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Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing.
I wanted to go ahead and do a vocal coach reacts to Sebastian Bach the band
is Skid Row and the song is called “I Remember You” and the reason is is that I
have the luxury of growing up in LA all my life and hobnobbing with all of these
different bands and you know a lot of members exchanged members I mean Tracii Guns, LA guns you know Slash, Guns & Roses ,you
know you name it this is another band Poison, Motley Crue you know Van Halen
and so everyone kind of knew each other. I mean it was they may or may not have
liked you as much but they might have respected you if you had good talent and
so um this vocal coach reaction isn’t some guy living in the Midwest who’s
just throwing something on the internet. This is a guy who lived through this
stuff and they know me and I know them and we.. everybody knows each other so I’m
trying to be responsible on how I react to this and it’s not gonna be all let’s
worship eighties metal stuff and it’s not gonna be all let’s you know hate
eighties metal stuff but it’s gonna be a hopefully a fair balanced reaction to
all this so as we go through it I’ll play this here now. There’s a concept he
brought.. talks about at the beginning yes I previewed the video, where he says you
know everyone’s supposed to hate everybody else and this and that whatever,
it’s kind of ironic you know we all love each other can’t you see it as he leaves
the band because of ego and as you know Axl Rose left Guns N’Roses because of
ego and as if you know all these different players or whatever so there
is a lot of that but that’s not really what happened, what happened was everyone
was just trying to get a record deal man. They just wanted to get signed and they
wanted to play out and they wanted to go out and do their thing and and showcase
their craft and their talent and then later ego ensued but that’s where it
gets the bad rap of what he’s about to say so we’ll do the video first, we’ll
talk about it after, here we go. A lot of effect on his voice Okay by the way I think this was the end
of a tour they did with Guns N” Roses and I saw them 1990, 91, 92 I forget the
fact I think it says it here. Lindley Stadium 91. I wasn’t there I was
in LA I saw him so anyway but it’s around that time and it was a great
concert and it rocked. It was like wow but he’s he’s using a lot of effect on his
voice it.. this was a mid day thing too when opening acts they didn’t get the
the big time slot, they got the opening slot and what also is interesting is the
band themselves they were.. everybody was great, they played their hearts out, they
gave it all, put it.. left it all on the field, let’s continue here we go. Very flat. Very flat. Ok, again so the guy’s got stamina for days,
straight up incredible range, super handsome guy all that working for him
but the pitch isn’t so great right. I think was Ted Nugent I might have said
this before, Ted Nugent had said something.. love him or hate him Ted
Nugent that if he could just get outside of his own ego and brain, he would just
be a monster monster talent. Well he’s obviously you know displayed that but at
the same time too we can believe in our own press and think we’re all that but
we’re really not all that if we can’t get those notes together with a lot of
effect. Back then we didn’t have auto-tune or melodyne and all that stuff
so it was a lot of chorus, boss 303, a lot of delay, a lot of reverb and stuff and
you can hear that going on here so and it’s fresh in the day. Thankfully he
doesn’t look stoned which is great so let’s continue. That’s the Dio version from me. Now he’s digging in now, you can hear him
you know bringing it up, ramping it up. Maybe he should have saved some of that
and made sure that all of it was even in how he did his performance. Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy, I’m just calling it like it is so love me or hate me but
again I grew up around all this stuff. We’re gonna talk about Poison and Motley
Crue and all these different bands there grew up. We shouldn’t worship any of
those bands, we should go they made rock and roll history and then
let’s do a takedown of what made them great and how can we get better you know
what I mean. Okay let’s continue. He’s losing stamina and he lost strength. Good passion. Good placement in the face to get to the (sings). Good
placement. Okay looking back at the drummer, they’re gonna actually break into the song with the whole band. Here we go. Rubbing his head, probably hurt a little bit. Look he’s drinking water good for you
dude good for you, you’re not drinking Jack Daniels that’s great man.
Yeah I know what that says. Here we go. Yeah he’ll be done if you fail. A lot of Chorus, lot of, lot of
effect on that voice right there. Good player. He plays for the band not for himself which is great. And he sings like Richie Sambora By the way if you notice when the band
kicks in, it kind of covers a multitude of sin. You can’t quite tell how pitchy
he is or isn’t, happens with a lot of groups when you get board mixes, like all
those you know YouTube videos floating around. It’s kind of interesting because
you can really hear the pitch of like what’s really going on and again
phenomenal talent guys. Helped write rock and roll history for 80s metal you know
in LA especially but there it’s we’re not gonna worship that, we’re gonna look
at it and say, how can we take that and apply it to ourselves to make ourselves
better and that’s hopefully what we’re doing here now. He better save it, he’s got a big note coming up here that he did on the record. He’s skating on that a little bit here. Good tone though. Good energy from the band. I think he missed his que, I think he was gonna say (sings) and then he realized that that was the end of the
song he didn’t quite finish it the way they had planned but that’s rock and
roll. Anyway guys thank you for joining me Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy another
iconic band, great stuff, great band, again talent for
days, handsome guy all that stuff is it worship worthy to the extent that it’s
like we can’t hit this mark absolutely not, it’s not so I just want to say that
but I have to, have to, have to call a spade a spade and hopefully Motley Crew
doesn’t hate me and Poison doesn’t hate me and you know there’s other bands
Rat you know maybe I do some with them. You know all these bands that came out
of LA. Van Halen, I’m not worthy. The David Lee Roth side vocals could have been
better when Sammy stepped up to the plate it brought the band up a lot so
there were a lot of bands that came out of this era and I’m gonna pick them off
one at a time and just give my honest genuine vocal coach reacts to from a guy
who grew up in this stuff, knows the guys Sammy’s my cousin as you guys know, Sammy Hagar, grew up in this stuff and I know a lot. Ken why didn’t you make it
then, why weren’t you in one of these bands. You know I’m gonna tell you that
because I get asked this a lot. There’s a there’s a lyric conviction,
speaking the lyrics, singing the lyrics and a lifestyle conviction that I just
couldn’t find myself in man. I couldn’t, I didn’t want to do the drugs, I didn’t
want to sing about girls girls girls and these other things. Fact I think Nikki Sixx
said it best when their manager asks if I would consider trying out for the band
and I said I couldn’t, Corabi took the gig which is awesome, good for all them
um but he said I think Ken wanted to sing about something else and that is
the doggone truth. I have a conviction for how I
wanted to influence my generation in the whole process of this, so thank you for
joining me Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing
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Danny Hutson

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