Volta Cable Review: Finally, A Magnetic Charging Cable!

Volta Cable Review: Finally, A Magnetic Charging Cable!

Charging cables suck but this one doesn’t. Howdy howdy guys ponchato here, and today
we’re taking a look at the Volta Charger cable. It’s a magnetic charging cable for your
iPhone, Android, or tablet that solves the problem of fumbling around with your phone
charger, trying to plug it in. Shout out to Volta for sending this one over. Before the review, a bit of backstory about
Volta. They’re a startup company from Australia
that began with an Indiegogo campaign in early 2017 to bring a magnetic charging cable to
phones and tablets. I like startups so, I think this is really
cool. The Volta has two parts: the cable itself
with a regular USB type-A plug at one end and magnetic plug at the other, and the magnetic
charging adapter that goes into your phone. You simply insert the magnetic adapter and
leave it – it’s small enough to not get in the way or get hooked on anything when
pulling your phone out of your pocket. Now here’s the fun part: you bring the magnetic
end of the cable near the charge port on your phone, and it just snaps into place. And because the adapter and cable are reversible,
you don’t have to fumble around with it to find the right orientation; you just bring
it close, it snaps in, and your phone starts charging. The thing I really like is that it doesn’t
do this like my old charging cable; no more waking up with your battery at 30% because
your charging cable came loose. The cable itself is sleeved and feels high
quality, and the USB end fits snugly. The Volta comes with a lifetime warranty,
but I have a feeling that won’t be needed most of the time; these cables do feel tough. The magnetic end of the cable has a small
green light to indicate it has power, and the magnets pull pretty hard for how small
the adapter is. I can hold my phone up by the cable without
it coming loose, and even the heavier iPhone 8 Plus stays connected. In case you’re wondering how far away the
adapter will magnetically attract the cable, it pulls it in from about 1 inch. Now, how do you get the magnetic adapter back
out of your phone, in case you need to switch back to a regular cable? It is small, but it’s big enough that you
can grip it with your fingertips and pretty reliable pull it out. However, Volta gives you one of these funny
looking plastic things to extract the adapter. The nice thing about using the extractor is
that it holds onto the adapter rather than flinging it out of your phone and onto the
floor. Smart. The Volta comes in 4 colors: black, gold,
rose gold, and silver which I have here. They’re available in half, 1, and 2 meter
lengths (which is about one and a half, 3 and 6 feet), and come with 2 magnetic adapters. You can pick 2 Apple Lightning adapters, 2
micro USB for Android phones, 2 USB C, or one Lightning and one micro USB if you swing
both ways. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about
how useful this would be. I mean, it’s just a charging cable. But after using it for a few days, I actually
really like it. Turns out this is one of those things where
you say “Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s a high quality cable, fits snug, and
above all it does what it’s supposed to do: it takes away the pain of fumbling with
a phone charger. If you want to pick up a Volta cable for yourself,
which I’d highly recommend, follow the link in the description. If you want to get notified of new videos
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cable, leave them in the comments below. Thanks for watching, I hope I helped, and
I’ll see you in the next video.

Danny Hutson

23 thoughts on “Volta Cable Review: Finally, A Magnetic Charging Cable!

  1. I have a question do you have any advice for my channel I haven’t uploaded in a long time and now I have lots of inactive people

  2. Hey, I was wondering does the cable have a limit on the charging current? ie do those small pins allow for the same current to pass through if you have a >2 amps charger.

  3. I think if they had a cable that was magnetic on both ends that would be nice for things like charging using Type-A or Type-C or even OTG applications like charging from one device to another.

  4. Hows the fast charging though? I have a op5 and i really enjoy dash charging but havent tested if it works with other cables and i just need the adapter or if i need both cause ik it doesnt work eith just the cable.

  5. Magnetism doesn't affect electricity as long as material is adequate to conduct electricity and is waterproof and is not dangerous

  6. Can u suggest a 500$ build from Amazon.in. cause all these parts are double the price in India, but some parts are cheaper from other companies .

  7. About the best mobile phone accessory I have bought so far, been using it for months now and no complaints whatsover and their customer service is second to none.

  8. What about them shorting in your pocket at the ends of the plug? Really wanna buy this but unsure if working on a building site would potentially damage my phone? Anybody else have issues with say coins or forgettable metal objects bridging the pins?

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