Voices from the Global Forum: Reiko Sakanove – Japan

Hi, my name is Reiko Sakanove.
Actually, I am an author and journalist but because I can’t write the truth in Japan… As a journalist I cannot really write what is really happening in Japan. So actually we are having a very tough time at this moment. So, to rescue Japan is not possible from only Japanese living in Japan. Because we are under the huge pressure of a very dictative government. Especially of this administration. Therefore, I made my own network. A TV network called channel zero, because I can’t broadcast and I can’t tell the truth through newspapers or magazines or local TV in Japan. So only YouTube: Channel Zero. I tell the people the truth, what is happening. But that’s not
really easy. and that’s also very risky at this moment. So and it is not only in Japan. So many countries are the same, I think. Hopefully we can tie up with likeminded people, who want to get back government
in their own hands, away from the dictative government. You know, whatever there is.
We want to cooperate together. And we want to make real democracy all over the world, together in harmony. I’m very happy to welcome the people
from overseas to support each other, to know and then tell the truth what is
happening in each country. And then maybe we can also be of help and they can maybe help us.

Danny Hutson

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