Video Setup: MyBB Forum Installation

Video Setup: MyBB Forum Installation

What’s going on viewers? It’s Deities
from Hackforums and I’m here to go through the basic installation of MyBB. Now, this
forum software is one of my personal favorites to work with and in this lesson we will be
going through all the basic steps to get your board running. This should be a very quick
lesson, so let’s get it rolling. Let’s go ahead and open up Google and get
the party started. You’re going to need a few things to follow me in this lesson but
let’s start with finding yourself some hosting space. You may choose any site that offers
a Cpanel for starters. Just type in “Free Hosting” in Google and take your pick. For the sake of this tutorial and that this
is aimed at beginners I will be using a free host. However you get what you pay for, so
premium hosting is better. Once you’re done and registered for hosting you will probably
be directed to your Cpanel account which looks something as following. There are a lot of
things to do in the Cpanel but for now you won’t need any of them. Now that we are done with all of that, let’s
head back to Google and get what we actually came here to do. You’re going to need to
download MyBB core files that you will later upload to your host. There are a bunch of
tutorials on the official site for MyBB and they have a great community, so if you have
the time you should check it out. For now, just Google and head over to the
download page. I already have everything ready on my computer
but go ahead and download the latest version of MyBB. You are going to need the Upload
folder where inside you will find a bunch files that make and create the MyBB core.
Yes, very pretty. Now that we have our files we are going to
need something to connect to our hosting and upload the files for us. My personal choice
for compatible hosts is FileZilla. Filezilla is a FTP Client that you can get by Googling
it’s name and heading over to its development page. On the FileZilla site you will find two options
to download. Make sure you download and install the client and not the server. Go ahead and
download that installer and set up your copy of FileZilla. Once that is all ready you should
have FileZilla opened and be ready to connect. You still need the info of where to connect
so lets go ahead and get that information now.
Let’s head back into your Cpanel to grab your hostname and your username. On your left
side panel when it is extended you can easily find your hostname and your username. However
for my case the username is the same username that I used to set up the account. The password
should match your account password also. By clicking Quick Connect you will load into
your hosting space. You are now ready to upload your files. You have a lot of folders in your
hosting but the one that you are going to need is public_html. Open up that Upload folder
filled with the MyBB Core files and by pressing Ctrl A or selecting them all, drag and drop
those files onto the public_html folder. Once again my files are already on the server and
ready for this tutorial but the upload should take some time so lets go ahead and do something
else during that time. Going back to our Cpanel and now let’s create
the database accounts that we will need for the installation. You will need to find the
Database section of Cpanel and then click on MySQL & Databases link. Open that up to
get to this page. Here we will make a new database for MyBB. Start by typing in a name
for it. I’m choosing MyBB, and then create the database. Afterwards, going back to the
same page, let’s now create a user for our database. Fill in a name for the user as well
as a password that you can easily remember. My username extension will be “tester”
and the password will be 1234567…dog. Type it in again and let’s go ahead and create
our user. Here we have a confirmation of the account and a chance to copy down the information
as you will need it later on. Finally we will need to connect that user to our database
that we created. Find the two and press “add”. Giving the user all privileges in this database,
make the changes and we are ready to go. Now that whole setup of a database should
have given enough time for your upload to have finished. Now all your files should be
on your hosting server. You will need the process to be complete so if not, take a break
and wait till it is. To continue, you can see that all my files have been uploaded to
the server inside the folder public_html. Go ahead and copy your domain name, or just
go to your browser and open up your site. On your site you will find your home page
is now a MyBB error stating that your board has not yet been installed. That is not a problem as all you have to do
is go to your address bar and add /install to your domain name. There you will find the
very first step in installing the board. Go ahead and click through the slides, you can
read the license if you want, and then here we can see that all checks passed and we are
ready to go on. Here we have the database configuration, making sure all the settings
are right, we will start with the database username. Go ahead and type your username,
which will be the same one you used to connect from FileZilla. Type in the database password,
which for us was 1234567dog, and finally the database name that we made. Clicking next you will see that the tables
are being created inside the database. You can continue through each slide as they are
just confirmation pages of the installation. Finally you will reach the board configuration.
Here you can name your forums as well as add a contact email. I would advise not to touch
anything else unless you know what you are doing. Passing to the next slide, you will
be able to create your admin account for the forums. Go and make any account information you want
and can remember. Make sure it is something secure though. Lastly add your email address
and you are ready to go. Clicking next will show you that you have at last completed the
installation of MyBB. You can then visit your home page of your forums with the link and
look at your start of a forum. You will also see that your account is logged in and you
have an Admin Control Panel link. That is where this lesson ends and where the next
lesson begins. Thanks for watching, Deities from ApeCode. Out!

Danny Hutson

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