Web API 2 Hands-On #01 | Create a Web Application Project in Visual Studio

Hello and welcome to the first lesson.
There are two ways how to build a Web API 2 service. The first situation you
might be in is, you want to create a completely new web application. This is
the easy situation. The other one is not very difficult, but this situation might
be you have a web application already and want to add a Web API 2 web
service. We will cover both of them. But for now I will show you the easy
situation. So we create a new project and we will choose an ASP.NET Web
Application. OK. And as you can see here in Visual Studio 2015 you already have
lots of templates where you can choose from, and all these deliver Web API if
you want to add it to your web application. So for example you can
choose an empty web app and simply check Web API and you already have a Web API
service in your web application. Same goes for Web Forms, MVC, or a ready to use Web API web app with MVC, too. For this tutorial series we will just create an empty web
application and add Web API to it. Click OK. And that’s it. We already have our empty
web app and Web API is there. This means we have all the references we need for
Web API, we have the “App_Start” folder with the Web API configuration. We cover
that soon. We have the “Controllers” folder, “Models” folder, because Web API in essence covers the Model-View-Controller pattern which will I explain in a minute. And the
very important Global Application file (Global.asax) is here. So that’s it when you want to
create a new web application and have Web API as a web service. Thank you for
watching this video and spending your precious time with this tutorial. I
always try to get better at these tutorials so if you have any comments please leave them below. If you have learned something new I would really appreciate
it if you give me a thumbs up and if you want more videos like this please
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Danny Hutson

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