Unboxing Of The FreedomPop Samsung Galaxy S5 – 100% Free Mobile Phone Service Review

Hey everybody this is Peter with BibleMoneyMatters.com and today we’re going to be talking about FreedomPop and their mobile phone service they have a hundred percent free talk text and data mobile plans available and it’s a great way to save money especially if you’re a low user of phone calls and text and data and so forth which I am so let’s take a look okay everybody today we’re going to taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy S5 that the folks at FreedomPop were kind enough to send out to me have it in the box here here it is the freedompop percent free talk text and data so let’s go ahead and open this up see we got inside alright so here is the phone I believe this is a refurbished one what it does looks pretty nice so we’re covered in plastic and it’s got plastic all around there it is see if we can focus on them better it’s got a nice rubberized texture feeling there has the camera and flash right there let’s turn that over and on the front here gives you instructions on how to activate your phone two step instructions so let’s set that aside what else we got in here we have got the USB cable. Nothing too crazy about that going to get it open and there it is just your standard USB cable with your phone and then we got USB adapter here charge your phone. So that’s everything in the package there. Now just to give you some quick background on the service FreedomPop again this is the Samsung Galaxy S5 and get them refurbished on the freedompop site for about 150 bucks or so has a 1.6 gigahertz quad-core processor 5.5 inch screen 8 megapixel camera 16 gigabytes of internal memory and it’s expandable with microSD up to 64 gigabytes so you can put a decent amount of stuff on there so with FreedomPop once you activate your 100% percent free basic phone service you can also purchase a premium unlimited plan. so basically their first plan that is 100% free is 200 minutes and 500 megabytes of data for free. For $10.99 you get unlimited talk text and 500 megabytes of data. $19.99 you get unlimited talk text and one gigabyte of data I believe that’s their most popular plan $24.99 you have unlimited talk text and 2 gigabytes of data. $29.99 you get all the same but you get 3 gigs of data 34.99 you get 4 gigs of data and then at $29.99 again you get unlimited talk text and data but the speeds are reduced after you reach 2 gigabytes so very cool looking phone we’ll open it up, charge it up and then maybe we’ll come back and take a further look at it okay so I’ve been using this FreedomPop phone for a couple of weeks now and this particular phone is the Samsung Galaxy S5 and first of all I’ve kind of admired these Samsung phones from afar for a while we never owned one before but now that I’ve had one for a couple of weeks I can say I really do like phone it’s not quite your stock Android it’s kind of a different version of Android that I’m used to but after getting used to it I do really like it so this particular phone is very fast runs everything I needed to run I was able to add a microSD card to the phone as well 32 gigabyte and that allows me to store pretty much whatever I need on the phone I haven’t run of a space even once but the using the phone itself is pretty simple main things are going to be doing via the FreedomPop phone is the messaging which is through the FreedomPop messaging app it is required that you use that because it sends text messages through the data connection versus a normal cell phone which sends it over to cell networks here you have your voicemail it’s where you’re going to be checking your voicemails if you are paying for that service so as you can see you have one got a few text messages in here because nobody really has this number of line yet but basically it looks like any other text messaging app only difference is it’s sending them a little differently it works perfectly fine the few times that I’ve used the text messaging on here ok so here is the back end of the freedom pop app this is where you’re going to have all of your information as far as what plan you’re on there were days left in your plan whether you have premium voice active and premium voice is the service where you’re actually doing phone calls over the voice networks as a backup on case you’re in an area with a bad data connection you can edit your plan through the app here you can check your voicemail you can add services under the available services there and this place where you can sync your account data and do Diagnostics if you’re having any issues with the phone so very simple easy to use why don’t we jump over to my voicemail you can kind of see how that looks here’s the visual voicemail that comes with here freedompop phone you can see I left myself a toys message just so you can see what it looks like it transcribes the message for you so you can actually see what they say before you even listen to it otherwise if you want to listen to it you can do the transcription was pretty accurate instead of video it’s at radio but otherwise it was just fine if you want to you can call that person back or send them a text message through here as well pretty simple but other than that the phone works just like any other cell phone has many apps on here as you want I’ve got quite a few installed on there but trying it out runs smooth no problems I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a low cost mobile phone plan checking out FreedomPop They’ve come a long way since they launched and they’re definitely a player out there for low cost mobile phone networks check it out

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