I the orange Turtle welcome back to another minecraft video today We are invading a Minecraft five nights at freddys server. And yeah, we’re gonna we’re gonna record the chat you’re gonna make fun of them Obviously we have no it ill wishes towards these servers. So we’re just gonna say hey, please join the server This is just me messing around we have no bad intentions behind all this but you’d call it a little minor inconvenience for everybody It shouldn’t be too bad. It’s just standing the chat with some funny little things so ah, yeah guys, so don’t get all upset cuz I actually do like the server and if I could get banned, I’m sure that Me showing this clip could help me get on the end. So um, yeah guys Let’s get right into the video be sure to leave a like subscribe and yeah, let’s do this This server does not have a spam filter Which will be nice. Alright, we’re gonna start the spam in 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 let the spam beginning Oh My goodness, this is gonna get bad. This is gonna get real. They’re getting kicked for spamming. Are they really getting kicked? Oh, my goodness This is gonna get bad Almighty, lord it. Stop spamming, please All God, there’s no Key box on the server All night Of the greatest content ever orange is a big scooper I’m gonna get bad so quickly, so I’m doing the Holi It’s not ruining the holidays, okay Happy New Year’s everyone like dang. Oh My god gonna get really cool exterior divinities. Oh Phenom is dumb. Oh You’re rubbing it in the wound All they’re avoiding us no, oh no God. Oh Don’t worry guys, I’ll back you all up. It was all my idea You guys need a fan and you actually want a on service. I’ll let the owner know that it was all my doing I got video evidence for a year. I want them to do it And it’s kind of I mean I could turn this around and say publicity stunt to the servers or you know Say hey, we were on here You know We’re making a video on your server and haven’t punished. So oh My goodness, this is gonna get great. This is to get funny. This is gonna get crazy really quickly Let’s try to always turtle yes orange is a big spoofer Look at Jack guy it’s gonna get out of hand, you know quickly I’m waiting for a staff to hop on the server and it ruin our fun Actually, no, let’s fucking ruin our fun. It’s gonna get better. Oh, I thought I was ending no, it’s baggage here. Let’s see the pink spoofer we get it The orange turtle I dunno seismic name I’m not doing anything wrong. What? I’m so confused Oh my goodness Hilarious. Oh my lord Oh, okay, where’s where’s everyone else so we got we got um This is the content Everyone ignores Matt oh They muted. Okay. Nevermind. Oh, I’m hiding my name. Oh my gosh Okay, that’s not gonna work because they have like who is On the server Ain’t gonna help you All my goodness this is getting out of hand You’ll fit Africa let’s go play instead of Minecraft. Oh my goodness this is getting mean Stop spamming right make us make us stop spamming say something like that Give all its total owner Wow People are just leaving I bet Yo, we’re making this very inconvenient for people hilarious I Swear, this this better become the next big trend in Minecraft just spamming on servers but it’s hilarious how people ban us Yeah, oh I’m also the richest person on the server by the way Yeah, I’m the eighth richest person on the server I can buy you all fluffy yo like Got plushies if anyone walked one This is crazy. Oh I have their discord I Don’t thought I did I’m dancing at this board I guess That’s unfortunate Hit-or-miss, I guess II never meant oh you got a boyfriend. Eh, but he doesn’t kiss ya should do that Take hit or miss Catering is The best thing ever Oh my goodness before getting disconnected Hit or miss I guess they never miss huh got a boyfriend I bet he doesn’t get yeah. Wow This is great, this is freaking great Now just subscribe to orange turtle do that If I’m gonna live MA died and these annoying people Subscribe to orange turtle or else? Oh my goodness Best of all every bless your lunch That’s my stuff Bob boys Guys don’t worry turtle or else I’m waiting for the band. Definitely not it sub by This is great, this is freaking great, but you don’t even need a bunch of people to do this Thing so we could really come back on here and just do this again If you account new hardware literally new everything Can be square on here if you can try to do be lasagna No, no, no not beat lasagna lasagna Tote I Know I’m not gonna say it I’m gonna Center or knowledge in editing. Don’t worry This is great Everyone’s everyone’s meet like cat-like. Ignored us. I Totally Supporting sweetie pie. So I guess it’s not magic. Oh My goodness USP series Ft serious Great Not being told to do this show Like getting all back you go up. You guys actually want to come back on. Here we go. Speak to the owner personally I’m gonna Stop the recording you. Yeah We’re gonna call this off. We’re gonna say we had our fun. We’re all just gonna go So say we’re leaving now All right, we’re done whatever stop All right. Get out everybody. You guys want more spanic video construed and hit the like button and subscribe for more. Peace out

Danny Hutson

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