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100 thoughts on “Video appears to show Popeyes employee body slamming woman outside restaurant I ABC7

  1. That woman wasn't in the right, she shouldn't have said the N word to anybody.
    But if you think you can counter verbal assault with physical assault, you're wilding.
    Not even sure why a person with such anger issues is even working a customer service/food job like that smh

  2. In class today we were talking about it and our teacher said well black people say so hy are hippocrates they also kill people over it and I said OK AND THE KKK KILL BLACK PEOPLE FOR BEING BLACK then she brought the black panther group and I SAID blAck panther did not KILL white people

  3. They put something in that thing they had to that sandwich is more popular than in and out I bet and that is shocking

  4. Nobody cares she's a 55yr old grandma. She shouldn't have called him the N word. She got what she asked for with that generational gap, and such clear hatred for a specific racial group.

  5. Scam she provoked the situation by saying a racial slur that’s a hate crime definitely fightable in court he shouldn’t have never slammed her but it’s her fault Popeyes should counter that 100

  6. IF SHE CALLED ME A NIGGER I WOULD HIT HER ASS WITH KINDNESS AND TELL HER GOD BLESS HER & HER IGNORANT SOUL. At the same time I don’t feel bad for her. Ppl can’t go around saying those type of things without Consequences. I don’t agree with what he did.

  7. Way to rise above…should have let the racist trash leave and you could have got money. Instead you threw her down like a line backer and ended up in jail. Be smart people, dont let your emotions beat you.

  8. yup because body slamming someone is super worth gettin sued loosing your job and going to jail. goddamn people are so immature.

  9. Nobody want to mention that the dude called her a ho before she said the n word, ones a sexist fat pig, the other a ignorant ass racist, both getting what they deserve

  10. People really think this has something to do with a sandwich? Go to any fast food joint in Chicago and you'll see this kind if animalistic behavior.

  11. He won't be smiling while he's in jail
    Or when he gets out jobless because no will hire him after this. Enjoy paying your fines jobless. While you made some nasty racist extremely rich..she won you lost everything. But he's to stupid to see it now. She was wrong for what she said. But he acted like a wild animal. She was also being punched by that girl to. good luck b##tch getting a job. This why I won't go and try it or step foot in popeye's. He attacked a 55 year old woman what a COWARD AND A B##TCH

  12. I'll never understand the power of the word "nigger" or "nigga" or whatever variation is used holds over black people. If it's a slur, fine just look at the white person in their face and tell them how sad they are for being racist. If you assault someone over literally a 6 letter word, YOU GO TO JAIL, for a word bruh??? You're really willing to have your freedom stripped away because of a word????

  13. Lmao she got lifted up and was so surprised that she didn’t even react and then only once she was headed towards the ground did she even have a reaction

  14. Well when you live in a world where you think you can say or do whatever you want with no consequence you might get checked by someone that’s obviously had enough and getting whipped by the Popeyes slavemaster himself with this chicken sandwich drop.

  15. fuck man she looked kinds heavy too, landed on her arm and shoulder without catching herself at all, I bet something broke

  16. The only Way i would consider buying this Chicken Sandwich is ,…if I can have liability Insurance with it ! This is crazy,…loosing there Mind over a Chicken Sandwich !!😲…SMH

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