The orange turtle back Video and today we are on ice kaya fly done nets MC the hi sky aside on that like that. I’m so sorry be sure to Subscribe now and leave a like on this video so we know you guys want to propose to make more and Yeah, guys this music loud But um, yeah guys we know you guys are gonna love this because it’s freakin hilarious You have any more upload of one of them yet? And this is our third episode on this That’s how hyped I have to make these videos So, um, yeah guys, let’s milk the inspiration and um, yeah Let’s cause some destruction to the server which server has players on it. Ah We’re going to I sky block Here we go everybody’s here Here we go got staff on here, yes, finally we can get some staff action ok All right ready Read We doesn’t want to raid 50 shades of orange. Oh, there’s a guy actually need 50 shades of orange Are you ready? For the spin we have staffel deserver Scamming is AB animal offense. This isn’t a scam. It’s spam That’s right. Ladies and gentlemen We are the turtle squad and we’re here to spam a server. We’re already on it’s already on the run. Let’s go Yes Shut down, oh My gosh orange turtle do something We just want to stamp The bad raid, oh That’s great. They asking their discord server if anyone want to help us because we just read so they know that this is a raid Okay, they all got muted. Oh No No, that’s the quickest record You said that sounds quicker than the previous servers the other servers didn’t even shut it down Like Dane, did they get banned? So I said hello So I said, so I’m sure you know what just happened right We read it you’re surfer and trying to spam it off however We had good intentions and therefore the whole event we intended to help you get more flared while also causing chaos on your server abuse Like I’d like to congratulate you for successfully shutting down Servers did that why not? She says Staff however, I orchestrated all of it wondering you’re taking his band me instead her right? She banned me And yeah, so I said good talk and happy Hunger Games. Look happy new year. Have fun mate meet you So, um get guys I’m gonna try to get everyone else on band. He was associated with the event because It’s all my fault, right? And um, yeah, we’re gonna continue doing our raids and um, yeah guys

Danny Hutson

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