Unboxing Asus TUF Gaming Laptop | FX505D 2019

Unboxing Asus TUF Gaming Laptop | FX505D 2019

what’s up guys this is Joeffrey once
again and welcome to my channel today we will do another unboxing but this time
guys this time guys I will do laptop unboxing, and the laptop name is ASUS TUF gaming hi guys so I this is it, with out any more introduction we will do the unboxing let’s,
go. Guys this is the box, we will open it now to know what’s inside. This is the laptop, alright. This is the body and the back, but let’s set aside first. manual, screw for SSD extension storage Power Adaptor 120W. So thats all inside the box. What I have now stealth black color is a certified
military-grade certified toughness at the back it has two air ventilations ,as part of the cooling system. at the side we have Power (DC) input RJ45 LAN port HDMI, 1 USB port
2.0, two 3.0 USB port and a combo audio jack at the other side it has Kensington Lock and the speaker so it has two
speakers on both sides guys. this is the stealth black color, certified
military durability test, that’s why it durable outside and inside this laptop guys now we will try to turn on The laptop has already pre installd Armory Crate software so you can change the backlit settings for the keyboard so depending on your desired color and amount backlit color you want. brightness by pressing the FN up arrow
key and down arrow key. Now we will try to open the laptop guys. another ventilation at the bottom part of the laptop also you can upgrade the laptop storage
there is an extra slot for SSD and this is your ddr4 modules that can be
upgradable up to 32gb ok and at the side guys this is your 512 GB the PCIe SSD
M.2 at the lower part is the battery which is 48Wh and then at the upper part, is the cooling system cooling Fan with the heat pipes for CPU and GPU and air ventilation. laptop is actually designed for gaming
powered by GTX 1050 3gb of RAM so let us try guys how these games running on alright guys this laptop also powered by
AMD Ryzen 5 3550H quad core processor plus the fact it has
the GTX 1050 3GB that is good for designing and rendering. Ok guys talking about the price its around 44K in the Philippines What do you think for this laptop? please comment down below. If you love this video guys please hit the like button. and also please Subscribe and hit the notification bell, so you will get notified on my next video That’s it for today so this is ASUS TUF Gaming laptop. See you next time.

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  1. tama kuya wag na intro hehe, wow ang galing nman po my Laptop gaming po pala, Asus din po gamit kong PC., ok na ok din po.

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