WE MAKE A GREAT TEAM | GTA Online #1 (GTA V Next Gen)

WE MAKE A GREAT TEAM | GTA Online #1 (GTA V Next Gen)

TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to GTA 5 online With mark and wade now a lot of people wanted to see me play GTA online [I] didn’t want to play it on my own or with just with random people So this is a great chance to get in and play with some people that I actually knew, jack are you a frenchman? Are you a Magician… no? I’m uh I’m jack white from the white stripes. oh, you are actually wade’s just wade. How boring No, wade is a bradley cooper from the hangover Iii, am. I am a retired mime We’re gonna shoot not each other, but just the ground (wade gets hit by a car)(mark and jack laugh)why!! Im Getting back at my car screw this yeah. Yeah there we go. There we go Yeah, fuck you.oh yeah? oh Yeah? Don’t don’t shoot me. Don’t you dare
im gonna shoot ur finger! do not dare (mark head shots jack)hey! I didn’t know it would kill you instantly, omg did you head shot jack? A shot can’t kill me instantly of course not yeah, we gotta get out of here lead the way who’s leading the way me? you !They’re after you. Why oh good good. people are glitching all over the place Where are we supposed to go? I don’t know j-just drive away Well see you later wade!(laughs) were Are you going?! I don’t know were am i supposed to go? uh oh (X3) im upside down,fix it fix it!,ok sorry about coming into your house like that! ow!What are you doing? Now i have two wheels out. Thanks. Sorry here comes fun! like oh here comes fun It’s like [real-life] bumping cars here comes Jack wooo! It’s like a long delay before you actually got there, yeah the cars just bump all over the place You made me hit a cop(X2). I have to get a car but all the cops are around stop bringing the co-oh god ahh!stop bringing the cops to me! Okay, screw it. You know what fuck it we’re taking this car then…did you guys go down into the subway? That’s what we’ve been saying we’ve been doing, am I in the right place I? i Don’t know,oh yeah Drive your car here. We need to go-(mark gets hit) yay! you got over it i did but i wasn’t trying to Jack ramp off of me. Oh you you back your arse up into that. maybe if I stand here to… never mind (jack makes weird noises) yeah just feel free to steal my car jack if that dosent work to oh oh oh yeah!(jack makes it over the ramp)waddup bitches!i am the best! my god it’s so good what way do these wheels turn look at the way those wheels are? I’m stuck now. I can’t go forward or back. Im gonna Catapult you guys off this into the subway. yeah that was close i Do not trust this oh Hello, ma’am. She has her phone out. She’s taking pictures of me. Stop taking pictures of me! uh jack apparently, cuz my guy is just walking in circle yay!where are we going? I don’t know Airport is..here can you even drive bruh? I do I drive all four wheels are I heard gas pedals in Ireland are made of guinness bottles is that true? Yeah, the whole car is made out of guinness bosses. Yeah, wow they’re air freshener They literally just catch a leprechaun they hang it in their rearview mirror Yeah, they’re small enough, and when they shake they let out pixie-dust that smells gorgeous. Here’s more bikes hey, hey, buddy. Oh im gonna get it!(wade jumps out of car)waah! See you later wade! yeah were not coming back for you.wade Yeah, I’m not giving up this momentum oh wades right behind us. He’s on a bike. Hey guys! is he? can i middle-finger him? I can’t turn all the way around fuck u wade!,fuck u wade(laughs) bye! helicopter! oh Okay Wait can we all ride in that? yep Land good well, that’s not good thats good!. thats a good landing.oh yes. I’m out I’m out. I’m out okay, okay. All right. Thank you helicopter.. …jeraminose oh oww I hit my head off a bin now were stuck on the mountain just eternally sleeping off No, we’re not I have a parachute. i am getting down out of here. hey. I’m dead again wait Is that Jack? is that you with the rainbow parachute? Yeah! damn you Damn, you jack Help us. Oh wait oh im above u now,were are u? i can see mark just bouncing around,thank u thank u i know Oh no, no no no no fuck it I lost me parachute and bouncing I’m rolling I hi tree. Okay. whoa hey!We’re not drunk. Whoa Hey no jack!jack keep away! ( random drunk noises a guy makes) jack just lay down, jack lay down it’ll all be over soon no no no..yeah! i punched u like ten times in a row (no u didnt mark) i have one punch away from death here look i jumped- oh
Thanks for the money aren’t you guys glad I brought you to the top of the mountain to get bikes when there were no Thanks for the money aren’t you guys glad I brought you to the top of the mountain to get bikes from the Yeah, thanks. We can go to the military base if you want yes, please are there weaopons there Yes, it’s got a shoot information all the way back. Are you okay? Yeah see woah what the heck just happend? What? you crashed into something on our screens? No, I didn’t on our screens You did then you would all of the sudden on the other side of the road happens you guys What is going on? you know its just lag that’s making it happen right? Yeah, they’re not car crashes their Just lags Yeah, the lag there’s a fence here We have to like go up the site of their mountain or something to get out on the side of the mountain [I] don’t think this thing’s gonna get over this it got power what I really got Pal we got 5 stars!why are their bleachers here? you don’t find a tank, a tank finds you wait Oh, okay? I get it Oh, we’re so dead aren’t we yeah? Go go yeah. Go out that way some if you can get out that side.. tank! tank!tank?!i am out!i am out! I see a tank! see a tank! im coming and getting it, I’m getting it don’t shoot me don’t shoot me u bastards aww noo! come on! all i see is a car in the fucking mountains. You don’t know what you doing do ya? see you guys didn’t know what you were doing either you guys were making fun of me. Didn’t you [know] [I] didn’t know I’m gonna get in,oh oh!(gasps dramatically) does wade knows what hes doing? i crashed into one of them and they don’t care. We’re gonna get it see ya later I just saw that in my screen Okay, I’m in,im coming dudes! oh tank!(girlish scream in the distance) no!no! dont shoot me!im getting in the jet!get in the fucking get!..im in the air! do not shoot me down! Notice a jet cant drop into a tank…yes! i escaped!hahaha!im in a jet!whoo! I’m Gonna get my own someones down here somewhere,it was pretty sa-ahh jack! Whoa hey hey now you’d be nice. I’ll be nice What are you doing? bye jack!wow!! what happened to you? i hit a pole, oh wow poles are a detriment to society you know what I’m gonna get in and steal another one before you guys do screw you!now crash through the vents through the vents hey whitey there you go You guys gonna pick me up. He picked me up all laugh fuck.yeah strait strait strait strait There’s a guy there run around [no], sorry sir. It’s all yours back. Thank you. I mean, I mean take it off. I Told you you guys have all the luck with jet. Oh, it was like right there Here I’ll end this one on the road and you can take it No, I don’t want it’s correct sure I’ll come on so come on. You know. You know you want. Oh no. No, no I’m gonna get one of them on [us] [are] you down wow I got shot Okay, America, man. I take you the same oh No I only saw his white dad covered wars me on the map and then you just wrap oh That was amazing Bible laughing below Hey, harley, you look so pimp in your care. Let’s thank you with my top hat yeah, Klaus Thank God it back by the highway. Oh my face is bright pink from laughing and waiting I’m waiting to see how you were if you die you fucking mountain in that thing are we yeah, yes? I hit the type of defense and got in Oh, God. I miss the guy and I can I’ll be right there. I miss the guy do not shoot me Oh, okay Doesn’t handle [Sap] stop stop stop He didn’t stop. Okay you guys ready for a master class. Oh. God. We got two stars already [ashesh] It’s all part of the plan it motivates now. Oh wait. Okay longer on the plan Okay, oh That nice aged baby, Leslie worse Sheesh oh tank. Oh, no the guy’s not here get out somebody get out. I’ve got it’s yours Fight there’s another jet here you’re getting out to get this one. I got it ah I’m out no soldiers. Oh God oh, God oh, God. Oh, God ah oh Guys, [I] can only drive straight up the runway. I only promised that I get you a jet I never I never promised that you’d be able to fly it a lot of turn a fly straight up God damn it you guys back. I’m coming jack. I’m coming to you. I’m coming to you jack Okay, you cuz I’m the best one yes. You are you’re my favorite Movie hey, I don’t need your tears, Ari oh god. Oh, God Did you see me I can fly last night Like [ten] replays is it oh my God

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  1. Hey jack I just got a YouTube channel can you subscribe and give me a head start I only have 1 video though it's called captain random and I stole your end thing

  2. Did anyone know that theres a npc that was modeled after jack and it has a 5% spawn rate. Ive seen it twice.

  3. Do they not know that they can BUY jets for a few hundred thousand? In fact they can buy stuff even better than jets, like rocket cars, rocket bikes, cars that shoot rockets, etc


  5. Seeing this now reminds of how casual GTA was when it first came out and now it is filled with tryhards feeding off of other players pain

  6. There was a roach on my screen and I didn’t notice until I got a text from my mom asking did you get the chicken out the fridge

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