the images, as
well as the description, and then ranks them on a scale of 1 to a 100, but
for now we’ll leave this one blank too. Make sure that we select categories –
let’s say automotive and home improvement. Coming over here, I want to
make sure its standard and not oversize, and then we’ll come down here and hit
Search. Ok you’ll see that we went from nearly
27 million products down to 96, so all of these products could be potentially good
to sell. So all those products are within these two
categories of automotive and home improvement, and then they match all the
criteria that we’ve set here in the filters. So it’s in the price range that
we want to sell, there’s at least a net amount of $10, it’s got a
potentially good sales per month and it’s not too competitive as it’s under
50 reviews. So now i just wanted to share some other techniques that you could try.
Let’s reset the search down here. Let’s start the search with good demand – 500.
And then let’s look for products that have a low average rating, so let’s go
to a maximum of three stars. So what this means is that we’ve got
products that have a good number of sales but poor reviews. Search again.
Here’s a list of products that would be potentially good to sell on Amazon. Let’s take a look at this first one. Here
we can see it has 829 estimated sales per mont,h however it’s only got an
average rating of 2.2 stars which is really not good at all. So there’s a huge opportunity here to
improve upon that product. Ok let’s go through another example of
products that have high demand but a lower listing quality so you’ve got room
to improve. Again let’s go for a minimum of 500 sales per month and then let’s
come down here to the listing quality and let’s make the maximum 20. So while
these products have good demand, they might only have one main image, only a
couple of bullet points, poor title – that sort of thing. So there are a couple of techniques that
you can use to find profitable products in the product database. Remember as well, you can always sort by these columns of category, price, net, weight etc. If you want to add it to the product checker just click this little button here, and then
you can also export your results to a CSV to look at later. So that wraps up
my tutorial! Good luck with your product research!

Danny Hutson

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  1. Hello there. I already bought the Product database and it said that i have a limit of 40 products, it means that I'm allowed to "search" only 40 times! isn't? thanks in advance.

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