WCS Online Course Open – DK Yoo

WCS Online Course Open – DK Yoo

You can learn All these things Theory of meditation Theory of DK ChamJangGong Rooting training Application of TG Wave Practice of Head-butt Training for body elasticity Dragon punch training Step training Lead punch TG WAVE Kick Lifting chair test Lead Punch training Basic exercise

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70 thoughts on “WCS Online Course Open – DK Yoo

  1. May I know the name of your martial art style please…?? is it Russian Systema..??

  2. Sou do Brasil, achei esse canal aleatoriamente e devo dizer que estou muito, muito, extremamente impressionado com tamanha técnica, força, agilidade, flexibilidade e velocidade. Próximo e único até o momento que consigo comparar com o até então incomparável e imbatível Bruce Lee.

  3. ผมชอบการป้องกันตัวนะคับดูจากวีดีโอแล้วก็น่าจะใช่ป้องกันตัวได้ แต่ถ้าเกิดต่อสู้กันจริงๆจะเหมือนกับในวีดีโอไม่. แค่สงสัยนะคับ

  4. 제가 옛날에 사람의 근육은 총 7단까지 있다고 들었는데 오늘 이분의 영상 중에서 사람의 뼈와 근육이 1단부터 7단까지 그림이 나오네요 오늘 옛날에 들었던 말이 이제야 이해가 갑니다

  5. The short movements like Bruce Lee did in his movies do not work at all and might be good for distraction of the opponent before the serious and powerful kick or punch. Generally, exercises and techniques shown here about nothing as it has no deal with the real situation of fight and opponent. Noone is going to give you do such tricks in the fight with agressive or serious individual. Movements are too fast and lost power.

  6. Beladiri ala brucee lee yg dikemas secara praktis , semua beladiri dijadikan menjadi satu .. Bagus juga tetapi terlalu mengandalkan speed saya sih lebih minat ke karate atau ke judo dari pada DK
    Dan latihan beladiri tdk memakai sepatu . Saya baru melihat beladiri fighter pakai sepatu

  7. I can imagine in a fight..

    Opponent slaps him in the face..
    "Hey ur supposed to just stand there while I punch you. Don't do anything else"

  8. 이분이 하는 수련이나 트레이닝을 보면
    실전이니 댄스니 하는건 제껴두더라도
    몸쓰는 거나 운동 원리는 확실히 마스터 하고 있는것 같음
    그게 케이지 안에서 통하는건 다른 문제고
    원리와 리듬은 나름의 유파로 정리를 하고 있는듯

  9. почему он в UFC не дерется он в видео умный а вделе не видели

  10. Really amazing and great teacher i respect what've done i'm practicing aikido and jujutsu from marocco u are giving accurate details about inner force 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  11. Somebody needs to train under him and fight in mma.

    Alot ppl are doubtful of his actual skills in combat, and those are well-founded. After all, real martial arts can only be tested in the most brutal realistic situations as mma or muay thai. But I see that the things that he teaches all seem to make sense in principle. They’re mostly about flexibility, balance and using motion to be faster, not unlike how they teach boxing or kickboxing. Anyway, would be interesting.

  12. and the sparring…. Dk yoo gotten plenty of money teaching the people how to have sex with their wife. come on what kind of shit is that?????

  13. When are people going to realise he is an instructor, not a fighter. He has no need or want to fight professionally. Let’s see how many get this.

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