We GOT the Chinese Game Console!! – Subor Z+ Early Review

We GOT the Chinese Game Console!! – Subor Z+ Early Review

Ok, do I have better weapons? Like, oh my god look at all this, they’re homing, they’re homing. You have to shoot them down. You know when you’re gaming at 4K resolution It’s easy to forget that under the hood of Microsoft’s most powerful Xbox 1 Is little more than a low power AMD Jaguar processor And an aging Polaris – based integrated graphics card Oh and did I mention the mechanical hard drive. See the truth is if the Xbox 1 X ran standard windows with standard windows games It would be dawg slow But the other thing that’s easy to forget is that all of those parts in it are fundamentally standard PC components So what would prevent someone from building a faster game console? oooh Apparently nothing. This is the subor Z plus A game console from China that we got our hands on Lets uhh… lets take this baby for a spin, shall we? Right after I tell you guys about GlassWire Glaswire allows you to instantly see your current and past network activity, detect malware and block badly-behaving apps on your PC or android device. Use offer code : ‘Linus’ and get 25 percent off GlassWire at the link below. *Rad intro music* Ignoring that then we’ve got two usb 2.0 type A ports on the front and then 4 usb 3.0 ports around the back along with ethernet twin hdmi ports though both of these are outputs So there’s no fancy cable blocks pass-through or anything like that And three and a half millimeter jacks with audio Along with a S/PDIF connector On the bottom, there’s this little latch right here and this is cool It reveals two two and a half inch drive bays Uhh should we fire it up and see what it looks like in action? So this is a pretty bog-standard windows install The only thing that really stands out about it out of the box is that Everything that you see in the installed programs is stuff that we put on it, Its extremely clean. The only preinstalled application is this uhhhh What’s it what’s this thing called again So thanks for watching guys, if you disliked this video you can hit that button but if you liked it hit like get subscribed Or maybe consider checking out where to buy these stuff we featured at the link in the video description, good luck by the way. And while you’re down there you can check out our merch store which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum which you should totally join.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “We GOT the Chinese Game Console!! – Subor Z+ Early Review

  1. The Chinese would steal candies from babies.
    In a way they already did and far worse when they poisoned all those babies and puppies with their toxic baby and dog foods just to make a few extra pennies on each can.

  2. I guess every gaming console is just a pc in a case now, but i'm so fed up with China's manipulating and deceiving tactics. They (fairly high percentage, i think) just don't give a shit.

  3. But according to Aaron Greenburg of Microsoft, One X is the console to end the console cycle……. But you just referred to the One X, basically as an antique. You see, when Ken Kutaragi was around, there was innovation in hardware. His consoles lasted up to ten years and PCs were trying to keep up with consoles, now all consoles are the same boring or of date before ya know it PCs because they're off the shelf. See what happens when you scare off innovators?

  4. So sad more and more gaming business moving from console to mobile. And now China want to enter the console gaming business……. Dun know if this is smart or stupid.

  5. Linus, just an idea for a video, would it be possible in someway to build a powerful machine and somehow download on it's own boot drive, xbox software. That way you could have your pc and console in the same machine and just decide which one you use in the BIOs?

  6. Just seen this now (September 2019). As a non games player, and as someone who finds this type of thing interesting please do update us.

    Is 1440P good?

    The Chinese People's Army Police wants to know your location… And play GTA 7: Beijing Streets with you

  8. 1000th person to ask maybe, but what is that sofa keyboard and where can I get it?!…. In europe with UK keyboard layout ideally!

  9. So you're OK with 59GB of encrypted Proprietary Chinese coding on your system, and willingly connect it to your home network and the internet? You are far braver than me, sir.

  10. Can it work with an external CD/DVD , Blu-ray disc drive ?

    Is it compatible with external hard drives ?

    Can you play overwatch in it ?

  11. I want a windows 10 console mode for when im at my tv and I wanna use a controller, someone please help me, and yes i know about big picture mode, its just very laggy and doesn't work well for me, I use my pc for everything. (I run a ryzen 7 2700 with 32gb of ram with 2 980s in my own custom pc case thats very small and portable),

  12. everyone must have forgot the failed alienware alpha console!!! they didnt sell well.. i bought 2 of them when walmart clearanced them out for $150! they make great mini Computers/gaming rigs but not worth the original price!

  13. Subor used to make very cheap "teaching computer"/Nintendo knockoffs for the Chinese and Russian market, so they have come a long way with this thing.

  14. I'm not sure I really care about rm an wb bada Bing bro is it fun to play and what's the strong points about this all u talked about is stats whooooo cares ur Baseing it on the Xbox not cpu's please stick to real deal is it's better and fun never saw it play

  15. Well the company disbanded… it would have also cost $625… way more than an Xbox one x, which can actually run games well

  16. Consoles are not banned in China. I grew up with gameboy and psv. They are just really unpopular. And Microsoft and Sony don't bother to get licenses, which means Chinese players have to play on Hong Kong servers.

  17. Damn this is actually very cool and interesting. I feel like these console PC hybrid things will kill consoles in the future. Steam actually already tried to do this same thing with their steam PC. But the world is just not ready for it. Probably In the future Nvidia and AMD will make their own prebuilt PC consoles and stop working with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. I found it funny when Linus unboxed it and it didn't have a controller. I immediately thought it's because you can use any bluetooth controller you want or something. But it was even better turns out its just a PC 💪😂

  18. 4 gig for windows? you gotta be shitting me. maybe you should uninstall the tons of "feature" crap or shutdown all those useless services. on 8 gigs and in general it runs with less then 1.5 gig. this shit coder company is just to dumb to disable the useless bloat. and they blow it up again every other day. dumb office fucks. welp. i know it's an old video. just had to rant here. 🙂

  19. Tbh. Product like this could potentially have huge market value. They really need to tweak and improve it alot though.
    Maybe im speaking out of my ass right now and maybe its already done as well….dont really know but, this is what i got in mind.
    PC+Console combined. You flip a switch (or something) and you can play console games or use it as a PC and also play PC games. You can also swap parts out at will like you can do with regular PC. In theory anyway….i could see it having a place in a market for more casual people. Tbh. i think something like this is bound to happen in the future where you potentially have everything put in 1 box you can buy. PC, console, home cinema……what ever else you can imagine.

  20. i can't find that console anywhere… searched everywhere i could, i believe this is some bullshit you guys have just posted

  21. I didn't know game consoles where banned in China. Kind of makes the fact that they make all of them fuckin hilarious…..

  22. XBOX WON X is a SoC and devs can code it to the metal. PC is a mixed bag of surprises that devs can't code to the metal.

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