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Smart Home Manager is a free app
for internet customers to personalize their
home Wi-Fi experience – right from their
smartphone or computer. Go to and sign in with your
AT&T User ID and password. You can also find
the app directly in the Google
and Apple App Store. Your Smart Home
Manager homepage displays confirmation you’re
connected to your home network, along with your
internet speed tier. If we detect an issue
with your connection, we’ll display an alert. You can also see how many
devices are connected to your home network, and your Wi-Fi network name
when you log in. Looking for your Wi-Fi password? Just click on the Eye icon. Change your network
name and password by selecting the arrow. All the devices connected to
your home network can be viewed when you select the “Devices” tab. You can rename your devices
for a more customized feel. Need help or have questions
about your internet service? We’ve got quick links to
resolve common internet issues. Use the options in the “Tools” tab to check if there is an issue
with your network that may impact your
internet speed and connection. Our Network Health Check
is the perfect tool for checking the strength
and performance of your Wi-Fi connection
to your devices. Wi-Fi can be affected
by a lot of things. Smart Home Manager can scan
for the best available channel for your devices
to be connected to, so you can do all the things
you love as quickly as possible. Does your Wi-Fi seem slow
in certain places in your home? Check the Wi-Fi deadzones, and find out if your home could
benefit from AT&T Wi-Fi Extenders for optimal signal strength. Go to the Smart Home Manager and see how it can improve
your home Wi-Fi experience. Thanks for choosing AT&T! ♪AT&T jingle♪

Danny Hutson

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